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A portrait of Vultog
Chieftain of the Ironclaw Tribe
Personal information
11 BC
The Heart of the Ironclaw Tribe
NationalityThe Heart of the Ironclaw Trib
CitizenshipIronclaw Tribe
Height7 ft 2 in (218 cm)
Family info
ParentsUrohg and Kinar

Appearance, and other information


Vultog is an orc, around 7'2 tall. Vultog has deep brown eyes and light green skin. He has short medium black hair and a shadow of a beard and is mostly seen wearing easy traveling gear. Although he is an orc, his speech and manners are more evolved then most of his kind.

specific talents

  • sword fighting learned from young age
  • Violin learned on the road to make some money when it was needed
  • Cooking learned from his mother
  • High pain tolerance due to his orc blood


  • easily sea sick
  • easier to trick and manipulate
  • Light photosensitivity


  • Find a place to call home.
  • Make his tribe proud.
  • Create a Home and family


Early life

Vultog's story begins in the heart of the Ironclaw Tribe, nestled deep within the rugged landscapes of the Mountains. Born to Urohg and Kinar, Vultog was their only son, a fact that would shape his destiny in unforeseen ways. The Ironclaw Tribe was known for their resilience, cunning, and unity, traits that would be ingrained in Vultog from an early age.

Kinar, a wise and nurturing orc, recognized the potential within her son. She taught Vultog the art of patience and observation, guiding him to learn from the world around him. Through her teachings, Vultog learned to use his surrounding area and the ways of the hunt, skills that would later serve him well in battles.

Urohg, a battle-hardened warrior with a heart of gold, saw the spark of courage in his son's eyes. He began training Vultog in the ways of combat, passing down the techniques that had been honed through generations. From wielding his first crude weapon to learning to channel his inner fury, Vultog's bond with his father deepened as they sparred under the Bloodmoon.

Vultog's early years were not without challenges. The Ironclaw Tribe faced threats from dangerous beasts that roamed the mountains. In these trials, Vultog proved his worth, showcasing his intelligence in strategizing and his strength in combat. These experiences would prepare him for the greater conflicts that lay ahead.

Leaving the tribe and finding new lands

As the years passed by, Vultog's craving for adventure and new lands started to grow. He always had loved the tribe where he was born and raised to be who he was, the tribe raised him as well as the mountains did, his father had grown old and became more of a veteran than an active fighter, but was still there if needed. As for his mother, she had become more of a leader to the orcs. She was strategic, headfast, and was the only one that could hold Urohg under control. She had also felt that it was time for her only son Vultog to move out of the tribe and find new lands for him to grow.

She had called him over, along with some elders of the tribe and his father. She spoke about ‘finding your own’, and that she had felt for some time that her son Vultog was ready to see more of the world than these mountains and its tribe, and to meet others besides the orcs that had raised him. She spoke of lands not too far from their own. It would take about four moons of travel to get to “Alathra”. She uttered to them, urging her son to go there and make a new home for himself. She would miss her only kin, but holding him here while he craved for adventure was wrong she had convinced herself.

The elders mumbled amongst themselves as Vultog and his father looked at eachother. They dared not speak a word, only bowing in respect before turning back to the tribe chief. Vultog's words were as followed…

“I am Vultog. Proud son of Urohg the Strong and Kinar the Wise! I shall go to these new lands and make you proud!'

The elders agreed and handed him the tribe's blessing as his father told him he would gift him something before he would step onto the ship.

A few days passed as Vultog got ready for the long journey. He had packed food and drinks that were locally made, he had packed clothes for both hot or cold weather, as well as if the sky would tear open and release the storm onto the lands. He had said goodbye to the people and the lands that had raised him to be as strong as his father, and as wise as his mother. He would miss these mountains that brought him up into being the man that he was, but it was time to find more lands and see a different world to the one he grew up in. He stood at the ship named “The Kraken”, a large ship with a human captain named Elyn that he later came to know well.

Before stepping onto the ship, His father, true to his word, handed him his sword. A sword named “Skullsplitter's Roar”, the pride of his tribe, to remember them by. It was a large two hand orcish blade, forged from iron mined deep within the heart of the mountains he had grown up on. Its surface is adorned with intricate engravings depicting fierce beasts, roaring flames, and tempestuous storms. The hilt was wrapped in thick, dark leather that provides a comfortable yet firm grip, while the crossguard takes the form of intertwining vines and thorns.

He accepted the sword and bowed to show his respect, as his father stopped him and surprised him by giving him a tight and strong hug. “You be safe out there, my son…”, he muttered to him before letting him go. Vultog reassured him, before leaving onto the ship as it set sail to new lands.

The sea, a different world already

Vultog had never really been out of the mountains or the forests on those mountains he had grown up in. He had seen the sea, and how it could change within a moments notice just like the weather up in the mountains could. He had watched from the high mountains how the sea can give and take, but now that he was on the sea it felt all strange to him. He had not imagined the sea to be this strong, yet so gentle. It carried this ship as if it was nothing, moving it with the wind and the flow of the waves. The first night was rough for Vultog; the waves felt stronger in the cabin he was told to rest his head in. He stood up feeling a new sort of weakness, a weakness that made the world spin and his legs wobble.

He went out of his cabin and moved across the ship going to the deck of the ship as the weakness seemed to slowly drift away as the fresh smell of the sea washed over him, the captain who was on the helm looked at the orc, giving him a smile and telling him about sea sickness and that it was normal for someone that had never traveled the sea. Over their travels, she would teach Vultog about the stars and how to read them. He reminded himself of the wisdom of his mother all those years ago, to take in the world and learn new things.

“Do not be afraid of the unknown, learn it so it becomes the known…”

…and thus, that is what he did.

On the last night, a storm had brewed over the sea. The waters that were once calm now were a wild moving force trashing the mighty and large ship as if it was nothing more than a fishing craft. The force of nature was stronger than anything Voltog had ever faced. It was not something he could fight against, nor was it even an opponent you could face. It was all around you, from the wind that made the mast creak, to the waters that threw the ship around. The captain had warned everyone to hold onto the mast as she did her utmost to keep the ship upright. It was a rough night filled with terror and screams, many feared death as even Vultog wished for this to be over. He did not wish to die like this, a death with no meaning. He had told his chief, no, his mother, that he would make them proud. As he let out a shout, it was as if he was trying to combat the storm itself.

After a few hours of rough waters and rain pouring down from the heavens, with the sky and the ship only being lit up by the light of thunder, the storm finally had moved on and they were in calm waters once again. As the sun rose it lit up the ocean, it evoked the stained glass windows he had read about from churches, it was a beautiful sight to behold even more so now that they had lived through the storm. As the ship docked in a port town, Vultog thanked the captain once more for not only for getting them there safely but also for everything she had taught him.

A fresh start

Vultog stepped off the ship, taking his belongings with him as he looked around. The port was filled with new people, people of different statures and races. He saw elves, humans, beastfolk, dwarfs and even some fellow orcs. He sighed in relief, knowing he would not be the only orc on these lands.

As he walked about in the port, he found a small inn he could rest his head at when the nightfall would be upon them. As he paid the inn keep with the price of the room, setting his belongings down and writing a letter addressed to his tribe, informing them of his safe arrival to this new lands and everything that had happened on the ship. After he wrote the letter and handed it down to someone in the port who would deliver this letter back home, he would start his journey exploring the lands of where he had docked, lands that he had heard be called by the name of “Ceyreto”.

A new home

After several months of travel, Vultog established a modest camp atop a mountainside. Here, he rested at night and explored the surrounding lands. He hunted beasts in nearby forests for food and drank water from a mountain spring, where he also tended a small farm for crops. This routine persisted for a few more weeks until he encountered fellow orcs who informed him of a small settlement named on the continent named Adelaar. It took several days on foot to reach the nearest port and then more time to sail to the new lands. Upon arrival and settling into the settlement, which he discovered was called Dulkan Khorro.