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Welcome to my page.

I am zaktoslph, former lore keeper of Alathra and former (?) administrator of this wiki. I am part of the pre-Alathra friend group who played on Stoneworks, other MC servers, ran D&D campaigns with, etc. I created this wiki back in fall of 2020, so my history with Alathra runs deeper than most think. In-universe, I played as Zaktos, head journalist for the Alathran Independent Press, de facto leader of the Nixium Oath, pie salesman, and immensely depressed yet functionally immortal Homestuck troll time demon. I also named Prospit, helped start the Prospitian Revolution and found the Prospitian Moot, and somehow never got thrown into Lothridge's pit. I was mainly active during the summer break in June - August 2021, with a brief return in October and November of the same year.

I am retired from the server and community at large but still keep connections from people who still play. I might come and tweak a few things here and there depending on what things need. As of now, my wiki account is my only active connection to the server, so if you have questions feel free to ask on my talk page. I may not respond in any sort of timely fashion as my personal life is extremely busy at the moment with university and my myriad mental/physical health issues. Such is life.

For the current administrators of the server, whomever they may be, feel free to remove my administrator privileges if need be. Like I said, I don't keep up with current events other than what I hear from the grapevine from my real-life friends.

Why did you leave the server/delete your Discord account?

To keep a long story short, keeping up with the server became an obsession from which there was no easy way out. It became a "second job" - even when I announced my retirement from writing the news, I could not help but check in obsessively. Because of these reasons, combined with the collapse of a relationship and the normal stressors of being in an intense university program, my mental health declined significantly which led to multiple breakdowns and self-harming behaviour that required a hospitalization.

I found it beneficial, with the urging of my friends, to have a totally clean break from Alathra. I apologize if it feels like I burned any bridges or left anyone in the lurch. I enjoyed my time on the server greatly and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, but I also had to recognize that my relationship with the game and the community at large was not sustainable. However, I am in a much better place now, which makes me a little more confident to leave at least this little door open.