Vormaug Drachenart

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Vormaug Drachenart
Personal information
Born234 BC
Died10 AC

Vormaug Drachenart was a descendant of the original Drekifólk, an ancient draconic humanoid who bore the traits of the great beasts of old. As generations passed, over thousands of years, the Drekifólk became more and more humanoid. Originally, one would view a Drekifólk as pure beast with no semblance to mankind, although as intermingling began with the Drekifólk and the other species of the realms, they became more and more resembling of the common human. Vormaug, an outlier, was a descendant of a lineage which largely procreated with other Drekifólk, his features closely resemble the dragon kind which he descended from so long ago.

Due to the nature of his kind, the Drekifólk, Vormaug was released in to his own journey at a young age, relative to his species. At the age of 80 Vormaug embarked on a journey. With his distinctive appearance and lineage, a mixture of dragon and man, he garnered both curiosity and caution wherever he traveled. His pale silver scales, reminiscent of ancient dragons, and the two backward-curving horns on his temples set him apart from the ordinary folk.

Despite his endeavors and the material wealth he amassed, Vormaug remained inherently lonely. His dual nature set him apart, making it difficult for him to form lasting connections. This loneliness, coupled with his quest for wealth, fueled his curiosity about ancient legends that spoke of an interdimensional rift known as the "Eldertear." This rift held the promise of connecting realms and worlds, potentially leading him to beings who shared his unique lineage.

Delving into forgotten libraries and deciphering cryptic scrolls, Vormaug eventually unearthed a ritual that claimed to harness the power of the Eldertear. Gathering a small group of his kin who also grappled with their own complexities, he led them in performing the ritual in a secluded chamber, surrounded by the echoes of ancient power.

However, the ritual did not unfold as expected. A surge of energy engulfed Vormaug and his companions, and they found themselves transported to a realm unlike any they had encountered before — the realm of Alathra. The skies were awash with vibrant hues, and the landscapes were a blend of magic and nature.

Separated from the world they had known, Vormaug and his companions faced the challenge of adapting to their new reality. In Alathra, they discovered that their unique lineage and qualities carried a sense of wonder rather than fear.

It was within the heart of Alathra that Vormaug's hubris took on a different form. Rather than merely seeking material wealth, he felt a calling to leave a lasting impact on this new realm. Inspired by the tales of ancient dragon citadels, he envisioned a grand city that would honor both his dragon heritage and his humanoid aspirations. And so, he founded Dracheburc on the expansive landmass of Adellar, a place where his kind could thrive and coexist with the myriad races of Alathra.