Vokēdre hen Perzys (Faith of Fire)

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Vokedre hen Perzys, or in common tongue Faith of Fire, is the majority faith of the Daqul people. This religion bases its beliefs that the universe was created and is maintained and watched over by dragons. The sun, the moon, and every celestial body were all created by ancient dragons who roamed the voids of space and dragons created all life forms on Alathra.

Outside of the Daqul home island of ___, both Daqul and followers of the Vokedre hen Perzys faith are very uncommon and are often times seen as strange, mystical outsiders and discriminated against for their beliefs. This does not stop people far from the Daqul home from proudly practicing their faith, as a strong passion is a cornerstone of the Vokedre hen Perzys faith and Daqul society.

The spiritual leaders of this faith are known as Perzys Voktys (Fire Sage), and the leader of the Perzys Voktys is known as the Eglie Perzys Voktys (High Fire Sage). Perzys Voktys study the entire history of the Vokedre hen Perzys faith and guide all of its followers. They are in charge of running numerous rituals that are essential to the followers of Vokedre hen Perzys.

Name Sake Ritual

In this faith, there are numerous of dragons who have existed throughout history, all of whom represent different character traits that a person can take on. These traits range from virtues to sins. Upon each dragon's death, their actions caused them to earn their namesake, the trait that they will be known for for the rest of history. Below is a list of the dragons who have existed in Vokedre hen Perzys's history:


Much like the dragons, followers of Vokedre hen Perzys also earn a namesake upon their deaths. After death, the Perzys Voktys's determine what the deceased's namesake becomes based upon actions that they have taken throughout their lives.

Sikagon (Birth) Ritual

The Sikagon ritual is when a new follower of the faith is born. Newborns are taken to the depths of ___ to the Living Lava Lakes