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Aurelius of Haven
Aurelius, also known as (RapturedSplicer)
BornAurelius of Haven
The ruins of the Kingdom of God
Other namesRaptured
OccupationLeader of Lydoneia, Governor of Haven, Architect, Engineer, Warrior and Philosopher
Known forThe Founding of Haven, Co-Founding the Republic of Lydoneia, Founding of the Alathran International Assembly and the Alathran High Court

RapturedSplicer, also known by his birth name Aurelius or his adopted name Aurelius of Haven, is the founder, governor, leader and representative of the city of Haven, as well as the co-founder of the Republic Of Lydoneia, a representative republic situated on the southernmost continent of Koganon. He was born in the former Kingdom of God settlement, Vatican City, after the city was in a permanent state of ruin following the Ashina-Kingdom of God War. His mother and father were both killed by bandits at a young age, and he was raised seemingly alone wandering the ruins of the city, feeding himself with what he could manage to scavenge.


Beginnings and Early Years

Birth and Early Life

Aurelius was born 22 years ago in the fledging Kingdom of God, a nation now dissolved and abandoned after merging with Ashina post-war. His mother, Athena, and father, Romulus, both practiced the religion of The Holy Pantheon, and were avid contributors to religious causes. After the war decimated their home, Aurelius, his mother and brother Morgan_Attano hid in the ruins of the family home while his father attempted to seek aid and a new home for his family. One fateful night in autumn when Aurelius was 16 years old, while his mother was preparing supper for the two boys, wandering outlaws from the former settlement of Xenoarcadia attacked, robbed, and brutally murdered Aurelius and Morgan's parents. Despite how hard the boys fought back against the bandits, the battle was lost, and the two were injured, nearly on the brink of death. The two boys were then left without a home for 4 long years. During this time, Aurelius began to grow and grow, eventually reaching his current adult height of six feet, two inches tall. He also began to develop his skin pigmentation formula that he uses to this day that is responsible for his unique appearance. Once he became comfortable with his newfound height and strength, he spent many months perfecting the skills required to craft the most powerful weapon in the region - the Fury of Aurelius, in order to properly protect his citizens from the same fate his parents met years before. He travelled far and wide in both the Overworld and Underworld to gather the necessary materials, fighting vicious monsters and all who stood in his way.

Escape from Kingdom of God

The Vatican City settlement in which Aurelius was born 22 years ago.

Aurelius and Morgan began to wander as far as they could from the Kingdom in order to find a new home for themselves. They scavenged day and night for any source of food that could tide them over until they found a permanent home. Bandits, outlaws and packs of wolves constantly bombarded Aurelius and Morgan with devastating setbacks that nearly cost them their lives. It was through these moments though that the brothers grew together and bonded over a shared hunger for peace, justice and success.

After the death of their parents, the young men began to plan. They crafted weapons and armor of the best possible material they could find and began to track down the bandits that murdered their parents. While scouting one day, Aurelius laid eyes on the bandit camp that was believed to have housed the crew that brutally murdered his parents. Without alerting Morgan, Aurelius stormed the camp, with his frightening appearance and towering figure obviously intimidating the bandits that crowded around their camp. He laid waste to every single bandit in the camp, except one, the bandit he recognized as the man who murdered his mother. Aurelius dragged the bandit out of the camp, all the way back to where he and his brother were temporarily living, and threw him into the middle of the camp for Morgan to see. While there are obviously no official transcripts of the event, Aurelius was quoted as saying "Alea iacta est. Ego amissus pugna sed autere bellum!" which directly translates to "The die has been thrown. I lost the battle but I have won the war!". After an apparent argument between Aurelius and his brother Morgan, Aurelius lifted the man into the air with one hand, wielded the Fury of Aurelius in the other, stapled the bandit to the tree with the axe, and set the tree ablaze. The tree still exists as a monument in the city of Haven, after being moved by the brothers after their rise to power. It currently sits on the northern side of Haven as a monument to his lost parents. Aurelius has never cleaned the axe, thus meaning that the blood of the bandit who murdered his mother is still on display.

The famed Fury of Aurelius.

Becoming a Leader

Finally making their way to the southernmost continent after 2 years of travel, setbacks and injury, the brothers settled on the edge of a modest lake, now dubbed Lake Haven. The now booming city began in a small shack, no wider than 3 furnaces and no taller than fully grown sugarcane. In the early days of Haven, the brothers quickly learned about farming, crafting, building and leadership. No more than two days after settling on the coast, members of The Southern Union approached the brothers in an attempt to get them to join the Union. The brothers debated quietly, and shook hands with the Emperor in agreement. Aurelius led Morgan and the new residents of Haven to victory in many small scale battles in and around the fledgling town.

Current Activities

Aurelius, alongside his brother Morgan, both sit on the House of Representatives for the Republic of Lydoneia. In addition to serving his own nation, Aurelius spends much time creating new opportunities for locals of all continents, nations and towns. Most recently, Aurelius began initiating large scale trade deals with Lethos, Elyria, Atolia Island, Arcadian Altanate, Taffasan, the Fossores Republic, the Federation of Arith, the Kingdoms of Arith, and even nearby nation Acquendavia. Aurelius' natural approach to diplomacy and trade sparked a revolution in the southernmost continent of Koganon; one that will continue to blossom for years to come.

The Great War

Aurelius represented Lydoneia during The Great War, in all of the battles that took place on August 20th, 2021. He was an acting lieutenant of the First Infantry division, which experienced the most combat as well as the most losses during the conflict. Aurelius was solely responsible for the withdrawal from the war on August 21st, 2021, as well as the Elyria-Lydoneia non-aggression pact that was signed and put into place on August 22nd, 2021. Believing he was the sole reason for his nation's defeat, he took the burden of all Elyrian war reparations. Shortly after the conflict ended, Aurelius was given an ultimatum by King Eiric to continue the road construction project to avoid reparations and further casualties. Aurelius undertook this responsibility; however, within months, Eiric was deposed in a coup staged by Sherman of Elyria. When establishing the Elyrian Empire, Aurelius was summoned to Peachfield to discuss the already existing terms of the non-aggression pact. In exchange for monetary debts being forgiven, Lydoneia was to swear fealty to the now-Emperor Sherman. Aurelius organized a meeting of the House of Representatives, and it was decided to accept the Emperor's offer. This began a new age for Lydoneia.

Construction of the Haven Capitolium

Shortly after swearing fealty to Emperor Sherman, Aurelius negotiated a deal with Thaeorn of Taffasan to secure funds to begin construction of the Haven Capitolium. While no set amount was agreed upon, an nearly-unlimited amount of financing was guaranteed to Aurelius in order to purchase the materials necessary; namely quartz and brick. Aurelius worked closely with Lucius Ottavius, at this point considered his "right hand man" in Haven to draft plans for the national capital. Construction began quickly, with the first structure being the Havenian Arch. After nearly a year of construction, the Capitolium was finished with the completion of the Senate building. Currently, all buildings within the Capitolium are in use for mostly governmental business, however, the Haven Baths are considered a point of leisure for all residents, and the Haven Market will soon be open for outsiders to purchase nearly all providable goods.

The Prospitian Revolution

Aurelius worked closely with the House of Representatives to discuss a plan of action to handle the Prospitian Revolution. After much deliberation, it was decided to remain neutral in the conflict, however Lydoneia provided supplies to aid the Prospit Organized Resistance Army (PORA) in their fight against Acquendavia. Aurelius was present at the construction of the main line of defense for PORA, joined by Thaeorn and Busterbean. While the battles raged, Aurelius spent much of his time constructing the Capitolium, but paid close attention to the results of the conflict. After nearly a year of fighting, Aurelius encouraged Lydoneian citizens to rejoice at the fall of Acquendavia, due to their consistent threats to Lydoneian territory since the city's founding.

Eiric's Discovery and the Return of the Fury of Aurelius

After Eiric was deposed following the Great War, Aurelius discovered strange journals scattered across Lydoneian territory. Upon reading them at his desk, he found that the journals were clues to the location of the former Elyrian king. Aurelius tracked down Eiric, and found him in the snowy landscape of western Arith, in what is now Frostheim, an Encavian territory. After a brief introduction, Eiric told Aurelius he had a plan, and as a token of good faith, returned Aurelius' trusted axe, the Fury of Aurelius to him. The axe was believed to have been deep within Peachfield's storage tunnels, but it was stolen back by Eiric shortly before his exit, presumably as collateral. Aurelius agreed to help Eiric. After his return to Koganon, he summoned Thaeorn to tell him of Eiric's location and his proposition. The two travelled to Peachfield and met with Emperor Sherman to discuss their findings, and as a show of trust, Aurelius returned the axe to Sherman. He refused it, seeing that Aurelius was to be trusted. The three debated for hours over the potential methods of which Eiric would try to depose Sherman and retake the throne. Aurelius and Thaeorn suggested that there was a traitor within the Elyrian council who was planning on utilizing the revolution in Prospit as a way to gain power over Gaushan. Sherman did not agree, but nonetheless listened to his two friends. Aurelius quickly returned to Haven and placed his axe in the Haven Archives, preventing it from ever leaving his watch again.

The Elyrian Civil War

Initial Catalysts for Involvement

Within weeks of Aurelius' meeting with Eiric, and in conjunction with the Prospit Revolution, Elyria was split off into Eastern Elyria and Aerdale (both now Estea). It was not long before Theodmer and Yusan, formerly of Elyria, declared independence. Theodmer joined sides with the PORA, due to his new conflict of interest (Remora), which violated Elyria's alliance with Acquendavia. In response to this, acting independently of Elyria, chickenprism refounded Pultria and declared war on Estea. This officially signalled a spiral of events, where King Yusan of Aerdale followed suit in declaration of war on Estea due to their involvement in the conflict. In response to the traitorous actions of chickenprism and King Yusan, Emperor Sherman declared war on Pultria and Aerdale.

Savage Crow Skirmish

Once Aurelius heard of the news, he quickly assembled the House of Representatives. No official statement was yet made, but it was decided if Elyrian citizens were attacked by either side, Lydoneia would jump in to assist Elyria in the conflict, operating under fealty. After chickenprism brutally murdered innocent civilians in Taffasan, Aurelius knew he had to intervene. He quickly gathered a group of fighters, namely Rynnth of Caelestis Isles, Sayyid, John McNug, Westerian and other Lydoneian Republic Guards, and marched to Savage Crowe alongside Thaeorn and others. The siege of Savage Crow began, and mass fighting ensued. Aurelius fought with the Fury of Aurelius against chickenprism and King Yusan in multiple instances of one on one combat, nearly victorious. The siege was won, and Savage Crow was nearly sieged to the ground. Shortly after, the siege of Peachfield began, and the group of fighters defended Peachfield Castle with everything they had. It was not long after that victory was declared over Pultria and Aerdale.

Following the lengthy battles, Sayyid discovered Yusan's body washed up on the shores just east of Iskandar. Yusan was quickly brought to Haven, where he was imprisoned and tried for crimes against Elyria, Lydoneia, and its citizens.

The founding of the Alathran International Assembly and Alathran High Court

Once construction of the Haven Capitolium was completed, Aurelius was able to realize his potential of diplomacy. Alongside Lucius and Ibn-Al-Nabeel, Aurelius founded the Alathran International Assembly (AIA) and Alathran High Court (AHC). The two organizations meet almost exclusively in the Haven Senatus chamber, and discuss matters ranging from international relations and politics to domestic affairs and intercontinental projects. The organizations have seen relative success since their founding nearly a year ago, with many matters being presented over the course of many meetings and handled as a group. Currently, nearly all nations and towns are represented in the organization, with some deciding to abstain. The organizations are currently on indefinite hiatus due to conflict.

The Haven Expansion Project

After consulting with Haven's House of Representatives members, as well as its citizens, it was decided that Haven needed to be expanded. Aurelius drafted tentative plans for expansion, and enlisted help from Ibn-Al-Nabeel, Lucius, Morganus, Albus Tacitus, Kangy, Westerian and Alera Septima to make these plans a reality. Haven's expansion can be broken into five unique regions:

Haven North serves as the port sector; it contains shipyards, fisheries, shops, mills and construction supply zones, as well as residential areas for workers. In Aurelius' original announcement, he made it clear that Haven North represents the true spirit of Haven - working class citizens whose undying work ethic and commitment to the greater good outshines any outside factors that could provide setback. It borders the northern river of original Haven territory, and is fitted with a large canal for ships to pass through in order to traverse the turbulent waters surrounding the greater metropolitan area. It is currently being managed by Morganus, Ibn-Al-Nabeel and Clan.

Haven West serves as the center for industry; it contains governmental buildings, logging yards, quarries, Lydoneian Republic barracks, as well as some residential zones. It borders the western river of original Haven territory, currently positioned high up on the western "hill" of Haven's Hills. It is currently being managed by Albus Tacitus.

Haven's Keep serves as the center for warriors and the Lydoneian Republic Guard; it contains a cathedral honoring Lydoneia's many warriors, as well as unique architecture to the region that separates it from the rest of Haven's territories. It borders the eastern side of Haven, just mere feet away from Haven's Capitolium. It is currently being managed by Westerian.

Haven Festivus serves as the entertainment district of Haven; it is home to the Circus Maximus, which is the largest sports track in Alathra, the Haven Coliseum, as well as many other aspects of nightlife that members of Haven flock to for entertainment. It is just south of Haven Capitolium, bordering Haven's southern river. It is currently being managed by Kangy.

Haven Vinum serves as the center for agriculture; all forms of crops and livestock farming occur in this portion of the city. The Vinum also serves as a home to many of Haven's residents, as this is where many Havenians begin their "journey". It is just south of the southern river bordering original Haven territory, and positioned on the southern "hill" of Haven's hills. It is currently being managed by Alera Septima and Lucius.

While the project is still underway, Aurelius expects the developments to be complete within the next year.

Independence from Elyria

Due to growing tensions on the continent of Gaushan, and Aurelius' wish for a more isolationist approach with advisement from the House of Representatives, Aurelius announced independence from the Elyrian Empire shortly after the founding of Stahlfaust-Elyria. Lydoneia maintained independence, and was met with no resistance. This decision was regarded as a turning point for Lydoneia, and some consider it to be their entrance into the nation's "golden age". Nations across Alathra applauded Aurelius for his decision to withdraw from Elyria.

The Second Great War

Aurelius heard rumors of another Alathran Entente, and encouraged the House of Representatives to begin mobilization efforts in case of conflict. It was proposed that any matters of foreign conflict be settled within the AIA chambers of the Haven Senatus, however, Aurelius' qualms were ignored, as the new Entente had a quench for violence. Soon after hearing the rumors, Aurelius was made aware of the founding of the Joint Alathran Alliance (JAA). The alliance officially consisted of Encavian and Estean forces, but was given mercenary assistance in combat from the FCA and Ashina. The JAA declared war on the nation of Stahlfaust-Elyria. Aurelius convened the House of Representatives, and it was decided unanimously that based upon the Lydoneian Constitution, any citizen wishing to participate in mercenary activities would be allowed to do so. Multiple Lydoneian citizens were hired as mercenaries for Elyria, while Aurelius maintained a stance of neutrality throughout the initial skirmishes and sieges of the war. During a fateful skirmish, members of the JAA attacked and brutally murdered workers at the Taffasan Inn. Aurelius was quickly notified by Thaeorn of this, and due to his nature of protecting the innocent, immediately acted. He denounced all members of the JAA who held seats on the AIA for their inability to utilize diplomacy as a weapon instead of conflict. Aurelius was then "hired" by Elyria to join the conflict. He did not participate in a single battle, but sent demoralizing letters to JAA leaders and mercenaries in order to sway them to back down from the conflict. Before the fighting even began, Stahlfaust crumbled after the death of Kaiser Arctan van Orden the Second.

After suffering crushing losses in the many sieges that spanned Gaushan, Arith and Koganon, Elyria did not back down. Aurelius met with members of the Elyrian council to discuss plans for a diplomatic solution, but to no avail. While the battles did not go in Elyria's favor, it became apparent that morale was low within the JAA ranks, and it was settled that the fate of Elyria would be settled in a duel. Sherman won the duel, thus signalling the collapse of the JAA and Estea. Aurelius heard the news and rejoiced that there would be peace once more in Alathra.

Political Beliefs

General Politics

Due to the rather violent and turbulent upbringing he experienced, Aurelius has a strict intolerance for colonization, war, violence, and banditry. All bandits, war criminals and colonizers of the southernmost continent, extending to all of Alathra, are condemned by Aurelius. In his own town, Aurelius believes all citizens should have the freedom to practice, conduct, and work themselves to whichever extent they are comfortable. No citizen is allowed to be criticized, condemned, or shamed for their beliefs, unless they are a bandit. Aurelius tends to hold an isolationist approach when it comes to House of Representative discussions, and tends to err on the side of caution. Believing that outsiders are not to always be trusted, he is very selective with trade and diplomacy for both Haven and the Republic.

Other Nations


Aurelius for a long time was a champion of the Kogan Compact, which he signed shortly after founding the Republic of Lydoneia. However, in recent times, he has focused more on the internal affairs within his own nation too much to be bothered with the enforcement of the compact. Other nations within Koganon uphold the compact, however.

Aurelius' relations with other towns and nations within Koganon are deemed functional and prosperous, as he has many great friends throughout the Arcadian Altanate, Lethos, (former) Estea, and Aran Lúnarium. He has participated in the cultivation of a road network spanning the entire continent, as well as proposed a central travel hub in the middle of the continent connected to various nations and towns via canal.


Despite their tumultuous past, Aurelius enjoys solid relations with nations such as Elyria and the Shaugool Empire (formerly Stahlfaust). He participates in copious amounts of trade with both nations, even so much as to nearly bringing in Lydoneia for assistance in the Second Great War. While he is not a personal fan of much of their foreign policy, he has great respect for both leaders and enjoys meeting with them on occasion.


Aurelius worked closely with members of the FCA (previously FOA and KOA) during the skirmishes of the Great War, however, his interaction with them since has been minimal. Through some discussions, Chancellor Cody29797 of the FCA agreed to purchase an embassy plot at the Lydoneian Embassy in Haven Capitolium following a tour of the city.

Aurelius has a fundamental misunderstanding of intent with the leaders of Encavia, due to their tendencies and motives. However, he still enjoys some diplomatic relations with them from time to time, despite denouncing them during the Second Great War.

Aurelius has also befriended some members of Albia following its founding, in addition to being friends with members of Ceiltea following his recognition of their independence.


Prior to his involvement in the Prospit Revolution, Aurelius enjoyed relations with U.S.A (now USNET) and the nation Sakanto. His ties run deep there, given his friendships with President Zach, Remora, Ruby, Kotanor and Blue.

Aurelius' issues with Acquendavia stem back to the early days of Lydoneia, as well as the Southern Union. There had always been incredible threats whispered about invasion from Acquendavia, and due to this fear, Aurelius abstained from any warm relations involving Acquendavia. Following the conflict, Aurelius opened up the doors to the AIA for Acquendavia, and even offered them a spot in the Lydoneian Embassy. Neither prospect has come to fruition.

New Anglia

Aurelius previously was friends with members of the Fossores Republic (soon the New Fossores Republic, now United Moria). He still maintains contact with StampymaxUSA, the leader of the NFR and United Moria, however this tends to be limited to AIA meetings and general discussion.

Once a member of Lydoneia, Megadalon has had his roots on New Anglia for years. Aurelius has enjoyed entertaining many business ventures suggested by Megadalon, except his drive to become Alathra's largest drug trafficker.


Aurelius has had little to no relations with Ashina, with the exception of an invitation to the AIA. They declined.

Unique Appearance


Aurelius' appearance is often questioned. He appears to have a stoic, statue-like appearance at all times, even in peacetime. The story of his unique appearance draws back to the death of his parents, an event that scars him even to this day. After the death of his parents, to avoid being spotted by the bandits that murdered them, he developed a blend of minerals, dyes and paints to conceal his appearance so that no bandits could recognize him. He dyed his hair marble white, and crafted a wool tunic that would blend together to make him appear ghostly and god-like. While the bandits are no longer a threat, he still dons the unique blend that has seemingly taken the place of his skin as homage to the events that traumatized him as a young boy and gave him the strength to lead his nation. In fact, all of the sculptures in Haven are crafted in his likeness, due to his stoic, god-like looks.

Ra'thra's Curse

After being cursed by Ra'thra with the Curse of the Impure, Aurelius' appearance took on a more basalt-like texture. In addition to his change of appearance, Aurelius began to suffer a tremendous amount of joint pain, nearly hindering his duties around the city of Haven.

Notable Contributions

As the leader of Haven, Aurelius holds many responsibilities. He is one of two responsible for forming the Republic of Lydoneia along with Aethelmod of Redpeak. He tends to organize meetings with diplomats of other nations, leads peace talks, and contributes to most (if not all) of established trade deals. He has been present for every large scale meeting of the nation. Aurelius is a sought after foreign and domestic diplomat for his ability to broker trade deals and seemingly end conflicts with the stroke of a pen.

In his own town, he is the lead architect, engineer, philosopher, builder, and diplomat. He is responsible for nearly every building within Haven, including the Haven Archives, Haven Capitolium, the Temple of Four Winds, the Havenian Pantheon, the Haven Market, the Haven Senatus, the Havenian Arch, the Haven Residential District, the Haven Baths, the Lydoneian Embassy, and more. He also works as the main city planner, designing roadways leading to new developments.

Within other nations, Aurelius and Morgan were contracted by the nation of Elyria to design and build a functional road network between the settlements of Peachfield, Briscoe Ranch, Knights of Sol and Ehir. After the record breaking construction time, Aurelius and Morgan decided to found the Haven Architecture Firm.

Aurelius was present at or an active participant during The Great Slumber, First Festival, The Great War, the Elyrian Civil War, The Prospitian Revolution, The Second Great War, as well as many global summits and peace talks since his rise to leadership as a founder of the Republic of Lydoneia.