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Descendants of the dragons

The legend of the dragons' descendants is probably as old as history itself. The descendants were godlike beings who brought luck and prosperity. They were of peaceful nature, always willing to help people. For this reason, they were worshipped like real gods. They were praised throughout the world. They ended wars, brought rich harvests and ensured peace. But the saga was not so peaceful and happy until the end. A descendant of a demonic dragon gained power and dominion over all the descendants of each dragon. This, now sole ruler, drove not only his own kind, but also people to ruin. Entire countries perished and everywhere in the world the blazing flames of war could be seen. The descendants of the dragons went from being celebrated and revered gods to condemned and hated demons. After this ruler fell decades later, most of the surviving descendants went into hiding. They became accustomed to disguise themselves, so that they looked human-like. Their life was to remain an ongoing burden, because it was impossible to completely hide being such a creature. Conspicuous features such as unusual hair colors, scales on the body or fangs could be easily recognized. Therefore, they were hunted and almost completely exterminated. However, it is said that there are still descendants of dragons today. They still live, and who knows, maybe you have already run into one without ever having noticed it.


Sabo was no ordinary boy. He was born on a warm September day in a land so far away that we don't even know its name. His parents were both descendants of the dragons, fleeing from the atrocities of history. His mother, a beautiful sawyer known from the evening shows of taverns, decided to start a new life far away from the past, so she took her husband and Sabo, who had just been born, on a journey to find their happiness. When sabo was four years old, his mother became seriously ill and succumbed to the disease. his father, however, promised sabo's mother to find a home for her son, so even after her death, the two of them set out on another journey. a few years later, sabo's father was a highly respected knight in a nameless kingdom and sabo wanted to become one too, to make his father proud. At the age of ten, he began his training and over the next two years his comrades found out that both he and his father were descendants of the dragons. The kingdom in which Sabo and his father found themselves was ruined by the former demonic dragon ruler, so the descendants of the dragons were hated and the people were out for revenge. At just thirteen years old, sabo was locked away and his father murdered in cold blood. during his fourteenth year, sabo lived in a prison, shackled to chains. he was barely fed and tortured. the huge brand on his right shoulder blade, the crest of the fallen country, would forever remind him of this. On his fourteenth birthday, sabo broke out of the prison, forced his thin body through the bars and ran away. his thoughts during his escape were only of his father, the only person in the world sabo could trust. He began to plan his revenge, revenge on the people who had taken this important person from him. without knowing how to control his dragon powers and guided by sheer hatred, sabo set out to find information about his father's killers. at sixteen, sabo was widely known as an assassin who comes for your head. his journey took a turn when he freed a girl from the clutches of a slave trader on a ship. together they wiped out the ship's crew and began a new journey. sabo knew nothing about the girl, cherry and she nothing about him. even when she saw his brand or he saw her scars, they didn't ask each other about the other's past. he taught her to read and write and so they traveled together for several years. on the stolen ship. A year before sabo arrived in redna, he and cherry's ship capsized and they haven't seen each other since. he didn't even know if she was still alive. with the renewed feeling of having lost a family person, sabo continues to plan his revenge. however, he built a new life for himself in redna, under the name niko, in order to calmly come up with a plan to get more information and also to be able to get their heads.

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