Wulfreid Felrayne

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Minecraft Username: Abbyrocket

Character Name: Wulfreid Felrayne

Nickname of Character: "Wulf"

Character Age (15-1000): 28

Character Appearance: Very hairy (dark-brown in color). He's quite tall, standing at around 6'2. He's covered in scars from getting into various predicaments throughout his life. Because of this, he tends to move around a lot in order to maintain a fit body. He wears a wolf pelt over his shoulders, with a kilt and armor.

Character Background (100+ word length): Not much is known about Wulf, since he randomly stumbled upon the Kingdom of Norheim one day. Additionally, he's very self-reserved, only speaking when needed. He does listen though, doing as he's told if it means he'll be supporting Norheim in the process, since they took him in.

Does your character have any specific talents?(At least one): He traverses quickly, even on mountains or in caves. Ironically, he can also be quite sneaky, despite his size.

What is your character's weakness? (This can be a fear, physical weakness, or personality defect [At least one]): He's not very social, and works independently a majority of the time. He also isn't much of a fighter when it comes to going against other people / kingdoms.

What are your characters current goals? List some of your characters ambitions, goals in the game, goals in roleplay, or dreams (At least two): Wulf's main goal is to support Norheim in any way possible... Though he also plans on starting a farm in a desolate area and living a comfortable life from time to time, too.