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Angel Miguel Mirarona is a young elf with a knack for learning. Known for his charm and wit,

the Highly intelligent Elf is now thought to be pursuing the study of Magic and the mystic arts.

*Seen here is a very Attractive elven man at work*
Age 26
Height 6'5
Race Elf
Skin pale
Eye color Deep Blue
Hair Silver
build Slim Fit

Early Life

Born to an affair between two elves, Angel was hated by his mother's human husband. Beaten and berated until the age of 5 when he was abandoned on the street. He lived most of his life as a street rat, scavenging for what he could. He taught himself how to read and write by watching others at the local library. Many mistakes were made with some lives lost and things felt hopeless. Until a young Vampire gave him a new lease on life and someone to love. After that he spent the rest of his childhood studying and working small jobs to eat and decided to spend the rest of his life studying everything he could. Making a light in the world that had only shown him darkness.

Angel and the Connection

From a young age Angel could feel things that weren't really there. An energy flowing in everything and everyone. He was even eventually able to see it, and manifest it in a small display in his hand. He soon found that this energy was raw Mana- the magic energy that is within everything and everyone. This strange connection and opportunity encouraged him to pursue the mystic arts to learn more about himself and how he can help those who suffered like him.

Current Life

Angel is now the newest worker at Taffasan, know for his excellent service and top notch charm he's made a name for himself not only as an intellectual but as man of the people. Someone who can be trusted and someone who is dedicated to the care of everyone who comes his way.