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Fury of Aurelius
'The Fury of Aurelius, as it exists today.'
Resting placeHaven Archives
OccupationMagical Axe
Known forUsage in The Great War, catalyst for the Elyrian Civil War

The Fury of Aurelius is a magical axe crafted by Aurelius of Haven, governor of Haven and leader of Lydoneia.


In order to properly protect his citizens from the same fate his parents met years before, Aurelius crafted the axe over a period of months.


Aurelius travelled to jungles of Arith, north of present day Mud Town in order to find the strongest type of wood available. Aurelius chopped down the tallest Jungle Tree he could find using a simple axe taken from the Kingdom of God settlement he drew from. The wood was then heated and moisturized, compressed, and coated with a flame resistance potion to protect and seal the wood. Aurelius also added a wool grip, partially coated with slime for better stability and handling during combat.


Aurelius travelled to the Nether in search of a durable material that would be suitable for his needs. Stumbling through the tumultuous terrain of the Nether was difficult, and traversing the monster filled caves was frightening, but he soon stumbled upon pieces of ancient debris that could be used to craft the netherite he required to smith the axe head. Aurelius crafted the netherite ingots, and returned to his makeshift smithing area in his small lakeside cabin (which is now currently buried under the Haven Town Hall). Once the head was crafted, the blade was sharpened on a block of diamond.


Base Enchantments

Aurelius learned the ways of enchantment through Rynnth of Caelestis Isles, and quickly began to study possible solutions to making his axe truly the most powerful in Alathra as a melee weapon. First discovering the Unbreaking enchantment, Aurelius travelled to the deep caves under Haven's Capitolium Hill, and began the ritual to enchant the axe. The ritual was a lengthy process, but nonetheless when he returned to the surface, he noticed an immediate increase in the durability of the axe in combat. He began to have to sharpen the axe less, and in turn, could spend more time out at night with his fellow citizens hunting the mobs that plagued the region.

Shortly thereafter, Aurelius discovered the ways of Mending, Sharpness and Efficiency. He quickly returned to the deep caves to begin the ritual. The magic of Mending allowed for Aurelius to repair the axe by using it, something that he was not exactly prepared for. Sharpness and Efficiency greatly increased the axe's effectiveness in combat, as well as the speed at which he could chop down the trees on the claimed plots of Capitolium land.

Lethan Hellforge

One day, while out in the dense Lydoneian forests, Aurelius was visited by an unnamed mage who told him of a forge located in Akkabrim, a Lethos territory. Due to his great relations with Lethonian leader Dessious, Aurelius arranged for a meeting to take place where he could learn of this forge and the mysterious mage. Dessious obliged, and in conversation, Aurelius brought up the forge. Dessious guided Aurelius to the location of the forge, but gave him fair warning that only Kweeik, a goblin, was capable of using the forge without causing it to explode. Aware of the risk, Aurelius consulted Kweeik on the abilities of the forge, where he learned that it could be possible to enchant the axe with fires of the Nether if done properly. The hellforge would grant the axe the ability to summon fire upon any being that was struck, with immense power.

Aurelius decided to take the risk and entered the Lethan Hellforge. Burning himself multiple times in the process, under supervision and beratement from Dessious and Kweeik, Aurelius managed to successfully enchant the axe with Fire Aspect without causing a total annihilation of all within a 20 kilometer radius. Aurelius presented these newfound abilities to members of the Lydoneian Republic Guard, most notably Westerian, whom he nearly murdered in the process.

Mysterious Stone

Satisfied with the axe, Aurelius continued his duties around Haven. While out salvaging armor he found in combat with various monsters one night, he discovered a mysterious stone just south of Haven's former agriculture district. The stone, emanating light and engraved with an unknown language to the avid reader, nonetheless drew Aurelius' attention. While he was enamored by the light, the engravings began to illuminate and float into the air, surrounding him in the process. The engravings gripped him, rising him into the air, and began to remove the axe from where it hung on his back. Aurelius thought that a magical being was attempting to take the axe away from him, but he was helpless in trying to break free of the clutches of the mysterious floating text. The axe rose high above him, almost to a height that would render the axe out of sight. Without warning though, the axe began to illuminate and spin in the air uncontrollably, and Aurelius was thrown back to the ground with the wind knocked out of him. The last thing he saw before he fell unconscious was the axe flying down at incredibly high speeds to meet the stone and bury the blade end of the head into the stone, with a deafening crack piercing his ears, and a ground trembling roar shaking the soil around him.

Aurelius awoke the next morning to Lucius shaking him. He knew nothing of what had happened after he blacked out. Lucius was not there to bear witness to the events of the night before, so he proceeded to ask Aurelius of what transpired. After relaying the information to Lucius, the high priest shook his head in confusion, walked to the stone, and pointed to the Fury of Aurelius wedged into a crack in the stone. Rising to his feet, Aurelius, just as confused, stared at the axe. Lucius made an attempt to pull the axe out of the stone to give it to Aurelius, as he was still weak, but he was unable to do so due to a powerful shock that flew through his body. As citizens of Haven gathered around, they all attempted to pull the axe from the crevice, but none were able. Not even the strongest group of four men could pull the axe out together.

Lucius looked to Aurelius, eyes widened, knowing what this meant. He quickly told Aurelius to grab the handle and pull as hard as he could. Aurelius, confused, suggested that if the rest of the citizens of Haven couldn't do it, he shouldn't have been able to either. Lucius insisted, and Aurelius grabbed the handle, pulling the axe out without any notion of exertion. The crowd was justifiably stunned. The axe was bound to Aurelius.

After this event, Aurelius noticed that the axe was consistent in dealing more damage to the armor of his opponents in combat. It is safe to say that something magical enchanted the axe that night, but to this day he hasn't a clue.

Enchantment List
Enchantment Attack Damage DPS Critical Damage Acquisition
Mending - - Rynnth of Caelestis Isles
Efficiency V - - Rynnth of Caelestis Isles
Unbreaking III - - Rynnth of Caelestis Isles
Sharpness VI 10.5 10 Mysterious Stone
Fire Aspect II 3 1 Lethan Hellforge

Usages and Current Location

The axe has been utilized in many forms of conflict across Alathra, but the most notable battles are:

The axe is currently held in a vault within the Haven Archives, where it is cleaned, maintained, and conditioned by Alera Septima daily.

Notable Facts

  • Fury of Aurelius is the only axe on the server that contains Sharpness VI and Fire Aspect II.
  • The axe was an award given to RapturedSplicer from the results of the Wiki Contest held back in late August. He won the "player" category.
  • Aurelius never carries the axe with him following the events of the Elyrian Civil War, believing it to be cursed.
  • One person other than Aurelius has wielded the axe in combat, but Aurelius refuses to reveal who.