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Blue (BlueishSoda)

Blue crashed on their boat back onto the land of Alathra on 8/15/2021. After being stranded in Alathra she formed a small town on the coast of Prospit

Photo of Blue

Nationality: Etrovia, Ex Acquendavian

Citizenship: Oakland

Occupation: Spa owner, Merchant, Religious leader, Nation leader

Known for: Creating the town of Oakland and forming the nation Etrovia also being the main person that created Pancology



Blue was married to a femboy walrus on Halloween day, 2021.

During the wedding Blues soon to be husband was shot and killed by UsaZach, oddly Blue was still inclined to and was planning to marry their soul campfire when suddenly her soon husband came out of the bushes like nothing happened and the wedding continued. After the wedding many people decided to commit murder on each other for literally no reason, as expected.


Blue was born as an enderman on a lonely island over the void where there was nothing to do other than eat chorus fruit. At some point a person met Blue on their island, who was named Keyral, Keyral saved Blue from the end and the extreme boredom of looking into the abyss of nothing and eating food. Keyral taught Blue and the other freed enderman to be more like humans and slowly taught them to stray away from actions of an uncanny human acting like a wild animal. After Blue learned how to blend in like the actions of a human, Blue started to love the stories of explorers in books and left Keyral to explore an unmapped land with huge cities, advanced technology, and riches. When Blue reached the land they were looking for she settled down and lived in a big city, eventually getting enough money to go back to where he came from to start a peaceful life back in the forests and beautiful mountains. Blue set out on their journey on a friends boat they were borrowing called Stardust. Unfortunately on Blues way back, they crashed onto the shore stranding them and her friend Rain on a continent called prospit.

Golden casket incident

Megadalon, Blue's lawyer sadly passed away, or so Blue thought. As Mega had no close family members Blue decided to hold the beloved lawyers funeral inside of Oakland with a golden casket due to Mega telling Blue in a very deep conversation that was completely sober and not influenced in any way by copium, requesting to be buried like the proud capitalist he was, surrounded by wealth. Unknown to Blue, Mega was only asleep for an elongated period of time that lasted between 5-7 according to Etrovian scientists. Blue discovered when he saw Mega lifting up the casket and proceeding to walk away like nothing happened. Ever since that day Blue has not been able to sleep due to the fear they will be buried alive, just like what almost happened to her friend Mega.

Death of Blue

Tragically Blue was betrayed by one of his most trusted nation members, ShinySpace the Etrovia diplomat. On 10/04/2021 when Blue was managing their bank vault Shiny walked inside like any normal day, Blue thought it was just to check on him because he was inside the vault so long. Despite what Blues brain was thinking, her gut said something different, it was the end. Blue takes a step back. ShinySpace pulls out his axe used to kill his enemies, now used to kill a friend. Lucky Blue jumped away fast enough for Shiny to miss the first swing, breaking a chest in the process that was filled with various items such as, wood, potions, tools, etc. Unfortunately Blues speed wasn’t fast enough for the combat skill of Shiny because of their past military experience, the second hit ended Blues life in an instant.

Blue’s Revival

Fortunately for Blue, shortly after her death a large amount of potions that fell to the ground from Shiny’s first swing that hit a chest smashed on the floor breaking them opened and mixing together an unknown concoction that has not yet been discovered by any Alathra scientist across the world. This mixture that created the unknown potion puddled around Blues open neck, by now the blood has stopped gushing out. Miraculously tissue starts to slowly reform around Blue, replacing their head and all cuts and scars they previously obtained. Of course nothing great comes without an extreme cost. Although Blue survived their past brain is no longer present, the new brain doesn’t remember a thing, all Blue’s friends, family, every memory and event that happened was gone to him. The only thing Blue knows is the town they belong in, and the deep resentment and hatred towards ShinySpace. All blue wants now is revenge against the one who killed her.