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Enderman Schism

The Enderman Schism is a term coined by Keyral to describe the events happening around Enderman from August 17th to present day. This all started when the Endermen Protection Agency (EPA) revealed themselves, causing much concern and division among Althra, and even in some cases...a stronger unity.

This page was created by Keyral, if you want to make any changes, please contact me first as I collected a lot of this information personally. Through public and some private conversations, statements, and/or even personal research.

Nations, Organizations, and Endermen's statements

Endermen Research

Elyrian Studies

Elyrian Scientist Attune did research and studied the population and the population growth of Endermen in the End. With the research he collected, he created a graph that had some disturbing results. Although people question the legitimacy of this research due to the quality of said graph. This research is also what the EPA was founded off of and uses to back their claims.

Fossores Scientific Institute

The President of Fossores released the following statement,

"FSI (Fossores Scientific Institute) has now offically started research. We will provide evidence to our statements to back them up like true scientists and competently disprove the EPA. All of the research will be publicly available for anyone to go over."

This statement was released on August 18th and as of now, no research or findings have been released yet.

English Scientists of Alathra

The ESA seems to be working with the FSI to investigate further into the Elyrian Scientists hypothesis.

Kangy's independent research

Kangy has been studying the void for some time now and has made connections between the void and Endermen. With the recent Endermen Schism he plans to do further independent research and will be sharing his research with the Anti-EPA, even if they don't support or agree with his findings.

Keyral's independent research

Keyral has notified several of the major organizations involved that he plans to do independent research himself on the matter as well.

Elyrian power grab conspiracy