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Devox Runehert (Username Devox_Runeheart, Discord Devox Runeheart#9363) joined Alathra on June 26,2021 as part o a group of disgruntled players from the Sirius Realms worldbuilding server looking to start conflict, wars and to grief. Instead, they decided to actually get involved in the community and is currently the last remaining player from the "Chaos Insurgency" group.

To date they have played two characters:

Runeheart, the Contract Demon who is a villain currently in hiding in the far lands of the Nether. They are taking a break from this character to play their second character.

Angela, Head Librarian of The Library is currently building their place of work. Were they are from, what they are and why they are doing this are currently only known to a select few.

Also, until I am told to take this down:

Devox Runeheart also has a youtube channel available here: Yes I am shilling on my wiki page. I might be bared from doing this on the discord but as far as I know there are no rules against it on the wiki so HA!