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The Wirates is an ethnic group originating from Omis. They had to leave their continent after their burrow was flooded due to an accident. A Pengoose ship was passing at the time, so the Wirates raided it. The Wirates took control of the ship and became seafaring people.

About half of the Wirates have since travelled west, to seek the treasures of old Alathra. The ones who sailed west are known as the Old Alathran Wirates, while the current habitants of the Wirates lands are known as the New Alathran Wirates.


The Wirates almost always instigate aggression towards ships that they don't consider their own. They practice trade, but often loot and pillage settlements that do not contain trades to their liking.

Wirates are skilled ship-builders, often making ships of sizes over a thousand, usually working in crews of 7-8. They use cannons as their main choice of weapon on the sea and are great at navigating.


Wirates have been known to practice many different religions within their lands.