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NationalityStahlfaust, Krosston Imperium
CitizenshipThe Greater Stahlfaust Empire
EducationDoctorate in Medical Practices


Dr. Arzt does not know much about himself due to the fact that he lost all of his memory before his coma. He has attempted to learn about his past but has never been able to find even a single piece of evidence that he existed before the day he woke up. The only things he knows were taught to him by the people in Stahlfaust and Krosston Imperium.



When Arzt awoke from his coma on August 11th he was confused and distraught because he was not able to remember anything. As he was panicking

he was found by Arctan. Arctan took one look at the chimpanzee sitting there in front of him and decided that he would try and help out this ape by giving him a place to call home. Although Arctan did not know that the chimpanzee did not have his memories at the time he would later find out and offer the simian a new name. Arzt was hesitant at first to let this stranger help him but after hearing about all of the people and the opportunities in Stahlfaust he decided that going with this man would be beneficial.


Arzt was able to settle on a boat off the coast of Tahlassah where he would begin his journey as a member of the Stahlfaust empire. While in the town of Tahlassah Arzt did not accomplish much because he was still dazed about this world that is essentially completely new to him. After about a month of staying in Tahlassah decided that he was going to start his town next to Arctanis because it would give him better opportunities. Artz started the town of East Arctanis.

Arctanis East

On the day that he founded his town Arctan gave him his new name, Affe Arzt. Arzt was brought to tears when he was given his name; he was beginning to feel at home. Arzt would work his way up in the nation until he was a noble and had a voice in political matters. The first big struggle Arzt endured was having to fight in the war against Ironhill. Arzt was loyal to his nation and was ready to put down his life to defend this great nation that has supported him throughout his current life. During this war, he would aid with supplies and fight on the front lines both defending and attacking. In the end, Stahlfaust was not able to continue with the war and made a deal with the opposing side that they would give up land and merge to end the suffering of the people. Arzt's national pride was not brought down by this event though it only made him love the nation of Stahlfaust more and he began to grow a deep seeded hatred toward the nation of Elyria (the nation Stahlfaust merged with). After the merge, the nation was finally in a state of peace and began to prosper again. During this time Arzt was able to amass a vast fortune. He also merged his town with the town of Arctanis to make the capital more secure.

Krosston Journey

Arzt then decided that he would join the Krosston Imperium because he wanted to help out his new friend Savimbi grow his nation. Affenburg was then formed. After developing his town a little bit Arzt was thrown into another war, Krosston vs Itar. During this war, many mercenaries were sent by the nation of Ashina to help defend the town of Itar. During this time Arzt began his journey to become a doctor on the front lines. He wanted to be able to support his fellow soldiers. Around this time he also began to create his own medicine that would heal his companions and allow them to continue fighting in battle. He was soon able to complete his journey to becoming a doctor by saving the lives of his companions numerous times. While this battle had very few causalities on both sides it was very important for Dr. Arzt because it allowed him the opportunity to become even closer with the Pharaoh Savimbi.

Pharaoh Arzt

When Pharaoh Savimbi stepped down he gave the nation to Dr. Arzt. Since then Dr. Artz has been trying to improve the nation so that he can honor both Kaiser Arctan and his friend Savimbi. His first act as Pharaoh was to raise the income taxes to five percent because Krosston Imperium makes no money and will not be able to sustain itself in the long run.


Affenburg is a small coastal town in the southeast. The town became the capital of the Krosston Imperium on 7/29/22.


  • Grow Krosston Imperium
  • Pay back the great debt he owes Arctan
  • Learn more about the world and everyone in it


Dr. Arzt has been a loyal follower of the AIK bible since the day he awoke. He even built a church for the Pope to reside in. The second pope of AIK baptized Arzt in the church so that he could be cleansed of his sins and reborn as a new ape. He is now a follower of The Hole Under the Sun.


  • Dr. Arzt is fond of Chinese firework monkeys and wishes they were still around today.
  • Dr. Arzt is an avid smoker because quote, "It helps with my anxiety" but it is really because he thinks it makes him look more sophisticated.
  • After examining himself Dr. Artz has discovered he is 42 years old.
  • While he is much smarter than the average ape no one in Stahlfaust questioned him for even a moment.


  1. Tyrone - A skeleton horse that Dr. Arzt found early in his journey while he was still living in the town of Tahlassah. This horse lived on his boat with him until he eventually created Arctanis East. During this time Dr. Arzt put Jerome in a hole so that he would know where to find him after he had built a nice stable but Jerome was gone when he returned. No one knows what happened to that horse and Arzt still mourns his disappearance every day.
  2. Jerome - Jerome was a loyal dog to Dr. Arzt and followed him every he went at the beginning of his journey. Sadly once Arzt moved to the town of Arctanis East Jerome was taken out less and less until he was lost to time.
  3. Kaiser Wilhelm II - This green bird is Dr. Arzt's most sacred possession and has even been declared a national treasure by Kaiser Arctan. This parrot seems to have a broken name tag that is constantly like a player's. At first, Arzt did not question the fact that the name tag always showed up because he thought that was normal but then he was told that it was something that did not normally happen and he could not have been more excited. While the parrot is not an official artifact Dr. Arzt has declared it to be his own personal artifact.
  4. Judge Judy - This fox is the judge in court cases held in Arctanis. She has served as the judge for a very long time. Though recently there has been very few court cases she can still be seen inside of the court in what used to be East Arctanis.
  5. Mao Zedong - Mao did not last a long time but while he was alive Dr. Arzt cared for him the best he could. Sadly, Mao, the dog was murdered by Bean.
  6. Jack and Jill - These two axolotls were a gift from a dear friend of Arzt's that used to live in his town. After his friend left the town he found multiple axolotls on his journeys and decided to give multiple of them to Dr. Arzt free of charge. Sadly Jill has gone missing and is nowhere to be found.
  7. Wabbit - This black and white bunny was found sick outside of Dr. Arzt's castle and he decided that it would be best if he brought it inside and nursed it back to health. Luckily the bunny is on its way to making a full recovery and is being given the finest care by its new owner.