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New Fossores Republic
Motto: For peace, for prosperity, for the people!
Anthem: "Yellow Stripped Banner"

Royal anthem"Fossorean March"
Demonym Fossorean
Government Neoarchy
 •  Neoist StampymaxUSA
 •  Vice Neoist Weeman5199
Establishment 9 September, 2021
 •  Dissolution 10 November, 2021 
Population 47 Increase
GDP (PPP) estimate
 •  Total $75,000 Decrease
 •  Per capita $1630 Decrease

The New Fossores Republic, also called N.F.R. was a powerful nation situated in the very center of Moria. It was created as a successor to the ruined Fossores Republic. The N.F.R. was founded by the man who created and lead the original Fossores Republic. The troubling past and unstable present lead the people of N.F.R to create a monarchy to take full control over the nation. The full government type was a Unitary Constitutional Monarchy. It was a centralized controlled monarchy controlled by only a select few in the nation. The N.F.R. was peaceful to all nations, having given up the art of war in favor of other more peaceful activities that could benefit the whole of the international community, not just a select elite few.


Mineopolis (Capital)

West Mineopolis

River View

Blocksburg (The Hive)



Before New Fossores Republic

Before the birth of N.F.R. their was a nation called Fossores Republic. It was an exuberant and medley place full of all types. Their were the affluent citizens, militaristic citizens, and industrious citizens. They were all different from one another and that is what made Fossores, Fossores. Ultimately it was the fault of the militaristic citizens who rallied and pulled Fossores into the Great War that ultimately caused the complete and utter collapse of Fossores Republic.


-Allied with Ardeneux

-Allied with Stahlfaust-Elyria

-Allied with Federation of Témal Fiefdom

Ideals and Culture

New Fossores Republic was a small nation, but was full of diversity. It had many of the same ideals as the old Fossores Republic.


The Beginnings

The Birth

On September 9, 2021, the New Fossores Republic was formed out of Mineopolis. Shortly after formation Whitehaven joined. The government type of Unitary Constitutional Monarchy was chosen. The reason why it was chosen was to ensure that fast and timely decisions can be made about the nation in times of crisis.

The Great Resuscitation

On September 10, 2021, the old Fossores Republic core economy was reestablished for the new regime. Most of the old economy was situated in the heart land of the old Fossores Republic. The combination of Blocksburg and Mineopolis should spur growth from the new projects it will start to enlarge the city. In a matter of weeks the nation will be pumping out recourses to get back on it's knees.

The Promise of Mineopolis Towers

On October 10, 2021, a new tower was approved to be constructed in downtown Mineopolis. It promised to bring renewed foreign investment and was the first step to industrializing and modernizing the new nation.

The Growth

The Revolutionary New Government

On October 29, 2021, a new government was formed for the NFR. It was before a Monarchy, but that proved to be to fraudulent and controversial. So it got changed to a new, unheard of type called Neoarchy. It was based on the a set of representatives from each town within the nation and then the Neodent (President) and the Neoist (Vice President). A new law or action (edict) can be proposed by the representatives, the Neodent and the Neoist. In order for an edict it must pass with a majority vote from the representatives then it has to be approved by either the Neodent or the Neoist. If neither approve then the edict is scrapped. In order for a new Neoist or Vice Neoist to be elected he or she must leave office willingly. Before they leave they will present several candidates for the position. The representatives vote on them and who ever gets the most votes is victorious and is the new Neoist for the nation.

The Merger

The Merger

On November 10, 2021, the nations of New Fossores Republic and Ardeneux agreed to merge into one large nation to protect the continent of New Anglia from foreign powers. They formed the new nation of Cornucopia.