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Shepsicle the First
Born123 years ago in South Ashina
StatusAlive and Enjoying Retirement
Other namesThe Chicken Master
Occupation Former King of New Ashina City, Senator of Ashina, CEO of Shepeyes
Known forCock Island Chicken Reserve, Shepeyes, N.A.C. New Ashina City

Shepsicle is a Businessman, Celebrity and a political figure from Ashina. He is best known as the creator and founder of Shepeyes Shepeyes, and as the King of New Ashina City. He is a Changeling that changes appearance based on the season. He is approximately 122 years old.

Shepsicle joined the server in November 2020.


Early Life

During his youth, Shepsicle was a peasant. He lived fighting for his life for many years. At the age of 15 he became a stowaway on a ship that was sent in search of new land, but the ships voyage did not complete it's journey. After 3 days lost at sea, Shepsicle washed up on the shores of the sacred island known today as Cock Island , an island in the Southern Seas overrun with chicken. This is where everything changed for Shepsicle.

Shepsicle was awestruck of this mysterious land, and wanted to explore this island further, however his hunger and weariness from the accident that brought him here overcame him, which led to him collapsing and stumbling down a series of caves knocking him unconscious. When he awoke, he was in a pool of thick liquid of sorts. He immediately panicked and assumed he would drown, however, as the liquid entered his body from the scrambling, instead of his journey ending so soon, instead he began glowing, his hunger disappeared, and he began feeling stronger as he rose from the depths of this ancient pool and the next thing he knew he was 20 miles above sea level, soaring above the mysterious island and looked down at Alathra. This power and discovery was going to be his big break and help his family stay alive comfortably, he thought to himself. After 3 weeks studying this tasty thick liquid, he discovered that there was something even better about this island: when combining this liquid with a cooked chicken from this place, it made the tastiest meal ever imagined, and thus Shepeyes was born.

After he gathered what he needed to start his new business, he flew 1000s of miles back to Ashina using the newly dubbed Shepeyes sauce. His town stunned, proud and speechless at what this commoner boy had become.

Shepsicle became a cultural icon in Alathra and Shepeyes was named the best business in Alathra (2020) .

Modern Day

After 108 years of Shepeyes, Shepsicle is still the one true CEO. He has since retired as the King of New Ashina City,still has over 100 Dogs spread across Alathra and has paid ImmaNotScope to be build a house in Faron and a Cottage/vacation home in the West, the former home of the Fruity Farmers. He and Smolsicle spend their days playing basketball and eating chicken, and is usually very secretive about his personal life, however many people on Alathra seek his wisdom and knowledge of the world’s ancient secrets and he occasionally guides adventurers along their journeys.


  • Shepsicle once brought 800 bees to High Ashina to help the farmers grow their crops.
  • He is 6'4 and the tallest citizen in Ashina,
  • Shepsicle created, judged and hosted Alathra's Got Talent.
  • Shepsicle created the "Emerald Islands" High Ashina's first outpost, the middle building in the Islands is made to look like an enormous version of Shepsicle's original head.
  • Shepsicle's original skin did not have symmetrical eyes.
  • Shepsicle divorced his ex-wife for being a gold digger and has sole custody over Smolsicle, his son who is primarily raised and watched by an Iron Golem named the Notorious I.G.
  • Shepsicle loves basketball and made a restaurant named "Slam Chop!" solely to make Lebron James the mascot.