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Dragooon is the sea dragon-oid founder of Snowpia, now Snowport.


Early Life

Dragooon was born and raised in a deep underwater Sea Dragon-oid colony. They were named in Dragonese, to what roughly translates to "Seastar" in common. They learned to hunt, build (though underwater building is easier than over-water, they've found), but not much about fighting others. He left to forge his own path when at age 16. As most dragons are, they're very proud of their heritage and carry their culture and religion with them to this day.

First World (Enchanted Skies)

Dragooon came to the surface at about 16. He traveled the lands, picking up how the world worked as he went, though the surface-dwellers language was quite the challenge and he didn't quite get it for a while. Eventually they came across a mismatched bunch of creatures living in a mountain, who took Dragooon in. They consisted of Maze (a demon), Nambu (a goblin), and Solar (a faery). Their home was named Cavetown. The group taught Dragooon more about their cultures and language. This was how Dragooon's name came about -- they found out the surface-dweller word for their species was "Dragon", and couldn't pronounce it, so they to say it as "Dragooooooon" for a while. The name stuck. But it didn't last. Eventually, something unknown happened to their world (at least that portion of it). After swimming to their underwater ravine for safety, they were knocked out and woke up in a whole new world.

Second World (Alathra)

After they woke up, they spent a little while exploring the mountains. They were then found and asked to join Zauburg but left after a few days to make a town of their own. After traveling the tundra for a couple hours, he founded Snowpia. Tilly found him, and informed him he was on Eldian land, so they allied with Eldia. Miraculously, Dragooon found Maze and Nambu alive, who joined Snowpia. Solar is still nowhere to be seen. Dragooon became a Riman of Eldia, and joined the Eldian militia. He was there for Eldia's independence, and it's change to the Legion. They became fast friends with Robberito, a nearby slime hybrid, and the mayor of Freeport. Rob and Dragooon, or as he called him, Dragon, were different as night and day. Rob was a slime, Dragon was a Dragon, Rob was capitalist, Dragooon was socialist, Dragooon had morals, and Rob was kind of corrupt. However, they both supported and helped each other, and formed an unlikely friendship. Rob and Dragooon remain good friends to this day. After a few months, they both decided to co-mayor Freeport and Snowpia, which combined into Snowport. Snowpia became lakeside, and Freeport became portside. Portside was industrialized, and now contains brick buildings and factories, which lakeside remains mostly unchanged as the efforts currently focus on portside. Dragooon founded a Zaldi's in portside, which sells every single food, and became the main food supplier of the Legion. Dragooon also got very into art, and has made a piece for the Legion militia, Tilly, Leuvis, and Rob. It is currently their main source of income.

Political Beliefs

Dragooon's Sea Dragon-oid society was mainly socialist, and they've carried this over to Snowport.


Sea dragon-oids live in groups called "Kanjan" (roughly translated to "huntings" in common) consisting of 15-50 dragons, scattered across the ocean floor. Because of their scales, they can withstand extreme temperatures and often settle in deep thermal vents or icy waters, or the "Arkja", which roughly translates to "the dark-safe", where most predators can't swim to. This also means they aren't near much prey, so for about 5 days every month the the older dragons swim up to the "Brakja", which translates to "the light-food", where they gather armfuls of nearby fish. Some stay behind to care for the young, or "Dajonak" (singular: dajona). The dragons that stay behind usually rotate, so everyone gets to both hunt and stay behind every so often. There are exceptions, like the head of the nursery who always stays with the dajonak, or the head of hunting who always leads the hunt. The dragons' rank, as well as their name, in the kanjan is determined by what they catch on their first hunt (which is a bit of a coming-of-age experience for the former dajonak). For example, if they hunt something like a shark, their name would be Shark, or the Dragonese equivalent of it, and they would most likely become hunt leader, unless someone else hunted something more impressive. (Fun fact: Dragooon's original name was Seastar. He was very honored when their new family gave them their new name. He also didn't realized it was a bit odd to be named "Dragooon") For this reason, the dajonak spend most of their time preparing to hunt the most fearsome thing they can think of. If a dajona fails to catch anything on their first hunt, they'll have to wait for the next hunt to earn a name, and probably get the lowest rank anyways. Before they earn their name, the dajona are referred to by what order they hatched in.

Leaving the kanjan is rare, but not unheard of. Most sea dragon-oids stay in their own kanjan for their whole life, or sometimes leave to start their own. What Dragooon did was much more rare, but they had always been more curious than most other dragons.


The Sea Dragon-oid religion worships the Dahkla, or "great dragons". The most common Sea Dragon-oid legend is of ancient skies of dragons, of every size and color. The surface dwellers, jealous of their strength and abilities, waged war with the Dahkla. The Dahkla fought bravely with mystical flight and fire, but the surface dwellers wouldn't stop coming. Eventually, only the Sea Dahkla were left, the best and bravest fights of them all, but even they were push out to sea where they took refuge in the arkja. They were gravely injured, so they left their dajonak and some caretakers in the safe caves, and ventured deeper for a cure. They found the Ijna, a magical and sacred place where fish flow like water and rock can be sculpted like clay. When they tried to come back for who they left behind, they found it closed up behind them. The Dahkla used the magic of their new realm to grant the future generations a smaller body to fit through tiny crevices, a long tail to push through the water, better ears and noses for hearing and smelling, and less wings that don't drag behind them.

When a dragon-oid makes on offer to them of the sharpest bones or softest kelp, they can bring fortune to the kanjan. It is said that when a sea dragon-oid dies, their spirit goes to the Ijna where they can live the rest of their days feasting on fish and being looked after by the Dahkla.

Nationality: EldiaCitizenship: Snowport Occupation: Mayor, Architect Known for: Co-mayoring Snowport, Zaldi's


Dragooon is a Sea Dragon-oid. They have mostly human anatomy, grey-green scales, a dragon-like snout, horns, mer ears, side-swept kelp-like hair, and a long tail. Their tail and gills were injured during the destruction of Cavetown, and now they rely on armor enchantments to temporarily heal themself. Dragooon always seems to have strands of bio-luminescent algae somewhere on their outfits.

They're based on a Seawing Nightwing hybrid from Wings of Fire.


*Dragooon is lawful good. They make their own principles and stick with them (ex: Don't kill foxes, baby animals, parents, or wolves, don't steal from people you don't know, murder only those who threaten your friends or allies). His biggest principle, however, is loyalty to those who help them, so these principles can be broken only on their terms.

*His pronouns are he/they

*He's is farsighted, as sea dragon-oids live in dark caves and only go up to the brakja for food, so they have horrible eyesight.

*They are not a good fighter, but have been training

*Dragooon is very trusting, arguable too much