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Alera Septima

Alera Septima, (also known by their nickname, JayKerman), is a citizen of the City of Haven. She also is the Mayoress of the town of Haven Vinum.


Early Life:

Alera is the 1st daughter of the same wealthy family of brewers and merchants that belongs too Lucius Ottavius. She was born 32 years ago to Claudius, a wine merchant who did not spend much time at home. Her mother Lucretia, would also take care of her upbringing, much like she did for her 8 sons. She spent most of her time growing up helping her mother around the house, while her brothers would play in the fields. There should would find her interests in brewing exquisite wines with her mother, that her father would then sell. She used to love spending time with her brothers, the whereabouts now unknown of, aside from Lucius.

The Winery's Downfall:

After her mother had passed away when she was 18, she had taken over control of the Winery. She was rather successful in the local area for a number of years, and her father would spend less time at home, only appearing when he was out of wine to sell. However, shortly after her 25th birthday, a group of travellers had showed up at the winery. Her father had been indebted to them in some sort of way - she could not come to the agreement with them to leave them alone. The leader commanded that the winery be burnt. and anyone inside to be taken hostage. Alera had fled, but never knew about the whereabouts of her brothers, and to this day she is not aware if they are alive or not. She had spent months travelling, surviving on the pure kindness of strangers, until she came upon the city of Haven at the age of 27.


Once she had moved into the city, she originally helped out as the Tavern's assistant. She would work with them, teaching them the ways of making wine, and would also dabble in the creation of other alcohols, such as Haven's famous golden mead. She would later be astonished to meet her brother, Lucius, when he arrived in the city in the current year, after having not seen him for the previous 14 years because of the pilgrimage he had undertaken after his mother passed away, and she had taken ovr the Winery. She would begin working on building their bond again, and now also is working on building a new winery & town, Haven Vinum, south of Haven, where former Nugtown once was. She has been preliminarily appointed Mayoress of the town.

Political Beliefs

She shares similar beliefs to her brother, as she was brought up by the same people. She believes in fair justice, and that no one is guilty until proven otherwise. As she has spent some time in Haven, she has come to understand and believe in their religious system, which she will often seek the advice of.

Notable Contributions

As a Citizen of Haven, Alera is Mayoress of the upcoming Haven Vinum.

She has recently worked on the destruction of Nugtown, to replace it with Haven Vinum.