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A town in the Eastern Icesteel Province of Koganon and the home of the Newt culture and people.

Newt Culture

The Newt, or Newtonian, culture developed from a common goal of the people of Draknewt to help each other and benefit all. Always developing, Newts share and advocate for three main goals: helping all be happy and healthy, educating all to as high of a degree as possible, and advocating justice for all those in need.

These goals produce two major byproducts: literature and study. Literature is written for all sorts of scenarios and emotions, from love to terror; and study is a remedy to the issues Newts face, using sciences and logic to resolve all sorts of problems.

Because of the passion for literature and study, it has been rumored that a university is planned for construction alongside a large expansion of Draknewt, though this has not been confirmed.

This culture also inspires quiet spaces for study, so cafes, libraries, small shops, and similar buildings are constructed for such purposes in Draknewt. The favorite beverage is coffee for the same reason.

Newt Politics and Policy

With a constitution in progress, Newts have agreed upon several main moral positions. Those being: Newts support a local government that supports its people and ensures housing, food, and work for all of its people; no discrimination occur within their territory; and no violence occur within their territory. Outside of this, Newts hold political neutrality as a central principle, however can be emotional in reaction to perceived atrocities.

Newt Resources

Because of Draknewt's geographic location and focus on scientific progress, Draknewt produces special resources not found elsewhere.

Newtonian Glass

Found only off of the coast of Eastern Icesteel is a sand with high concentrations of quartz and certain minerals. During the early days of Draknewt, it was observed that this sand could be turned into a particular frosted glass if it had undergone a specific glass-making and sandblasting process. This glass is beautifully tinted white, while still remaining clear enough to see through. The production of such glass is a closely-guarded secret of Draknewt.

Newt History

Arcadia Altanate

Draknewt was founded upon the ruins of an ancient city with the assistance of the Arcadian Altanate, namely financial assistance coming from Kais Termina. It was here that Draknewt heavily grew from a small settlement to a larger town over time, whilst peace and security prospered.

This was a period of heavy planning and growth, where Newt culture originated and Newts interacted heavily with many peoples, especially those within Arcadia, leading to strong relationships with different towns, such as Kais Termina and Kais Jerriko.

Arcadian Secession

Over a long period of time, however, relations soured as Arcadia waned as a power, becoming less productive and strong. Newts also felt the threat of religious oppression after threats and implications of religious hegemony in Arcadia.

As several towns left Arcadia, Draknewt held a referendum, deciding with a supermajority vote to leave.

Out of threat of invasion from Arcadian officials, Newts looked for alliances that might promote stability, eventually joining Ashina out of previous relations and the invitation of a free, democratic society. Draknewt decided to join, signing a pact to join.

As Draknewt joined Ashina, a Koganoni crisis occurred, due to the Koganon Compact, due to Ashina being based within another continent. This period of high tension included many threats against Draknewt, however international cooperation was called for, resulting in revisions of the outdated Koganon Compact, and a solution to the high-tension.

Ashinian Shores

Currently apart of Ashina, Draknewt has ambitions to improve national cooperation and promote economic prosperity alongside infrastructural development.