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Cowl Macabre

Age: 16 Height: 5’6 Build: Thin/wiry/scrawny Hair: Dirty brown Skin: Sallow pale/covered in soot Eyes: Bleeding black ooze Gender: Male Residence: The Woods of Madness Alignment: Neutral evil Occupation: Witch Species: Human


Cowl Macabre is a male witch who owns an allegedly “Traveling Caravan of Macabre Curiosities” and resides in the woods of madness selling “unique” and totally “original” artifacts and cursed tome’s that he “acquired” at a very reasonable price.


)Where The Wilds Things..(

Ever wonder what happens to your dead when you bury them in their everlasting bed? Well in some (cult)tures they end up going on a meaningful journey to the afterlife guided by whatever god they praised. Well I’m here to tell you that is not.. exactly what happens to some of your dead. So.. what me and my friends used to do is have a little.. ritu- party? Yeah, we had some fun had a few laughs danced a bit in the midnight light and put them back to bed for the night- sometimes.. well here’s the funny bit. So sometimes your dear old grandpa might wander off at said special party and.. maybe too much dancing and they lost a grip on reality and they decided to go on a walk to clear their head(s). So we can’t put them back to bed again and they wonder for a few nights before someone like you finds them and.. well puts them to er.. sleep. But what happened to me one time.. I might have gotten carried away and invited too many guests and they.. went on that walk I was talking about earlier. So I was banished for a little mistake from my coven.. of thirteen members including myself so that being said without the thirteenth member sealed in a pact to our Patron things go a little out of hand and we brothers and sisters of Midnight- well they not me of course, they got a little bit angry and well we started to age which we didn’t before and they started having lots more parties with dead relatives and that’s where you get your raids and hoards of dead people from.. sorry..

Sincerely, Cowl Macabre



After Cowl was banished, the coven was disbanded after they broke the ancient oath to their patron and since then have been rampaging the far reaches of Alathra sending more and more undead into the night. Cowl decided to head to Kais Termina and after a few months heading to Kais Jerriko and now presides in the lands between known as The Woods of Madness. He is now setting up his caravan and practices rituals of having much quieter parties in the future.