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Fossores Republic
Motto: For peace, for prosperity, for the republic!
Demonym Fossorean
Government Democratic Republic
 •  President StampymaxUSA
 •  Vice President ArrestedZeus
 •  Major General Shilo
 •  Formation 10 July, 2021 
 •  Dissolution 22 August, 2021 
 •  Total 7.36 km2 (4th)
3 sq mi
Population 76 Increase
GDP (PPP) estimate
 •  Total $750,000 Increase
 •  Per capita $10,416 Increase

The Fossores Republic was a continental superpower located through the heart of the continent New Anglia. It was a democratic republic, focused on freedom and peace. currently they hold coastal control from Aujuittuck to arcadia, with the exceptions of sunset bay and Dulce_Aqua. Fossores' main exports included sugarcane from Mineopolis and Nabilzahir, Wheat from the central cities of Whitehaven and Blocksburg, a fledgling drinks factory in Blocksburg, and the gold reserves of Ezra (now Ezrael). There was no major religion in Fossores, but religious freedom was encouraged. They were a continental superpower in their time and made remarkable growth during the first and second golden ages.


Mineopolis (Capitol)





Holle Port


Beograd Ne Moru

Kings Landing




Before Fossores

not much is known about the dark times before Fossores. It was a time of ancient wars in the east, with massive armies launched against each other endlessly, but no surviving records remain of the west. New Anglia was by far the least developed continent, featuring next to nothing, but, at the time, would remain sheltered from other international affairs, with nobody to speak for the continent as a whole. In retrospect, it seems amazing that the other nations did not place any outposts on the fledgling continent. However, do not think that it was all peace. Within the continent there was constant power struggle and small scale wars between nations with barely 4-5 army members. The whole continent was very much politically unstable, which may have been because of the cultural mix between areas that became too great. We know the major players were the black spades and the Manchester empire, who stood at a whopping two towns tall (a massive step up for the continent). It was here, next to the black spades, that Mineopolis would be formed.

Historical Global Relations

- Fossores is currently not at war with anybody, but has a strong alliance with Aquendavia occupied USA. They have an NAP with Elyria and used to have an agreement with FCA that was nearing an alliance. However, that is all changed with the rebellion and now Fossores has no relation with them.

-Fossores has an alliance with Mega's nation of Manchester, in return for all of Manchesters territories as he is on vacation elsewhere in the land. Fossores agreed to this under the condition that manchester be organized under Fossore and follow all Fossore law. Upon his return three weeks later the territories that were Manchester would be reformed.

-Mega returns from his vacation early under rumors of a sunken ship, Mega demands return of all of his territories. Fossore returns the Manchester land, however certain areas had new Fossore towns founded and were then divided as was law in Fossore to own a territory surrounding their town. Manchester and Fossores now have land disputes in the south New Anglia Sea, primarily the town of Delphi, IdioticSkoops town in the north-western desert, and Blocksburgs outpost on the Hive (Currently classified information).

-Manchester and Fossores agree to pay $100,000 for the land of the far western desert, and give up some areas of the disputed towns official territories.

-Manchester annexes Beograd and New Bradford , historically Fossoriean towns, This is the spark that stokes the flames of fear in Fossores, one that feared living under totalitarian rule.

-Fossores assassinates the autocrat in the middle of the night, demolishing Mega's war room, and stockpile. Also halted payment on the $$150,000.

-Mega Flees to Elyria, Fossores purchases all remaining Manchester lands from Elyria for $80,000

-Fossores allies with Ashina and FCA, begins further diplomatic missions to see Elyria.

-Fossores becomes weary of Elyria after stories told by the people of Arith, and Ashina.

-Fossores begins construction of the FOA and chain mutual defense pact with Ashina FCA [[Archive:PCCR|] Lydonia Arcadia and USA to curbe Elyrian Expansionsism.

-FOA intitiated, The great war begins, Fossores, Ashina, FCA, PCCR, Lydonia, Arcadia, USA vs Elyria and Acquendavia

-Fossores crumbles under The Great Fracture.

Current global relations

-Fossores allies with UCCR.

-Fossores allies with Arcadia.

-Fossores allies with The Republic of Ham.

-Arcadia unallies Fossores.

-Fossores allies Eisenbury.

The Original Fossores Republic Constitution


“A system of government should not be founded on the ideals of an individual, but rather the ideals of a people” -Shil0 “A ‘shining city on a hill’ In reverence for our beliefs which we each uphold together; through union, to rise above” -ArrestedZeus “A glorious system of government will lead to a glorious and prosperous people” -StampymaxUSA “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations...entangling alliances with none” -_Snayck_

We, the Founding Fathers of The Fossore Republic, set upon this great continent of New Anglia to a world in chaos; bandits, nations, and towns waged a ceaseless war with no resolution in sight. It was upon seeing this unending bloodshed that we dedicate ourselves to create a peaceful land amongst this war torn world. To that end Fossore has spread the policy of peace and prosperity across the New Anglia continent, taming it’s wilds and creating a safe haven for newer peoples to live and thrive in. In this it has become more apparent, now than ever, that a constitution be ratified by the people for the people. In order to secure this virtuous land for all to enjoy in peace and prosperity. It is with this heavy burden we Founding Fathers take up the delicate task of creating a document that will live on long past us. A document eternally enforcing the democratic ways of Fossore. To such ends we collectively swear to uphold the virtues of this great nation within these pages. For the pursuit of peace, prosperity, and progress. We hereby declare this Constitution the Eternal law of the land Fossore.

22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)ArrestedZeus24 (talk)

A System of Government Opening Statement:

The Fossores Republic, is a Democratic Republic for the people by the people. There shall be no aristocracy or nobility ruling over in tyranny. The power of the nation lies within its institutions, which shall have members appointed by the people of the nation. The authority of these institutions are absolute. These institutions are however forbidden to overstep their power in matters not explicitly outlined below.

I. Managing the Government:

                  Governmental institutions: 

Fossore Parliament(I); The Peoples Assembly(II); Fossore Republic Army(III); Fossore Scientific Institute(IV); National Bank of Fossore(V); High Court of Fossore(VI); Executive Office(VII).

 I. Fossore Parliament:
  A. Parliament Members:
     i. The Fossore Parliament will be made up of one Governor from each Province, As well as the Vice President(VII)
  B. Powers of the Parliament:
     i. The Fossore Parliament has the final vote on laws approved within The Peoples Assembly(II-B-ii)
    ii. The Fossore Parliament can introduce new laws to be approved by The Peoples Assembly(II-B-i) 
    iii. The Fossore Parliament can petition the changing of Provincial Borders; this requires a 2/3rd majority vote.
    iv. The Fossore Parliament shall have the power to hold impeachment hearings against any members of the Executive Office(VII), per administrative conduct rules(I-C-iv)
      v. The Parliament shall have the power to remove and reinstate generals of the F.R.A.(III-C-iv-a)
     vi. The Parliament shall have the power to hold a vote to declare war, after being bring brought forth by the Vice President(VII-B-ii)

   C. Administrative Conduct of Parliament:
     i. The Fossore Parliament shall be required to meet bi-weekly on a date selected and voted on by 2/3rds majority vote. 
      a. If a 2/3rds vote cannot be met, then the Vice President(VII) shall select the appointed days with a simple majority vote. 
      b. If this cannot be met it shall be the first and third sunday of each month. 
    ii. The Fossore Parliament must alot 30 minutes minimum for each session unless voted to dismiss by a 2/3rds majority vote.
   iii. The Fossore Republic will Document all sessions with the matter discussed and make copies available to the public through the Fossore Scientific Institute(IV), unless those topics are of national security concern, in which case sensitive information will be redacted. 
   iv. In the event of an Impeachment, the Parliament shall be responsible for holding hearings as well as information collection in relation to the case.
      a. A guilty verdict requires a 2/3rds majority.
      b. A not guilty verdict requires a simple majority vote.
      c. If neither are met the President(VII) will have been impeached but not removed from office, If they wish to overturn this decision the Vice President(VII) must put through a motion to overturn in the Parliament, with the same voting requirements as the first trial.

II. The Peoples Assembly:

A. Assembly Members:
 i. Members shall be made up of One Representative from each town, voted in by simple plurality.
   a. Representatives shall hold office for one month before another election. Elections shall occur over the first week of the new month
ii. The Peoples Assembly shall be led by one of their own, this person shall hold the title of Representative One(II-A-ii-a)
   a. Representative One will be in charge of overseeing the assembly and announcing all upcoming votes, assemblies, and announcements pertaining to The Peoples Assembly.
B. Powers of The Assembly:
     i. The Peoples Assembly has the final vote on laws approved within The Fossore Parliament(I-B-ii)
    ii. The Peoples Assembly can introduce new laws to be approved by The Fossore Parliament(I-B-i)    
   iii. The Peoples Assembly can hold a vote to begin Impeachment trials of any members of the Executive Office(VII) Trials will be conducted through the Fossore Parliament(I-B-iv)
    iv. The Peoples Assembly has the authority to draft tax laws

C. Administrative Conduct of The Assembly:

     i. The Peoples Assembly shall be required to meet bi-weekly on a date selected and voted on by 2/3rds majority vote. 
      a. If a 2/3rds vote cannot be met, then Representative One(II-A-ii-a)  shall select the appointed days with a simple majority vote. 
      b. If this cannot be met it shall be the first and third sunday of each month. 
    ii. The Peoples Assembly must alot 30 minutes minimum for each session unless voted to dismiss by a 2/3rds majority vote.
   iii. The Fossore Republic will Document all sessions with the matter discussed and make copies available to the public through the Fossore Scientific Institute(IV), unless those topics are of national security concern, in which case sensitive information will be redacted. 
   iv. In the event of an Impeachment, the Assembly shall be responsible for determining whether there is sufficient evidence to begin an Impeachment trial as well as information collection in relation to the case.
      a. A Motion to move forward on Impeachment requires a 2/3rds majority.

III. Fossore Republic Army:

A. Fossorian Soldiers:
 i. Any Citizen can be a member of the Infantry.
   a. The Infantry shall be headed by a General of the Grand General’s Choosing
ii. Infantry may join either the cavalry or blue knights after one month of service. This process shall be determined by the acting Grand General. 

iii. The Grand General Has full control over the F.R.A. and all military operations undertaken.

   a. The Grand General Is appointed by the president(VII), and is only outranked by the President(VII)
B. Powers of the F.R.A:
     i. The F.R.A. will enforce the laws of the land as passed by the government in internal, and geopolitical affairs.
    ii. The F.R.A. Only allegiance is to this founding document, not to one person, or institution. In the event of a Constitutional Crisis, The F.R.A. will allow the courts to sort out the crisis, if the courts knowingly disregard the constitution it will be the sole burden of the F.R.A. to reinstate the Eternal Document as the law of the land.
   iii. The F.R.A. shall be the only military presence within the Fossore Republic. As such, no mercenaries or foreign armies may operate within the borders of Fossore.

C. Conduct of the F.R.A:

     i. The Grand General Is required to meet with the executive office(VII) Once weekly, unless given prior notice of an absence.

In the event of an absence all F.R.A. generals shall meet with the Executive Office(VII)

    ii. The F.R.A.  must alot 45 minutes minimum when meeting with the Executive Office(VII) unless dismissed early by the President 
   iii. The Fossore Republic will Document all meetings with the matter discussed and make copies available to the public through the Fossore Scientific Institute(IV), unless those topics are of national security concern, in which case sensitive information will be redacted. 
   iv. In the event of an Impeachment, and refusal to leave office the F.R.A. shall be responsible for the swift removal and trial of said official, within one week of that officials Impeachment.
      a. Should the F.R.A. fail to do this all Generals will be dismissed, and new Generals shall be appointed by plurality vote from the Parliament.

IV. The Fossore Scientific Institute:

A. Institute Members:
 i. Members shall be hired internally to the Institute.
ii. The institute shall be controlled by the Head of the F.S.I.
   a. Head of the F.S.I. Is appointed by the President.
B. Powers of The Institute:
     i. The Fossore Scientific Institute Shall make public all proceedings of the government. (I-C-iii)(II-C-iii)(III-C-iii)
    ii. The Fossore Scientific Institute Shall be responsible for running and preserving the Library of Fossore, where all records will be made accessible to the public.

V. National Bank of Fossore:

A. Bank Institute Members:
 i. Members shall be hired internally to the Bank.
ii. The institute shall be controlled by the Head of the N.B.F.
   a. Head of the N.B.F. Is appointed by the President.
B. Powers of The Institute:
     i. The National Bank of Fossore Has the power to give out government loans to persons,  businesses, towns, and nations. The policy surrounding these loans shall be determined by the N.B.F.
    ii. The National Bank of Fossore Shall be responsible for maintaining and expanding the National Bank.
   iii. The National Bank of Fossore Shall have control over managing the governments debt, and creating the terms of governmental I.O.U.’s

VI. High Court of Fossore:

A. High Court Officials:
   i. Officials shall include three Judges, and shall be led by the Lead Magistrate(VI-A-ii)
   a. One Judge appointed by the President
   b. One Judge voted in by 2/3rds majority vote from the Fossore Parliament(I)
     c. One Judge voted in by 2/3rds majority vote from The Peoples Assembly(II)
  ii. The Lead Magistrate shall lead all proceedings
   a. The Lead Magistrate shall also write the majority ruling, if there is a minority opinion the opposing judge shall write that opinion.
B. Powers of The Institute:
   i. The High Court of Fossore shall have the power to interpret laws signed by the government.
   a. The High Court of Fossore shall have the power to make null and void unconstitutional laws.
  ii. The High Court of Fossore shall have the power to decide any legal disputes within the nation, if they can not be resolved through a province’s law system.
 iii. The High Court of Fossore must approve of a province’s law system before it is enacted within the province.
   a. National law and Government overrule provincial laws in places where there is overlap.

VII. Executive Office:

 A. Executive Office Officials:
   i. Officials Are the President, Vice President, and all head officials from institutions appointed by the President.
  ii. The President shall be voted in through a national vote once every two months through a national vote.
   a.  Voting will continue until a candidate receives a majority vote.
 iii. The President Appoints the Vice President
B. Powers of the Executive Office:
   i. The President Shall have the power to Veto a law once that is brought before them.
  ii. The Executive Office shall have the power to handle all diplomatic missions.
   a. The Vice President shall act as the main diplomat, and shall act in accordance with the President's wishes.
   b. The Vice President can hold a motion to vote for war in the Fossore Parliament(I-B-vi)
 iii. The Executive Office shall enact executive orders, in relation to national projects.    
   a. Executive orders can only be used for Infrastructure, unless the country is at war with a foreign power.
 iv. The Executive Office can draft laws and put them forward for vote in the parliament through the Vice President.
  v. The Executive Office has the power to appoint head officials in any governmental Institution seperate from The Peoples Assembly(II)(III-A-iii-a)(IV-A-ii-a)(V-A-ii-a)(VI-A-i-a)(VII-A-iii)
C. Conduct of the Executive Office:
   i. The Executive Office Is required to hold an Executive Meeting once every month.
   a. This ensures that the Institutions are acting in accordance with the president.
  ii. In the event of an Impeachment The Executive Office can not interfere with any investigation.
   a. If a member of the Executive Office is found guilty and Impeached and removed from office, then that official must resign their post immediately. If an official does not leave their post then they will be forcibly removed(III-C-iv)

Fossore Bill Of Rights Prefatory Remarks: “It is by Natural Law, that all people are created equal, and hold unto themselves unconditional rights” -ArrestedZeus “With equal laws, means equal citizens, which means an equal society” -StampymaxUSA

As we Founding Fathers set upon this laden task; in creation of a document so bountiful to the democratic Ideals we Fossorian people believe in. It is with utmost certainty that every person has over them by Natural Law predefined rights and freedoms. Unto which no government, person, or institution can take away. These rights, which in their momentous significance hold up the pillars of democratic life; create a free and prosperous land for all to enjoy in splendor. In such great eminence we Founding Fathers, through the Eternal Document see to it that every person holds these freedoms not as given to them from such a document, but as an evident manifest of the world surrounding their person. 22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)22:13, 1 August 2021 (UTC)ArrestedZeus24 (talk)

Right to Fair Press: The Press has full authorization to operate and report on the happenings within the Fossore Republic, unhindered by any person, entity or government. Right to Self Expression & Speech: Every Citizen has the right to freely comment on the happenings of the state, Unless proven to be Slanderous and False statements. Right of Separation of Church & State: The Fossore Republic shall never impose religious rituals or religion onto their citizens at any level of government. Right of Religion: Every Citizen may follow whatever religious code they please, with no hindrance from the state. Right to Hold & Bear Arms: Each citizen may arm themselves with weapons and armor, for self defence, dueling, or hunting purposes. Right to Free Trade: Citizens may freely trade with whomever they wish within the borders of Fossore, Not including citizens of other nations. Right of Political Participation: Each Citizen has the right to free political participation in regards to voting, and holding office. Right to Unhindered Travel: Citizens may travel freely across Fossore without the fear of banditry.

Definitions and Base Laws: Definitions: Province’s: The Fossore Republic is made up of multiple Provinces, each consisting of one Town and or Capital Town. Towns: Claimed Towns within each province who provide the laws and regulations within their claims and Province. Majority vs Plurality: Majority: A total exceeding 50% Plurality: A total exceeding others, but not exceeding 50% Impeachment: The process of removal of Executive Office Officials. Base Laws: Treason: The act of directly harming the Fossore Republic, through any means. Banditry: The act of killing and looting Citizens of Fossore, or any person within Fossore borders. Murder: The act of killing another person, unless in self defense or an agreed upon duel. Theft: The act of stealing from another person within Fossore Borders. Griefing: The act of destroying in part or in whole, the builds of another person, unless agreed upon by that person. Human Trafficking: The act of selling persons to economic or material purposes. Bribery: The act of providing economic or material compensation to a political figure. Terrorism: The act of threatening, killing, looting, or griefing citizens for a political motive. False Slander: The act of purposely harming another Politicians reputation through the dissemination of false information. Providing False Evidence: Bringing forth False evidence to the courts. Unfaithful Trade: The act of not following through on trade Promises and obligations, unless agreed upon by both parties. No handling Salmon In suspicious circumstances* Summary: The Fossore Parliament and The Peoples Assembly checks the power of the Executive office and Fossore Army The Executive office checks the power of the Provinces and Towns The courts check the power of the government The Fossore Army checks the power of the executive office and government Governmental Institutions Certain rights all people have that the government cant infringe on

The Flag of Rights

This is the official flag of Fossores, settled on the 10th of August. The original template of the base, the cross and the sun was settled on the 8th, but the final, famous colors were decided on the same day it was made official. The creator was FriendedCape. He got the colors from the banners hanging on the outside of the main road in Whitehaven, where FriendedCape was doing some infrastructure work. It is said that when shown to Falcon and Flat face, they instantly fell in love with the imagery of the red being the mesa, the white being the tundra and the yellow being the desert. This was the double meaning of the flag. Cape settled on the name by considering the fact that Fossores is one of the only democratic continental superpowers, and envisioned a future where anybody who felt oppressed under other regimes could flock to for freedoms. If there is an incident where there is no sun banner template a yellow dot may be used

Ideals and Culture

the cultures of Fossores have been as dynamic as our citizens. Originally, we were forced into a state of militarism and hostility against the Black Spades, as our very independence was threatened. In fact, we most likely would have never grown if it weren't for the Nabil accords and the golden expansion. We were focused on defense and military upgrading, as well as rapid growth across the continent. The big turning point was the war in the far east; the war in New Reno. When we lost we were put into a deep setback. All local economies collapsed, all hope for growth was dashed. The early Fossores golden age was destroyed before it even began. We had been a continental superpower, the first real one in New Anglia, but all that stopped. Our culture became more focused on rebuilding, but also depression and hope. Then came the second Golden age. The rebirth occurred and Fossores was put back into the cockpit of New Anglian politics. With the handover of the Manchester empire, and the growth in the west and north, we soon returned to former glory. However, we knew to be more careful. Our militarism and hostility, and eagerness to war, we realized, were not only damaging to the fledgling nation, but also morally wrong. We made a public statement about returning to our peaceful roots, and have since been largely tucked away from Alathran politics. We are focused on development, freedom, diplomacy, internal cohesion, and protecting the homeland and helping out other smaller towns by bringing them into the nation. There is a saying the people in Nabilzahir used to mention about the nation: Equality, liberty, freedom, the ideals of human. From city to city, Nabilzahir is known for its defensive nature, often trying to stay in its wall, whereas Mineopolis' culture is one of patriotism, but also an even higher emphasis on freedom than anywhere else, shown by its extremely low tax rates, and the wide range of architecture. Ezra is known for its followings of Notchism, and being the cultural heartland of Shemites. Blocksburg is known for housing the most extravagant peoples, and also the land of mass production, and revering profits. Whitehaven focusses architectural perfection, and beauty, but also democracy. It is by far the most quiet and peaceful city. Beograd believes hospitability, and has a very different architectural style to anything else in Alathra. Nunakuluannukput has ideals of survival and pride, whilst Warsiawsaka and Holle port believe in peace, and have a much more idillic lifestyle in farming.


Extreme Northern Belt

The extreme northern belt consists of the northernmost city of Nunakuluannukput and Beograd Ne Moru. Nunakuluannukput is the most northern nation in the empire, and is in the cold depths of the snowy tundra. Beograd is on the coast as a beach city, and features pretty concrete villas.

Extereme Western Belt

Holle Port and Warsiawsaka are the extreme western cities. Warsiawsaka is in a clearing on the banks of a river, and holle port in the fertile clearing south of the tundra, making it the second northernmost city of the nation

Central Belt

the central belt is the most prominent belt in the nation, featuring the capitol, Mineopolis, the democratic city of Whitehaven and Blocksburg, the industrial heartland of the nation. Mineopolis features a mix of different architectures, whilst Whitehaven is a calm and ordered architectural view. There were plans to rebuild Mineopolis with high rise buildings and has been adopted. New plans feature the Blockburg planned skyscraper as the main residential in the city

Southern Belt

the southern belt consists of Ezrael, the gold heartland, Kings landing, the location of a meeting point between the end and the overworld, Qarth, a small settlement in the desert, and Nabilzahir, the cultural heartland of the south. Nabilzahir is also the most tumultuous city in the south, having been occupied by 4 different nations in 3 weeks. both Ezrael and Nabilzahir feature sand brick building with rooftop gardens, but Nabilzahir also features the golden palace, a shining remnant of a previous time. there are currently plans to renovate it into a gallery of sorts, but nothing official has been discussed yet. Nabilzahir also sits in an oasis in the desert, whilst Ezrael sits in a mesa.

Deep Southern Belt

The town of Delphi is the only town in the deep south belt. it is situated on an island making it easy to defend.


The Bloody Beginnings

The heads of some of the dead after the Mineopolis Massacre.

Mineopolis Massacre

On July 14, 2021, the city of Mineopolis was attacked unprovoked by TheAlphaDemon58. He killed nearly all of the citizens. They attacked him with all of their might and did nearly no damage. This would spark a bloody tension between the Fossores Republic and The Black Spades.

Mineopolis Occupation

On July 15, 2021, at 4:00 PM CDT, two citizens from Mineopolis had a terrible idea to try to attack The Black Spades after their nation was disbanded. This lead to them retaliating and occupying the town for about 30 minutes. The leader of The Manchester Empire went to Mineopolis and tried to deescalate the situation. War was extremely close to occurring and back-up from multiple other nations was in-bound on Mineopolis to prepare to defend it. Peace talks were held shortly after to help resolve this situation entirely and avoid a bloody war.

Nabil Accords

On July 15, 2021, at 6:00 PM CDT the Nabil Accords were signed and 1 week of peace was declared.

The First Golden Age

The Golden Expansion

On July 19, 2021, Ezra joined the nation of Mineopolis and coming with it, its massive supplies of gold along with the land to the North. This date also marks the middle of Fossores' major and fast expansion on the continent. This marks Fossores as a Continental Super Power.

The army of Fossores after the skirmish.

The Battle of Golden Palace

On July 20, 2021, Fossores got to test the strength of their newly organized military. At first, Megadalon was attacked by watchoftartarus (King of Faron) out of nowhere. watchoftartarus (Part of the FCA) attacked mega and right after he called up the military. Within 60 seconds, 4 soldiers arrived and within 5 minutes 12 soldiers arrived ready to fight for the republic. Only about 1/3 of the total Fossores Republic army arrived. they were quickly pushed out and overwhelmed.

The Dark Ages

The Battle of New Reno

On July 22, 2021, citizens from Elyria started to attack the Fossore ally of the USA. The whole Fossores Republic military responded to this act of aggression. This was the first true battle that Fossores had fought. It was a painful destruction of not just the USA, being handed over to Aquendavia, but also a destruction of Fossores morale and belief that they could be a continental superpower. The nation lost all of its gear, and any economies, reliant on the now nonexistent wealth of the nations citizens collapsed. This set Fossores into a deep economic depression.

the netherite rush

with so many once rich players collapsed, now was the perfect time for new players to assert themselves in the nation. This led to a massive, untaxed, uncontrolled netherite mining operation in the nether. because Fossores had not expected this their tax rate was very low (averaging 5%), like any struggling nation. The mining was so lucrative because the west was not as developed, meaning that Fossores could jump on the empty netherite plains and capitalize. This kickstarted the second golden age

The Renaissance (Second Golden Age)

The Rebirth

On July 24, 2021, the grave economic depression has ended. The Manchester Empire fell and the territory was given to Fossores. Massive growth of Fossores that has never been seen in history occurred. The country will make sure that this level of growth is continued. With the current level of growth, Fossores is on track to overtake Ashina in the population and development areas.

The Rise of the Ultra-wealthy

On July 25, 2021, the Fossores Republic is having a major expansion and this is causing some players to become ultra-wealthy. They control nearly 15% of the server's total wealth. This is partly due to the massive and uncontrolled netherite mining industry in Fossores. Due to the tax policy in Fossores, almost none of their money goes towards the state to provide basic functions. This has caused an expansion in wealth in a few. This has caused mass inequality within the nation with only a couple of players controlling the majority of the wealth.

The Internal Struggle

Reclaiming of the Manchester Empire

On July 27, 2021, The Manchester Empire was revived under its leader Megadalon with a new name; the Mandem nation. This was to the disgruntle of many citizens of the new Mandem Empire. A few days later the nation would undergo a coup and the new leader Megadalon would place the nation under a harsh totalitarian rule. They also annexed Beograd and placed an offshore city of New Bradford along the coast, the former that was claimed by Fossores. This would lead to an unsolvable tension between the two nations

The Beograd Occupation & The Great Betrayal

On July 28, 2021, the leader of The Mandem Nation took the town of Beograd without consulting The Fossores Republic. This lead to an explosive increase in tensions among former allies. As Mandem laid claim to more Fossore land and negotiations broke down, it was highly suspected the emperor himself was planning an invasion of Fossore. To prevent this, The F.R.A. immediately sent in a strike team whose goal was to take out the power-hungry despot of Nabilzahir and remove their weapons and armor. The strike occurred in the dead of night as a fighter squadron flew over the walls of Nabilzahir quietly taking control of key points along the walls. The rest of the strike team then located Megaladon and assassinated him taking his armory and forcing the deposed tyrant to flee to Elyria. They would then realize how weak and under constructed Nabilzahir really was, being largely abandoned.

The Nabilzahir dark age

It was here that Megaladon made his crucial mistake. Thinking he had stoked the flames of war between Elyria and Fossore he sold total control of his lands to the Elyrians, while not disclosing he was currently at war with Fossore. This proved to be a fatal flaw, however, as Fossore had secretly signed a N.A.P. with Elyria a few days prior. After a diplomatic meeting with the Elyrians agreed to hand over all of the former Mandem Nations claims to Fossore for the price of $80,000. Megadalon was then forced to stand trial. To much rejoice of the citizens of the former Mandem nation, the town of Beograd was reincorporated into Fossore, and the town of Nabilzahir was also incorporated as an equal standing town into the nation.

The Whitehaven Court massacre

Whilst it is hard to understand what happened on the fateful day of Megadalons trial, there are a few sources that tell of the bloodbath. At some point during the trial, which was clearly not going great for Megadalon and even suggested execution or exile, he attacked the people in the court. The death count is unknown, but is suspected to be a large amount. Megadalon then made his escape where he would teleport to New Bradford. The owner of New Bradford, unknowing of the tragedies in the court, geared Megadalon up with iron armor when he discussed becoming a bandit in hiding. On the sunset of that day, they drank a final red wine together and sat looking at the sunset, talking about whether there were any hopes for the Mandem empire. The New Bradford leader ultimately made the choice to be incorporated into the nation, and the 3-4 day long tensions were extended into a one week time to place the leader of New Bradford as the leader of Nabilzahir. New Bradford was abandoned as an idea, amidst fears it would trigger the NAP between Elyria and Fossores, and considering how that went originally, there was no want for that. Megadalon still sends empty threats every now and again, in a desperate bid for fame. Later on it was suspected that Megadalons birthplace was New Bradford, and there are currently debates over whether to completely burn it or not. Megadalon now lives in the tiny isle of New Heisenburg.

The Infrastructure Revolutions

The Fossore Constitution

On July 29, 2021, with a unanimous vote from the people the Fossore Constitution was officially ratified as the sole founding political document of the Republic.

The Fossores infactructure plan.

The Great Connection

on the 30th of July the plans for many highways and canals to connect the continents was officially shown. They will connect the cities to each other, allowing for easy movement of goods and for beginner players to easily and cheaply move across the continent

The Great Privatization

On July 31, 2021, all former public farms were transferred over to private corporations to be farmed. This is so the output is increased and to help decrease the amount of nationalized productions. Part of the decision to do this was from the fact that the average person could actually afford to buy products. This will help grow the economy faster than it was previously. The only real exception to the rule is Nabilzahir, which was originally semi-socialist, with a lack of sold properties or specifically owned goods/ any economy. since they are so behind the rest of the empire towns of its size, due to the previous events in its tumultuous past, it will take time to follow suit

The Industrial Revolution

On August 3, 2021, the first factory in Blocksburg began construction. It's meant to mass produce all types of 4-5 star alcohol, which is extremely profitable. It will also create many new jobs and opportunities for the players and citizens of Fossores. Many more factories are in the works to begin construction in a new industrial park. These are meant to boost the production of Fossores to launch it into the next era. These also cement Blocksburg as the industrial center of Fossores

The Fall of the Mineopolis Wall

On August 7, 2021, the Mineopolis Wall was torn down. It was originally built during darker, bloodier times against what were much stronger nations continuously threatning the integrity of the nation. The government felt there was no need for a wall anymore, as there is no threat to Mineopolis on this continent. This marks the final scar of the Dark Ages Being removed.

The Mineopolis zoning plan.

The Great Mineopolis Re-development.

On August 9, 2021, StampymaxUSA (Flat Face) laid out a map with a plan on the new buildings of Mineopolis. There will be one densely populated residential area, one moderately densely populated area and several other more suburban areas. The bank will be moved and the peoples assembly torn down and reassembled along the lake shore.

The Twin Forts Development

suggested by FriendedCape of Nabilzahir the twin forts are two forts designed to be mutually cooperative. The plan is to connect the river Mine and the river polis to put Mineopolis on an island, giving it a massive defense. This would also create a semi-island, called the Mineopolis delta, between the canal that leads to Nabilzahir and the new connection. Here a fortress could be created, ensuring that invasions from the north, west or south can be defended, protecting the waterway of the canal from invasions, but also allowing the canal to be used as a last ditch retreat to either fall back onto Mineopolis, sail quickly to Whitehaven, Blocksburg, or Nabilzahir, or retreat from Mineopolis if the city is overrun. It would also provide crucial vision in the area. This fort would be called Mineopolis' Dike. The second fortress would be on the Arleen Hill north west of Mineopolis' Dike. This fort would have natural high ground, providing an easy retreat from Blocksburg or Whitehaven. The hill is also naturally hard to climb and the plans are to make this a much bigger fortress, with a sprawling castle and farms within to support long sieges. The fortress would ultimately mostly protect from a northern invasion to the southern heartland, but the fortress doesn't have to be used as a siege point. The plan is to also have it as a resupply line for skirmishes, to respawn and have an abundance of food and armor. The second fortress will be named hugeliger Schlutzer. The two fortresses would be so close together that it would be easy to fall back from one to the other, depending on the situation, and also puts a natural radius of defense covering the cities of Whitehaven, Blocksburg and Mineopolis.

The Cartographical Realization

On August 15, 2021, marks the official point Fossore became globally recognized (12 august). Before this the nation was looked upon as an infant into geopolitical affairs and often missed out on vital trade routes. The only notable one they have at the moment is with Lydoneia. This meant Fossores was forced to conduct internal trade. This is to be expected, as Fossores was a tiny three city state crammed into the middle of the busy Anglian continent only a week ago. The powers which had taken months to grow were being outshined by Fossores who had grown in the span of seven days to a continental superpower to the likes of Elyria, Aquendavia and the other continental superpowers. It was on August 15th when Flat Face came to redraw the borders that it was figured out the Fossores is the 4th largest nation (for reference it is only the 4th biggest continent). They control 20% of the global markets and it is not a coincidence that their rapid growth marks the beginning of the international era of economic redevelopment after the crash of June following the largest wars in history.

The Megadalon threat

The Megadalon Imposing

At around 10:00 (GMT), Megadalon of New Britannia Bay realised that FriendedCape, originally a friend of mega's, was leader of his old town Nabilzahir. He demanded this back, and when refused, threatened To assassinate him. Multiple people rushed to FriendedCapes aid, but it was ultimately unnecessary. Whilst at Judea over a business deal, he was informed that mayor goodvibes had been asked to kill Cape. When he refused, he asked cape to go to New Britannia and kill Megadalon for them, for $5. They would both then make the long and dangerous trek to New Britannia from final rest.

The talks

At some time later when Cape and GoodVibes arrived at New Britannia bay, megadalon had somehow been able to notice their intrusion. He was found cowardly hiding in his house where he could not be touched. Goodvibes would then leave, and a long talk was held between Mega and Cape, which was heated. Megadalon requested for full control over nabilzahir and its secession, and argued that Cape had been played. Cape bode his time, messaging VP Arrested Zeus over the conflict. He soon arrived and discussed with mega. He was most shocked at megas uncontrolled use of hitmen, which King _SHS_ was then notified of. Zeus gave mega a stern warning to never cross onto east anglia again and left

The unlawful Attack.

Megadalon, unwilling to listen, entered Nabilzahir and was killed by the combined forces of Governor FriendedCape, VP Arrested Zeus, Dann and MrPug. He was murdered repeatedly for about 5 minutes, during which he fell into crazy rants about him being a "Idea" that could not be killed, and accusing Fossores of being an unlawful democracy. Everybody killed him twice, sharing in whatever would happen next. Arrested Zeus promised to take this up in government. Overall only 1/15th of the army was required. He never got past the walls.

The Great War

The Start of the Great War

On August 19, 2021, Elyria formally declare war on the FOA. Due to a secret mutual defense pact that was signed a few days earlier in preparations for this conflict a total of 6 other powerful nations declared war on Elyria at the same time. All major active powers are against Elyria due to their previous actions over the past few days. This conflict will be very long and very bloody. This war will be the biggest war on Alathra's history with over 40 players who will be fighting on either side.

Notable landmarks

Golden Palace

the golden palace is located in Nabilzahir. In the Manchester Golden Age, this was where the King turned totalitarian dictator Megadalon ruled over the city. It features the meeting room where the Nabil accords were signed and the dungeons where goods are held for the public. It is also the only properly constructed housing of Nabilzahir

Golden Wall

the golden wall is in Nabilzahir. It has ironically never actually protected from invasion, despite the bloody history of the town.

industrial Park

The industrial park is located in Blocksburg, the industrial heartland. At the moment it is the first step by the nation to produce infrastructure economically. It is owned by the Mineopolis Holdings company, and is planned to house three factories of wood, brew and smelting. There are plans to expand throughout the nation. Construction began 3rd August/ 2nd August 2021

Mineopolis Holdings Brewery

currently staffed by just MrPug, the wisest in the Fossores nation on drinks, the Brewery is the first factory in the industrial park. It produces very high quality meads for relatively low prices.

Mineopolis Holdings Skyscrapers

the first being opened in Mineopolis, this was the first purchase by Mineopolis Holdings. It is about 6 chunks of land and is planned to be a massive skyscraper with an estimated cost of about 6000. The idea is to have cheap housing for beginners. Construction will end on the 15/08/21 (British date system).

McFlats fast food

Bought on August 8, Mc Flats is a fast food chain serving steak and golden carrots similar to Shepeyes.

Mineopolis Banks

Mineopolis banks was set up to provide IOU's to the government. It sits in the center of mineopolis as a dark oak building

Governmental Plaza

This is a plaza where the governors can meet to discuss issues surrounding the nation.


The national borders on New Anglia following the collapse of the first republic of Fossore, following the Great War
New Anglian National Borders

Unfortunately, the Fossore republic collapsed and shattered prematurely following its involvement in the Great war. This was due to a multitude of reasons, primarily the large loss of life, gear and fortunes lost in the great war, as well as the crumbling of several of their former global allies. Perhaps another reason involves the internal strife the nation was facing, as Delphi and Nanukapult entered the nation several political parties began operating within the government, not only the Constitutional Federalists the original Fossore party. Because of this there was more and more debate as Fossore was crumbling in the wake of the great war. In the end it was decided to divide up all town provincial borders into nations, with some nations in the south and west banding together to form Eshellic confederation. This marks the end of the first Fossores Republic, this era is also known as The Great Fracture.

Fossores Republic Borders & Provinces

The orginal borders of Fossores Republic.

Fossores orginal borders

The provinces of Fossores Republic.

Fossores Offical Provinces

The City State Era

Borders of the Mineopolis Republic - seen as part of the City State Era of Fossores Republic
Borders of the Mineopolis Republic - City State Era

Throughout its history Fossores has been reduced to a city state. First in its humble beginnings with the town Mineopolis, then later after The Great Fracture Blocksburg and Mineopolis once again became city states, though their bond would grow closer than ever after such a radical shift. Then again after the fall of United Moria where the two towns joined forces to form the Mineopolis Republic. This fate would follow the Fossoriean people until the reformation of the Fossores Republic.

New Fossores Republic - 2nd Republic of Fossore

All information regarding the New Fossores Republic can be seen by clicking this link.

Borders of the NFR after its formation.
NFR Borders

It is a time marked by the decline of democratic institutions and rise in more authoritarian regimes in Fossores.


Around this time the continent of New Anglia begins being referred to as Moria.

The shifting borders of the NFR Signify its slow decline as a continental power.
NFR Borders - Decline

United Moria - 3rd Republic of Fossore

All information regarding United Moria Can be seen by clicking this link.

Borders of United Moria at its peak.
United Moria Borders

Though not bearing the name of Fossores this nation held the spirit of the former republics.


Around this time the continent takes on being called Moria in all documents.

Moriean Republic

All information regarding the Moriean Republic by clicking this link.

The Borders of the Moriean Republic.
Moriean Republic Borders

Fossores Republic - Rebirth of a Nation

Borders of the Fossore Republic after its reformation.
Fossore Republic Borders

On the Fourth of February 2022 The nation known as the Mineopolis Republic was reformed into the Fossores Republic following the discovery of their former Vice President Falco Di Montoia. Soon after the government funded the creation of a new capital Irithil (Formally known as Blocksburg). This capital was to be part of a larger metropolitan mega city located in the plains and islands north of Mineopolis Island. The Nation has a newfound sense of national pride of the original republic, and patriotism is high.

Rebuilding an Old Nation

The government was eager for the rebirth of Fossores, many Fossore citizens partook in trade with foreign governments, and had built close bonds. Particularly with Arcadia and the F.C.A. Because of this many nations were cheerful of the return of Fossores, due primarily to an overall outlook on the continent of Moria. This outlook revolves around being a poor continent and unable to grow in strength militarily, or economically. So people across Alathra were excited to see Fossores once again bring prosperity and trade to the continent.

To achieve this the government of Fossores Republic has initialized a multi-step plan, called Operation Renaissance.

Rebuild the Core:

    1. Establish the Greater Fossoriea Area - a capital megacity and the first of its kind on Moria.
      1. To be split in the following towns.
        1. Irithil - capital and government
        2. Fossoriea - trade and shopping
        3. Mineopolis - games and events
        4. Whitehaven - the military capital most defensive place in the Greater Fossoriea Area
        5. Crystal Cove - monument town acting as an "Orbit Town" to Mineopolis
        6. Sunset Bay - an extension of the greater fossoreia area (Not an "Orbit Town")
    2. Establish better infrastructure in the core regions connecting all towns includes.
      1. Hghways
      2. Roadways
      3. Railways
      4. Canals
    3. Establish "Orbit Towns" Around the megacity to help fuel farming - become the continental breadbasket.
      1. Build up fortifications along these towns to help increase the defense of the core government in Irithil.
    4. Establish the Greater Fossoriean Wall - A massive wall encircling the Greater Fossoriea Area.
      1. Integrate infrastructure to increase response time and defensive nature of the wall - connect "Orbit Town" defensive infrastructure to increase response time.
    5. Establish Crystal Cove Founders monument
    6. Connect infrastructure to Sunset Bay
      1. Military -extension of the Great Fossoriean Wall and establishment of forts along key areas of Sunset Island.
      2. Civillian -Integration of national highway, road, and rail system.
      3. Economic -aid and better access to Fossoriean markets.

Develop the Land:

    1. Orbit Towns should invest heavily in farming and key fortifications.
    2. Extend land claims in Dulce Aqua and establish new towns in the desert.
      1. Militarily -establishing forts and an extremely fortified city where RinoimiskeePyyn is building a roadway from the continent Gaushan to the continent Moria.
        1. This city shall be called Dulce Aqua and heavy investment should take place to make it prosperous and defensive.
      2. Economically -establishing Dulce Aqua as the control and power center of the southeastern most desert peninsulas of Moria.
        1. Dulce Aqua shall have several Orbit Towns in order to protect it defensively, as well as to help harvest and establish massive sugar cane plantations.
        2. Establishing total integration with the nations highway, roadway, rail, and defensive infrastructure.
        3. Establishing sugar cane plantations across the entire southeastern desert peninsula, as well as investment in mining operations.
    3. Extend Fortified towns in the Great Morian plain to bolster the capital citys defense.

Extend Claims:

    1. Purchase Nabilzahir and the Hive
    2. Construct a megacity in the oasis of Nabilzahir with Nabilzahir being the overall power center in the southern Morian desert.
      1. Rapidly build infrastructure and invest heavily into interconnection with the nations highway, roadway, and rail system.
      2. Fund the creation of several orbit towns to defend and extend the influence of Nabilzahir in the southern desert.
        1. These towns shall be heavily integrated in defensive structure.
    3. Purchase The Hive, the most prized possession in the Morian Continent.
      1. Establish a religious town on the Hive, with the Hive itself being controlled by the capital Irithil.
      2. Invest heavily with national outpost forts and orbit towns around The Hive.

Southern Belt Initiative

    1. Integrate all towns in the Southern Morian Desert to the national highway and road system.
    2. Spread Dulce Aquas sugarcane fields across majority of coastal and middle desert.
    3. Support mining operations and companies in the southern desert.

The Great Wall of Fossore

    1. Fund the creation of a global monument, the Great Wall of Fossore.
    2. This wall would run through the entire border of Fossore until reaching the sea. Should any lakes, rivers, or ponds appear in its path the wall may follow the waterline or build a rivergate where it may.
    3. As well as becoming a global wonder, the wall will be seen as a sign of prosperity, and growth for the continent of Moria.
    4. This will also act as a great defensive and help integrate the entire nation.

The Morian Purchase

On 03/11/2022 - The nation of Moria, led by Kade sold all Morian Properties south of the agreed upon border to fossores for the sum of $100,000. This new border entitles Fossores to all of her original glorious lands.

Fossores begins to establish new plans on the makeup of the nation soon after the purchase. The leaders knew if they didn't go through and show that they are making use of the newly acquired land, people are sure to throw off the established border, especially in the desert.

The Morian Union, establishes the continents new name of Whenua, to much disgruntlement of the world. Alathran's now refer to the continent as the far western continent, New Anglia, Moria, or Whenua.

Fossores Republic expanded borders

Fossores meets with the town leader WombatBrown in Ezra, and Tyler in Charmont. They both are relieved, if a little disgruntled that Kade sold their towns off, if at the very least anyone is buying their towns and land, its Fossores, and not some colonial power.

Plans are drawn up for the desert, mesa, and plain regions. These are to better integrate the towns to the nation, as well as build up the land.

Infrastructure Plan for Fossores Plains Regions:
Infrastructure Plan for Fossores Mesa Regions
Infrastructure Plan for Fossores Desert Regions