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The Waterfront of Haven, archived by Sayyid of Iskandar.
The Waterfront of Haven, archived by Sayyid of Iskandar.
Flag of Haven
Etymology: Capital of the Republic of Lydoneia
FoundedJuly 14th, 2021
Founded byAurelius and Morgan
 • GovernorAurelius of Haven
 • MayorMorganus of Haven
Population (12 March 2022)
 • Total26Increase
  • Aurelius of Haven
  • Morganus of Haven
  • Remora Coventina
  • Boris of Haven
  • Lucius Ottavius of Haven
  • Ibn-Al-Nabeel of Haven
  • Davius of Haven
  • Albus of Haven
  • Hasur of Haven
  • Goose of Haven
  • Dram of Haven
  • Am of Haven
  • Magicus of Haven
  • Iron of Haven
  • Cma of Haven
  • Specz Arcanes of Haven
  • Ham of Haven
  • Bakki of North Haven
  • Jon of Vinum
  • Esmer of Vinum
  • Fluff of Vinum
  • Ray of Vinum
  • Alera of Vinum
  • Sala of Vinum
  • Nico of Vinum
  • Megadalon


Haven is a town located in the southernmost continent of Alathra, founded by brothers Aurelius and Morgan Attano on July 14th, 2021. Haven is currently the capital city of the Republic Of Lydoneia.



Aurelius, originally living in Icesteel territory as a wanderer with his brother, Morgan, decided to head southeast to create their own permanent settlement. The two brothers began what would be the town of Haven on the outer edges of what would soon be dubbed "Lake Haven". Within hours of establishing a small footprint, players Hat_Crab, pelido and Aethelmod travelled by boat to the new settlement in order to begin negotiations of acquisition in name of the Southern Union. After some deliberation and negotiation, the leaders of Haven came to an agreement and successfully joined the Southern Union.

During the early days of joining the Southern Union, co-founder Morgan spent hours upon hours building defenses along the outer edges of the settlement, now dubbed the Western Wall. While Morgan worked on creating defenses, founder Aurelius worked day and night on expanding the outer reaches of the city, generating income for the town, as well as inviting in new citizens.

Players CoolGuyBoris and NT8 soon joined the settlement, and within minutes the four members of Haven were discussing plans for the town. Shortly thereafter, players Muhnkey, Ratovelord, pelido, Yusifirefox, Palmer1776 and pimpol404 joined the ranks of one of the Southern Union's most populated townships.

The Southern Union

Under the direction of Emperor Hat_Crab, founder Aurelius, cofounder Morgan, players pelido, CoolGuyBoris and NT8 quickly joined the ranks of the Union's military. Within days though, they questioned their decision. The Union's capital, Fort Roberts, quickly was outgrown by the townships Haven and Hanau that were established in the region. The Emperor's focus on formalities and military uniforms quickly was overshadowed by the threat of internal and international affairs, and the self-proclaimed Emperor was ill-equipped to lead the nation.

The two leaders of Haven and Hanau, Aurelius and Aethelmod, respectively, met privately and spoke of the serious lack of leadership from the Emperor. The two decided to create a new form of government in the region, a representative republic, after an incident took place on July 18th, 2021.

Dissolution of The Southern Union

On July 18th, 2021, a vote was conducted within the Union's House of Representatives (the "HOR") over an internal matter that would involve all towns in the nation. Players Sayyid of Iskandar and Estebandit of Kithe voted in opposition to the Emperor's vote, and within hours, the Emperor changed the laws (without telling the members of the HOR he was doing so) that would not allow Sayyid and Estebandit to vote. When Aurelius and Aethelmod found out about this, arguments immediately ensued with the Emperor, and a meeting was called to the unofficial capital city of Hanau in the early hours of July 19th, 2021.

During the course of the meeting, Aethelmod and Aurelius expressed their demands for a free nation - not one that was run by an overarching authority that essentially acted as a dictator. Emperor Hat_Crab was furious, and brushed off every single demand, until the two leaders decided to secede from the Union. This entirely stripped the Emperor of his largest territorial claims, and in turn, made him lose his power. After some deliberation, the Emperor asked the two leaders to meet again in Hanau, where he accepted the terms and would then remain a member of the Union and the HOR, without losing his land or his voting rights. This event marked the beginning of the Dissolution of The Southern Union.

Leader of Haven RapturedSplicer and Leader of Hanau Aethelmod celebrating the dissolution.

Formation of the Republic of Lydoneia

In the early days of the Republic, it was planned to have both Aurelius of Haven and Aethelmod of Hanau (which soon became Redpeak) be the acting symbolic leaders. Instead of an imperial-dictator state, Aurelius and Aethel completely restructured the House of Representatives, as well as the government model. They now planned and implemented a representative republic. Many successful votes occurred over a short period of time, implementing road projects, national flags, amongst other national projects. However, after a few months of foreign conflicts and diplomacy, Aethel took a step back from leadership, effectively placing it in the hands of Aurelius. Not long after, the capital was shifted from Redpeak to Haven, where the capital still is in development to this day. A massive global senate building, soon to be known as the "Senatus Globale", a massive global trading hall, soon to be known as the "Forumus Portus", a massive global embassy complex, a global bank, as well as other religious and ceremonial buildings are currently in development with assistance from all of Alathra, specifically from investor Thaeron and members of Elyria and the Arcadian Altanate.

The Great War

After the withdrawal of Aethel from the duties of the Republic, Aurelius became the sole "acting leader". During this time, he participated in many summits, peace talks and meetings with foreign officials to discuss the future of not only the Republic, but Lydoneia as a whole. The citizens of Lydoneia, pressuring Aurelius to become involved in foreign conflict, finally had their wish granted when Aurelius was approached by Shil0, leader of Fossores, about a potential coalition force formation on August 19th, 2021.

Aurelius was quickly rushed into a secret roundtable meeting with the leaders of the Fossore Republic, the Arcadian Altanate, the Federation of Arith, the Kingdoms of Arith and the Kingdom of Pyrrhia. The meeting was held in response to the current threat of war against the FOA by Elyria. As a member of the council, Aurelius maintained a fairly neutral position, but was adamant of the destruction of the famed "Lore Axe". At the conclusion of the meeting, the leaders of the nations present decided to join forces to form the Entente, an anti-Elyria coalition that would fight tooth and nail to rid Alathra of the Elyrian threat. Within hours after the meeting, the coalition collectively declared war and began preparing. Under the leadership of Aurelius, Haven donated a massive amount of netherite to the cause, exactly seven sets of armor. In addition to this, building supplies, food, valuables and weapons were donated as well.

In the evening hours of August 20th, 2021, Aurelius was declared a Lieutenant of the Entente, who was responsible for overseeing the First Infantry division. The most populous division of the Entente, they were involved in all major battles within the Great War at that point - the Battle of Romanus Silva, the Battle of Nevermore Brigade, the Battle of Blocksburg, the Battle of Savage Crow and the Battle of Peachfield. Fighting alongside Aurelius were Haven citizens CoolGuyBoris, BryanTheBoring and Salmon, while other members of Lydoneia provided ground assistance in combat, those specifically being nugget31 and Sayyid.

Lydoneia, and Haven specifically, faced major losses in the battles of August 20th. As a result, Aurelius drafted a withdrawal document and sent it to the press. Lydoneia officially withdrew from The Great War on August 21st, 2021, being the first major nation within the Entente to do so. Many nations followed. Following the withdrawal, Aurelius met with King Eiric, Attune and Theodmer in Peachfield to discuss the signing of a non-aggression pact which would effectively end Lydoneia's involvement in the war. After much deliberation and hours of negotiations, Aurelius came to an agreement with King Eiric and the Elyria-Lydoneia NAP was signed on August 22nd, 2021. The NAP aimed to restore relations between the two previously cooperating nations. Lydoneia was now no longer able to join any coalition force against the nation of Elyria or its allies, it could no longer declare war on Elyria until a peace summit was held, and it was responsible for building a road network connecting the rest of Elyria. Taking full responsibility for the defeat in the Great Alathran War and placing the entire blame on his shoulders, Aurelius accepted the terms and decided that he alone would create the road network. As of August 31st, 2021, the road is still in its planning stages and construction will begin soon. The collateral for the road building is in the form of a special axe crafted by Aurelius, the strongest weapon in the region, dubbed "Fury of Aurelius". The axe is still under possession of Elyrian forces, and will be returned to Haven after the roads are completed.

The Future of Haven

As the new capital of the Republic of Lydoneia, and after facing the major losses of the Great War, Haven has adopted a pacifist approach that will hopefully benefit the world of Alathra. The development of the Haven Capitolium is currently underway, and is planned to be a massive area that all nations can flock to from all different continent for global meetings, peace summits, trade exhibitions, banking and global events. With the help of major investor Thaeorn, Haven is leading the charge in Lydoneia to become a form of United Nations, a place where all can come and leave their weapons and armor at the gate to enjoy community and tranquility.


Due to its geographical location in the southernmost continent, Haven is at a great advantage. Lake Haven gives residents and outsiders access to the eastern edge of the continent. After some discussion with the leaders of the southernmost continent, co-founder Morgan planned and created a continent spanning canal - one that allows for access to both the eastern and western hemispheres. With this canal, members of the southernmost continent all allow for free passage and free trade through the continent. Not only was this a major feat of engineering, but it has a huge impact on trade relations across Alathra.



Haven is led by founder Aurelius and co-founder Morgan who are both members of the HOR of the Union. When it comes to most affairs, Aurelius handles internal and international affairs, in consultation with Morgan. Aurelius also handles most all of the duties of his citizens, assisting and designing most builds within the town, paying residents, and managing projects. Morgan is the head of all internal builds and large scale projects across the town. All citizens within the town have the right to vote in favor or against proposed notions by Aurelius and Morgan, with a majority rules approach. This form of democracy and representation has been missing in most of Alathra. CoolGuyBoris is designated as the Chief of Industry and Commerce, a position which allows him to zone and plan for industry proposed land, budget for certain town projects, and lead most industry efforts. Player Yusifirefox is designated as Chief of Redstone Architecture and Defenses, a position which allows him to design and build redstone contraptions that benefit us both defensively and aesthetically, in addition to building defenses that protect Haven from the outside world. He frequently works in conjunction with CoolGuyBoris and Morgan Attano on redstone and defense projects. Player pimpol404 serves as the Chief of Agriculture and Chief of Culture, which allows him to manage fishing, farming, and the animals within the town's walls. He also is responsible for the development of Haven's traditions, culture and events.


The town of Haven practices the Havenian Pantheon.


Haven, due to its location, has an abundance of spruce wood, which is a major asset across the world of Alathra. Many trade deals have been established with other nations and townships in order to supply them with one of our largest exports. In addition to this, Haven is a mass producer of food, stone (all variants), honey, leather, wool, construction blocks, and most rare earth materials. The management of resources and commerce is done by player CoolGuyBoris, who is officially considered Chief of Industry and Commerce.


The Haven Wall

Constructed by Morgan, CoolGuyBoris and Yusifirefox, the Haven Wall is one of the town's crowning achievements. Not only was it a major undertaking, but it serves an incredibly important purpose. The Western Wall was created within the first couple of days of the towns existence, and was built by Morgan. The massive wall demonstrates Haven's commitment to excellence and the high skill of its builders and engineers. The Northern Wall, planned and engineered by Morgan Attano but built by CoolGuyBoris, serves as an entry and exit to Lake Haven and gives access to the Southern Canal. The Southern Wall, currently being planned, built and engineered by CoolGuyBoris, is still under construction.

A view of the Northern wall, engineered by CoolGuyBoris.
A view of the Western wall, engineered by Morgan.

Lake Haven

Naturally formed and full of sea life, Lake Haven is massive and is enclosed by the settlement. Docks have been built for easy access, with more currently being planned by Aurelius.

The First Town Hall

Built by Aurelius on July 16th, 2021, The First Town Hall served as the meeting place of both Union internal and foreign towns. It is also used for meetings between members of the town, to plan, discuss and document tasks within the town's walls. Its open Roman-style architecture, designed and engineered by Aurelius, gives a gorgeous view of Lake Haven, as well as the Southern Industry sector of town. It will soon be replaced with The New Town Hall that is currently being built right next door, but will still serve minor purposes. Soon its existence will be purely symbolic. The First Town Hall also serves as a home to leader Aurelius.

Lydoneian Archives

Haven houses the Lydoneian Archives, which was created in order to serve the republic in all forms relating to preservation purposes. All national texts, relics and lore items are housed here. In addition to the national archives, there is an Alathran archive inside which will soon contain copies of rare books and items belonging to various nations and towns across Alathra. The purpose of the archive is to serve as a museum, in collaboration with Archivia, to benefit all citizens of Alathra in honoring their history.

The Lydoneian Archives building (right), flanked by Haven's downtown waterfront (left).

Notable Residents

  • Aurelius of Haven - Founder, Governor, HOR representative, Lead Project Engineer and Chief of Architecture, Political and Philosophical Theorist, Diplomat
  • Morganus of Haven - Co-founder, HOR representative, Project Engineer and Architect, Diplomat
  • Ottavius Lucius - Citizen, Chief of Agriculture, Chief of Culture and Tradition, Political Theorist, High Priest, Architect, AIA Founder
  • Ibn-Al-Nabeel - Citizen, Materials Engineer, Warrior, Architect, AIA Founder
  • Hasur of Haven - Citizen, Cultist, King of Underpants, Musician, Master Alchemist, Theorist
  • Bakki of Haven - Citizen, Architect, Proprietor and Mayor of Haven North, Warrior