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Barium is a small celestial body located in the Sol System, it is one of the smallest objects in the System only being a hundredth the size of Alathra, With only two continents, Barium is largely by various intelligent plants and fungi.

Barium from Iskandar Observatory.
Barium from Alathra (Center pale green dot)



In the beginning of Barium only had one land mass known as Shunaria, Shunaria had three major rivers, the river banks are where life on Shunaria first appeared. Shunaria also had two mountain ranges, the western mountain range is where the Shroomies first migrated too, and where intelligent life on Barium started.

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Continent of Shunaria (Barium pre Great Split)


After the Great Split Mushun was established as the southern continent of Barium which is largely populated by Mushlings, because of the Mushlings extensive use of magic many things on Mushun have been permanently altered. One of the most recognizable areas on Mushun is Glowing peak, which is a piece of the Alathra moon that crashed into Barium after Megadalon blew up the moon, but now it is recognized as the largest mountain on Barium.


Post the Great Split the northern continent was named Fungaria, Fungaria is ruled by the Funglings, even after the Great Split the geography of Fungaria stayed largely the same, but the continent became signifigantly colder forcing the Funglings to create underground society's.

File:Fungaria and Mushun (Barium post Great Split)
File:Fungaria and Mushun (Barium post Great Split)


Barium has many different Islands with many different species, climates and cultures.

History of Barium

The beginning

For the first few centuries on Barium the only life that existed was non sentient plant life and fungal life, similar to the plant life on Alathra.

The River Banks

As life on Barium started to emerge the first sentient life emerged at the western river, they were called Shroomies, Shroomies were simple creatures who would travel in groups of 20 - 30, they possessed the ability to connect their Mycelium network to the roots of other plants to steal nutrients, they could also connect it to other Shroomies to use privative communication.


As Shroomies became more and more prominent on Barium many other plants began developing defense mechanisms to protect against the Shroomies stealing nutrients, One of the most noteable plants was the PurDralia which was just a normal flower until it evolved into the Purpur Snapper, when Shroomies would try to steal nutrients from them the Purpur Snapper would open its mouth filled with razor sharp petals and strike the Shroomies.

Intelligent life

Now that many of the plants and even fungi developed defenses against the Shroomies, they decided to retreat to the mountains north of the west river, once they had made it to the mountains they discovered that it was a much harder plants to deal with and a much harder climate, due to these horrible conditions it caused the Shroomies to use traps and tools causing them to become smarter.

Stone age

After many years of living in the harsh climate of the mountains, the Shroomies developed the ability to use their mycelium roots as appendages, to create and use tools, some colonies of Shroomies began to develop agriculture, growing many fruits and veggies

Bronze Age

During this age the Shroomies developed basic speech along with retaining the ability to communicate through their mycelium root network, many Shroomies began developing a tribe like hierarchy, many different tribes popped up in the mountains. But Shroomies weren't the only creatures to gain intelligence on Barium, DeepOaks are very large creatures that resemble trees, but have many humanoid features like eyes and the ability to form their roots into insect like appendages to travel. In many aspects DeepOaks were more intelligent than Shroomies.

Iron Age

This age signified the beginning of civilization on Barium, after many years Shroomies began to migrate out of the mountains and settle down in small tribes all across Barium. As time passes and more plants begin to adapt to Barium, and so do the Shroomies, they begin to take on a more humanoid look, This new species became known as Shroomians.

Golden Age

Forest Conflict

After Shroomies go extinct due to them evolving into Shroomians, many take on a tribal life style, farming and hunting the other plant creatures to get food, Other Shroomians adapt a nomadic life style, one of these nomad tribes known as the Floran settle down in a forest located in NorthEast Shunaria. Unbeknownst to the Floran there was already a tribe of Shroomians in the forest they settled in called the Ledurn tribe, due to resources being scarce In the forest tensions between with Ledurn and Florans we're high. One day a Ledurn child was attacked by the Florans and killed, due to this the Ledurn began an all out war against the Florans, resulting in the Florans losing a d being absorbed into the Ledurn tribe, but due to the Ledurns growing fearful of other tribes they would begin to expand southward.

Mining Effort

In the Western parts of Barium a small Shroomian tribes begin to excavate caves and ravines for various materials on Barium, one material in particular called PetalCore which has the ability to absorb kinetic energy and release it later, Using this the Western tribes made various tools a majority of which being blunt force weapons, but one tribe in particular called the Asher Horde used PetalCore to create their signature shields, the reason these shields were so effective was because they had a larger surface area then other weapons and could absorb more kinetic energy, And the Asher tribe would release this energy to blast off in a dash of sorts or in the middle of a jump to go even higher.

Asher Empire Beginnings


As Barium changes the Asher Horde becomes more modern through its architecture, instead of the old mud huts the Asher used to build as shelter they begin to build large towers made from marble and wood, and giant walls constructed from stone with holes in them for archers. The Asher Horde also abandons its tribal nature and assumes the role of a monarchy, under the rule of the Ashfall family with the first Queen being Nara Ashfall.

Ledurn expansion

After years of the Ledurns expanding they come into contact with the Asher empire, Although the Asher wanted to resolve things peacefully the Ledurns were greedy and wished too conquer the Asher Kingdom, a bloody war that lasted years ensued, in the end the Asher came out on top due to there superior structure and petalcore weaponry. Soon after the Ledurns were demolished and the Asher took over, many tribes located on northern Shunaria joined the Asher and they quickly became the rulers of Barium.

Asher Empire II

A new King

After years of Nara Ashfall ruling over the Asher Kingdom she passed away and her son "Naraias Ashfall" takes over the Asher Kingdom, Shortly after Naraias became King he began mak

ing new rules and policies. The Asher Kingdom quickly became more strict and industrial.

Discovery of Magic and the Arcane

In southern Barium Shroomians began to experiment with use of Magic and the Arcane, The most common types of magic on Barium are Runes, Druidic Magic, and Alchemy although other magic was used. Shortly after The discovery of Magic The Asher Kingdom banned usage of magic, even after it was banned many Shroomians in southern Barium still practiced magic in secret.

The Great Split

After many years of Shroomians practicing magic in secret Naraias caught word of it, he sends soldiers into southern Barium to hunt and kill magic users. The soldiers would terrorize southern Shroomians even if they didn't practice magic, if someone was found using magic they were killed on sight, after many month of being terrorized the southerners developed the S.D.O (Southern Defense Operation), The S.D.O was a fighting force with the goal of driving soldiers out of the south, many of the fighters in the S.D.O were magic users but most were regular citizens using farming tools as weaponry. Once Naraias found out about the S.D.O he orders a military operation, and begins attacking towns in the south of Barium. After years of this war the S.D.O develops a powerful spell capable of destroying the Asher Empire, S.D.O begins traveling north towards the capital city, before they are able to make it to the capital they encounter many soldiers at the center of Shunaria, S.D.O and the soldiers battle for many days, until S.D.O decided to cast the spell. All of the magic users in S.D.O gather around in a circle and begin to chant, after a couple minutes of chanting massive vines and flowes begin to grow out of the earth, the vines lash around violently causing Barium to rumble, within hours Shunaria became split in half creating the two continents we know today.



Once the great split occurred, Shroomians on the southern continent of Mushun began to rely more on magic to the point that there bodies became weaker, Mushlings became scavengers and would utilize magic to farm.

Evolution of fungus


Shroomians who were located on Fungaria became stronger and more reliant on manipulating their roots and using physical strength, Fungling culture prioritized hunting and fighting.

Leaf Winged Beetle


Sprawlshrooms were a group of Shroomies who went underground and developed into massive hulking fungus. SprawlShrooms spend most of their time sleeping an eating, they require massive amounts of food to support their size.

PurPur Snapper

PurPur Snappers are massive flower like creatures , they used their gaping mouths to prey on smaller creatures.

Leaf Winged Beetle

These beetles can grow up to 8 feet long, Mushlings and Funglings keep them as pets and have made various breeds of them.


Mooblooms are bright yellow cows covered in flowers, Mushlings use them for agriculture. Adult female Mooblooms produce flower milk, a sweet treat for many Mushlings.


These massive tree creatures use their roots to get around, they are known as the gentle giants of Barium.

Sand Dwellers

These cactus humanoids reside in the northern desert of Mushun. Not much is known about these creatures, as they are isolationists and don't try to make contact with the outside world. Sand Dwellers take great pride in their culture, Muslings have tried to establish relations with them many times but to no avail, their civilization and cultures thrives in the desert, where they seem to be content.