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Senator and Imperial Governor,
Stevius Blockius II; Draconius
Draconius under the Centennial Arch, Invictus
BornSometime in the mid to late Second Age
Kais Kogong
ResidenceCapitol Villa, Invictus
NationalityRoman, Averonian, and Solarian
CitizenshipThe Holy Solarian Empire
OrganizationThe Northern Alliance and the Knights of Solaris
Notable workRome: A History; Volume 2, and The City of Truth
Net worthAppox. $1,000,000 in the Third Age
HeightApprox. 6 ft
TitleLord and Governor of Invicta
  • Stevius "Caesar" Blockius (father)
  • Unspecified Kogongi woman (mother)
RelativesThelonius and Acadius (brothers)
FamilyThe House of Romulus
HonoursFounder of the New Republic of Rome and Invictus



Draconius returned to Alathra and the ruins of Rome where he founded a new Rome with a new name: Invictus. Draconius participated in a pilgrimage to Kais Kogong and met with other Alathran societys such as the Stekeskinke. Invictus under Draconius joined various nations such as the F.C.A., Unity Unending, of which he participated in the war with Pyrria, and The Empire, but all fell to war and internal disputes. Finally Draconius met with and joined Encavia, of which Invictus ruled for a time as Invicta. Invictus under Draconius now serves as a city state under the Solar Empire of Arith, Draconius earning the title of Duke and serving as a member of the Imperial Estate.

Political Beliefs

Join the winning side, and leave the winning side if it become the losing side.


While initially an athiest, Draconius adopted the Havenian Pantheon of Koganon due to diplomatic circumstances, and because of this resisted the fanatics and occult practitioners under the Temple of Pater Carnis.

After becoming a city state of the Holy Solarian Empire Draconius was officially baptised in the Solarian faith on the 21st of December, 2022.