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Bal Duran
Podurana (Arcadian), Kharn Burim (Dwarvish)
Provincial Capital
A View of the Mountainside of Bal Duran
A View of the Mountainside of Bal Duran
Flag of Bal Duran
CountryArcadian Altanate
FoundedSeptember 2, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-09-02)
Founded byAurvengr (Raistron)
 • King Under the MountainRaistron
Population 7
Demonym(s)Bal Duranian (English), Podurani (Arcadian)

Bal Duran (Arcadian: Podurana [poduˈrana]; Dwarvish: Kharn Burim) is a city of the Arcadian Altanate located on the continent Koganon, serving as the provincial capital for Dura Province. It is located on top of and within the highest mountain on the continent, the eponymous Bal Duran. The city is mainly inhabited by dwarves, who emerged from the stone of Bal Duran after the killing of thieves on the mountain by Hargreevs of Kais Kogong. The city is led by King Under the Mountain Aurvengr (Raistron), who founded modern Bal Duran on September 2, 2021.