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Bunkurs 13
Minor Town
Rose of Tenrii
Sovereign stateUnited States of Nevadia and Etrovia
Constituent countryNevadia
RegionFlopus State
Administrative HQCastle Floppa
City AuthoritySt4n7ey
Current Motto我对祖国爱的报答

Bunkurs 13 is a small coastal town and the closest settlement by distance to New Vegas in the country of U.S.A. It is currently under the territorial dominion of the USNET, with regional authority being exercised by its Mayor, Lord St4n7ey.

The foundation of the town is built on the unnamed island south of New Vegas in which it calls by various names, the most common ones being Outer Floppinia, Chungustan, Kyszyne, or more neutrally the "Southern Island". Bunkurs 13 is notably known for its Asiatic architecture and its national religion, Tenriism.

The town was established in 2021. As of November 5, the town has a population of 2.


Before the establishment of Bunkurs 13, the area of the Southern Island was mostly unsettled and underdeveloped, with only a single town (named Arkaley) being the earliest evidence of settlement in the region. Therefore this island, despite being under the claim of Nevadia (then the USA), remained uninhabited for a long time (after the inactivity of Arkaley) until the arrival of its first settler, St4n7ey.


The arrival of St4n7ey from the far South to New Vegas and his humble acceptance by UsaZach was the main catalyst for the founding of Bunkurs 13. From then on, colonization and development of the island commenced, with the first buildings being a Chinese restaurant, a pagoda, and two castles. During the construction of the first castle, Castle Floppa, the entire former villager town was suddenly removed and the surrounding Jungle trees cut down by a now-defunct neighboring town named Torrin.

Tenriism started to take form during this time too, originally having only a single deity, Big Chungus, but as time went on its doctrine and ideas started to evolve, as with its pantheon of gods and saints. Floppa was added to the pantheon after the completion of the first castle, in which was named; "Castle Floppa".


Bunkurs 13 is situated in the Southern Island, south of New Vegas and divided by a narrow river (named Rynjin River).


Bunkurs 13 has a wet, humid jungle climate owing to its proximity to the southern Jungles. It experiences only two seasons; the monsoon season, and the dry season. Its climate is directly influenced by winds coming from the Southeast.

Resources (and Economy)

The town has almost little to no natural resources. With the disappearance of the majority of jungle trees due to Torrin and the rest of the surviving trees in Newport and Vinchini's side of the island, it also lacks any native trees whatsoever. It is highly dependent on nether mining (specifically netherite mining, from which it gives all its supply to New Vegas), gold mining in the nearby Mesa biomes, and minimal trade.

Attractions and Notable Landmarks

The town of Bunkurs 13 is mostly known for its distinctive brand of Asiatic architecture. The large, looming blackstone roofed castles of Bunkurs 13 is one of the only tourist attractions of the entire town, and is a very popular tourist attraction for many due to its immense size and Asiatic style. Although recently, the interior rooms have been under maintenance, and as such the interior cannot be toured at the moment.

  • Castle Floppa
  • Castle Chungus
  • Kung Hei Fat Chungus' Chinese Restaurant
  • Nam-Jin Sinmyo (Advance North God-Temple)
  • Tomb of Refridgerator


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Much of the culture of Bunkurs 13 is closely related to its religion, Tenriism. So much was the influence of religion on the culture of Bunkurs that it became a customary phrase to exclaim, "MAN I LOVE FLOPPA..." to strangers and nation members alike.


The religion of Bunkurs 13 is Tenriism, also known as Floppism or Chunguism, although it will be described as "Bunkurs Tenriism" in this page for distinction between Tenriist sects and doctrines.

A relatively recent, polytheistic religion, it revolves around the belief in various gods and nature spirits, the most popular ones being "Floppa" and "Big Chungus", and encompass a number of rituals, esoteric philosophies, and "sacred mysteries". It relies heavily on esoteric ritual and religious chronicles, most of which is known to have been codified in several chapters of books and written texts, although most remain hidden to the public view.

The origin of Bunkurs Tenriism are hidden in obscurity. Some believe that it simply first arose from the founding of Bunkurs 13, while others argue that its roots lay far beyond Prospit. Some claim of Tenriism having roots in obscure, long extinguished Far Northern cults such as "Stixist Estoerii", or widespread Noob animist beliefs, with their worship of Big Floppa and Chungus, both animal beings. The official position of Bunkurs Tenriism however, is that Tenriism was "brought to the world through the first player" and claims to be the "Actual True and Legit Religion Ever", before being outnumbered by new religions in a slow process called "Gyyan" (decievement; fooling in Bunkurs speech). As such, followers of Tenriism usually talk of other religions as "paganism" to outright "falsehood" and "kuffars".

A very syncretic religion, it is known to have absorbed several foreign deities into its pantheon as gods, the most notable and famous one being Amogus, the patron god of New Vegas. Various religious spaces were used in rituals by Tenriists, such as underground pools (described as bathtubs), although temples are becoming more frequently used for worship purposes. Drugs and alcohol (also known as "haram") are strictly banned in the religion. In the early days of Tenriism, there was an Edict that ordered the destruction of all trees in Alathra, although it lasted for only a single day.

The religion is represented in the USNET by the Southern Floppists party.


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