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First Steps:

ArchDuchess1337 is a player who first joined in April 13th 2022. They first landed in southern Gaushan and after hours of searching around the world, made a home in the New Angelian desert. She renovated a desert temple to use as a first home (-3045 / ~ / 1560) but this was only her temporary home, she planned to build a desert bridge city that would connect New Angelia and Gaushan. However this attracted a lot of attention mostly from from the people of Gaushan who were not happy with it, as well as an invite to go east and join Kais Okyanus (now Draknewt), in the Arcadian Altanate. Arch turned her house into a rest spot for travelers and new players, then left her home and the desert city idea for now and moved east-ward.

Life in the Arcadian Altanate

While moving across Koganon to reach Kais Okyanus, she stumbled across Bal Duran, a dwarven city within the massive custom built stone mountain of Kharn Burim. As someone who wanted to build a underground city with a massive forge in the past she was eager to learn more and maybe stay. After passing the mountain she came across the beautiful city of Kais Kogong and it's spectacular library. After seeing the world already, Arcadia was the outlier. She wanted to build a tribal town in a spruce forest, so she settled on a peninsula east of Kais Jerriko this would later become the "Sandeŋa Ŋamat" (Woods of Madness). At the northern tip, Arch built "Harvest Watch" a small port at an intersection of rivers near Kogong's melon farm. Later she would terraform the path from Harvest Watch all the way up to Kais Kogong's Gate of Freedom (this region is known as: Rural Kogong). After working on the forest t for a short bit, she would shift her focus to Kais Jerriko, helping demolish it. After that she would put her forest on pause and become one of the founding members of Kais Jerriko, building most of the city. At this point she would join the staff team and focus on work for that instead. However during this time she would become Arcadia's Minister of Interior, and lead the "Prospit Restoration Project" a massive terraforming and building project to transform the fields of Prospit into a rural agricultural region. As well as start plans for the reclaiming of her home in the Morian desert and construction a large-scale desert city/fortress.

Work on the Staff Team