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National standard of Encavia.


Encavia (or Invicta) was a nation located primarily on the south-west coast of Arith. It also ruled territories in north-east Arith (Morningstar) and on the northern coast of New Anglia (Greenfrost). Encavia was a monarchy ruled by King Gbhm2 (Reynold) and the High Count Byve, along with a High Council of Encavian lords. The following were member towns: Frostheim, Invictus, Yangtzeguo, Morningstar, Greenfrost, Final Rest, Nidaros, and Unitatis (The Capital).


Originally known as "Unity Unending", Encavia almost immediately involved itself in conflict, as the former town of Errane launched an attack on King Reynold whilst expanding the capital, Unitatis. After a short war Errane was destroyed, and its founder Nukekiller banished from the coastline of Arith. Unity Unending merged with the former Grand Dutchy of Luton in the hopes of uniting a good part of Arith. During this time, Unity saw development in "The Crownlands" with the towns of Frostheim and Invictus joining the southern half of the recently formed Unity-Luton Union. The new merger would cause many issues, including the debate over who was actually in charge. To make things worse, the "Co-King" Hawl M. Games wanted war with Pyrria, sparking the Unity-Pyrria war. This war would come to haunt King Reynold for some time following its conclusion. The war was a resounding loss for Unity-Luton, though most of the losses being on Lutons part. Seeing the writing on the wall, King Reynold dissolved the union, splitting the nation into 2. Following the war, Unity Unending continued on its rise to power, quickly becoming the largest state in Arith, surpassing its former union member and the older F.O.A. and K.O.A. (the F.C.A.) After an age of expansion, Unity Unending was renamed Encavia. Encavia found itself buried in conflict, though no major losses occurred for the nation, with all wars and skirmishes being victories for Encavia. Encavia soon fell into desolation following the death of King Reynold, around which time the nation was under the stewardship of Count Byve. Invicta under Lord Stevius Blockius II (Draconius) was the last true Encavian stronghold on Arith.

The predominant area of Encavian claims.


The predominant area of Encavian claims was located in south-west Arith, bordering the western branch of the middle sea, containing 3 large rivers and bordering one in the west. Eastern Encavia was characterized by wide open plains and milestone hills, whilst western Encavia was largely an expanse of forested area containing oak, spruce, birch, and dark oak, bordering glacial inlets, mountains and tundra. As for Encavia's other territories, Morningstar is located atop a sloping cape extending into the northern ocean, and Greenfrost is a walled oasis surrounded by extreme arctic.


The council hall in Unitatis.

Encavia was governed solely by its founder King Gbhm2 and the High Count Byve. The High council was made up of Kindoftiger, Anchard, Techfreako, and Lord Draconius.


The Encavian military was one of the strongest in Alathra, headed by King Gbhm2 and High Count Byve. Many Encavians participated in the military, supporting the cause or fighting the wars.


Invicta was for a time a successor nation of the Encavia Empire under Lord Stevius Blockius II (Draconius) of Invictus. The nation was dissolved due to inactivity and a weakened political standing.