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The Knights of Sol is a Knight Order that serves Elyria. They are a religious group that manages a village and are a holy guard for Elyria. This splinter group was founded by Father Peters who would later pass and be succeeded by Ragathiel Ebonheart (Dabreadking65) after his banishment from the Uhovian Chapter on 07/26/2021. The banishment of Ragathiel led to a rise in branch religions forming and cultists becoming much more active, thus creating more chapters that are constantly fighting for the upper hand in this power vacuum.



Bread got yeeted from Uhovia/FCA. Lore is being worked on.


They found big tree and made a village around it. Lore is also being worked on


The King of Elyria is a descendent of Sol as well as his son who will carry on the royal/holy bloodline.


Knight Order

Role in Elyrian Empire

The Elyrian Chapter has been adapted into an Elite Honor Guard for the King of Elyria and his council, they are a fighting force made and bred to be fiercely loyal to the King and his nation. They do not fear death, they welcome it as death is quite difficult for a Knight of Sol to experience fully until later in life.


A summary of the Religion, a more detailed lore, and what talks about the other splinter groups and their differences will get put in the Religion area not on this page


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Other Factions


The FCA has always been on neutral standing with the Elyrian Chapter however as most of them are native to the nation of Elyria they have a natural distaste for members however that's not to say they hold any issues or grudges with them.

Uhovian Chapter

The Uhovian Chapter also worships the God known as Sol, but has quite different values and has a strong hatred for the Elyrian chapter and no tolerance for any other branch religions... out of all of the chapters they are the least accepting and likely the 2nd most violent without reason. The Elyrian Honor Guard actively hunts agents from the Uhovian Chapter and burns them at the stake for their treasonous crimes.


  • Ragathiel (Dabreadking65) Knight Captain, Leader of [village]
  • Keyral (Keyral) Knight Commander, Builder, False Knight
  • Seben (Seben) Paladin
  • Romeo (Romeo) Paladin, Brewer
  • Unknown (Biggs) Paladin
  • Dairick (Gameshame50) Knight
  • Wolf_E (Wolf_E) Knight, King of Ehir
  • Hawl (HawlMeGames) Knight, Engineer, Brewer