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The Alathrian Zodiac was a community project to create a calendar and zodiac for the world of Alathra. All animals in the zodiac were elected by community straw poll. It was initially created by Cottage_Goblin with help from Shepsicle. The calendar is broken down into five seasons each with two months. Each particular month is a named after an animal or mob in the zodiac. The seasons and months are:

  • Bloom
    • Bee (June 21st {New Year begins} - July 31st)
    • Moobloom (August 1st - September 4th)
  • Blaze
    • Turtle (September 5th- October 9th)
    • Slime (October 10th - November 14th)
  • Harvest
    • (November 15th- December 19th)
    • (December 20th - January 25th)
  • Brisk
    • Wolf (January 26th - March 2nd)
    • Wither (March 3rd - April 8th)
  • Melt/Thaw
    • Vex (April 9th- May 13th)
    • Ender-Dragon (May 14th - June 20th)