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Photo of Xochitl

Xochitl joined the server on 10 April 2022.


Xochitl belongs to the Coral Reef subspecies of an aquatic race known as the Aitectli. Coral Reef Aitectli are known for their cyan skin and for living in symbiosis with the Corals, which form a vital part of their ecosystem. Xochitl's cyan body patterns seem to have adapted, having a slight bioluminescent glow. She has long cyan hair.


My story? It's not something complex. I grew up underwater like any of my race, swimming with dolphins and surrounded by the most beautiful of corals. One day, I was diving in a cave when suddenly a cave-in sealed of the entrance, trapping me underground. I got surrounded by the most pure darkness for one week, completely alone. When my people rescued me, I noticed a change in my reflection when I finally returned. I was completely changed, the patterns on my body had turned into a bright cyan colour. Was I somehow adapted to the new environment? I really don't know. I started to appreciate the beautiful things of my new home, Nauhtli. Why not spread the beauty of Nauthli to the rest of the world? So I decided to open an aquarium shop and trade in the beautiful fish and precious jewelry of our ocean, spreading beauty throughout Alathra! ;) Who doesn't like beauty?


Xochitl is a follower of Tidalism.