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Base Character Information:

Falco Di Montoia is the current Prime Minister of the Fossore Republic and current mayor of Irithil, home to the nations capital.

Political Career and Achievements:

Political Career:

Served as representative of Mineopolis during the early days of Fossores.

Appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs by President Flat.

Elected Mayor of Blocksburg.

Appointed Vice President by President Flat.

Served and acted as President in the waning days of The Great Fracture.

Established himself Lord of the city state Blocksburg.

Elected Prime Minister in the Fossores Republic.

Political Achievements:

Partook and aided the Nabil Accords

Established the F.C.A. Fossore N.A.P. (Non-Aggression Pact)

Created the town Blocksburg.

Established the Fossore Elyria N.A.P.

Established the Fossore Ashina N.A.P.

Purchased Nabilzahir for $80,000 for Fossore.

Designed and Wrote the Fossore Constitution.

Established the first outpost on the Hive.

Organized and created the Entente mutual defense chain.

Renamed the town Blocksburg to Irithil.

Built the 2-million-dollar Fossore capital.

Merged Fossoriea and Mineopolis into Irithil.

Helped negotiate the Ashina Purchase.

Established the Irithil accords.


Early Life - Before Fossore:

Falco Di Montoia was born to travelers in the wilds of Moria, though in his youth it was known as New Anglia. He was soon taken in by the small city state of Mineopolis under the banner of the Fossore Republic.

Life Before the Great War:

Falco Di Montoia had done well for himself, climbing up the social and particularly political ladder. Getting himself appointed as vice president, author of the constitution, and mayor of blocksburg. He used these opportunities to centralize foreign policy control in the vice presidency, and supported provincial power in the republic. Both of these policies added to not only his political and local power, but also his economic strength as he made it a key part of Fossore foreign policy.

Falco Di Montoia was also part of numerous conflicts and expansions during the Fossores golden ages. Often directly taking part in the fighting. Of the wars and expansion, he has been recorded stating that "Youth chases the glory of stepping out into the world and claiming what's yours by birthright, age refines these radical tastes."

During one of these expeditions in the southern desert an oasis was discovered, and upon investigating whether or not this oasis could act as a suitable forward base a grand discovery was made. As Falco wandered down into the caverns beneath the oasis he discovered a cavernous room of enormous depth, lava fills the bottom while a great Hive covers the walls and center of the cavern. Upon seeing this and traveling to the heart of the Hive he discovered a honey with peculiar properties. seeing the marketable value of this he claimed the Hive for blocksburg and for the nation of Fossores as a whole. Soon thereafter he would spread the creed of the Hive, a rapidly growing religion in the Fossore nation.

The Great War

Falco Di Montoia is described as distraught in the waning days of the war, often caught in distress over Fossores and the tragedy that he helped unfold. You see days prior he had carefully established mutual defense pacts with a chain of nations guaranteeing a world war should any nation attack any of the others. This was hailed as an achievement to world peace in its time among those involved, however this alliance was kept secret from the populous in fears it would prepare any potential enemy to something similar. When it was activated by Elyria Fossores lost most of its wealth, resources, and lives. Under the strain Fossores began to collapse. With Falco Di Montoia being appointed as the man to steer the ship. In the end after consultation with an unknown friend. Falco Di Montoia was talked out of seizing power for himself, and instead peacefully dissolving Fossore along provincial lines. When asked of the Mutual defense pact chain he heralded in his youth Falco states simply "It was the single worst decision I made, and its effects set back the Morian continent by a millennia."

The Disappearance of Falco Di Montoia

For most of the time after the dissolution of Fossore Falco Di Montoia essentially disappears, with little to no recorded interactions with him. Some speculated that he went insane after the fall of his nation, whilst others deducted, he had gone on an Odessey. Upon his return Falco Di Montoia has spoken little of his journey, aside that he stated he had studied and learned from the past and that his sole mission has become the rebirth and establishment of Fossores as a continental power.

The Morian Purchase

With the help of CVH Falco Di Montoia negotiated the entire purchase/annexation of Moria. With CVH receiving the lands around and north of Goulrich, and Fossore receiving all land south of the plains on the continent, Shortly thereafter he spent the rest of the night working diligently on new infrastructure plans for the south desert, plains, and mesa. Featuring highway expansion, as well as expanding the roadways already in the plains. Soon after the towns of New Nabilzahir, and Ravenwood were founded.

The Ashina Purchase

Late in the night President Flat approached the residence of the Prime Minister Falco Di Montoia, alongside him was Bala of Crystal Cove. They brought with them news of Ashina's offer to purchase the entirety of Fossore for 1.1 million, to be exchanged and divided amongst the three of them. The Prime Minister having just woken up sprung to life at the news, having declared the need for a vote and approval by the town mayors. However, pressured by the haste in which the deal must occur he gave in and gave his approval to the President and Bala. With the promise to partake in the negotiation. Together they established a zone around Sunset Bay, the core of Fossore. The next morning Flat merged the towns of Mineopolis and Fossoreia into Irithil, and moved to Sunset Island, to live out a quiet peaceful life.


A few weeks after the Ashina purchase, much of Falco Di Montoia's time was spent establishing the new grander city plans for Irithil. In the middle of the night whilst Falco Di Montoia was in the capital establishing Plans for an Irithil democratic system, a shadowy figure jumped from behind the flames of the Parliament room. The following morning, he was found by Syltumal Gwyn an elvish contender in the Irithil elections. Upon this travesty Gwyn took it upon himself to lead the investigation, finding the culprits to be a cult lead by all the other candidates. Due to this Syltumal Gwyn won the election of Irithil and quickly crowned himself Moon-seer Gwyn King of Irithil.