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"Helios I" of the Legion. Formerly "Tilly Angolmois"

Ang0lmois, formerly known colloquially as “Tilly '' or ''Heafodmann" is a nobleman and diplomat/chief of staff originally born in Acquendavia. After the collapse of Acquendavia, Tilly became a Prime Minister and Governor of Arcadia until the Eldian Secession movement. Once Eldia was founded, Tilly had a religious conversion to the Solarian religion. Tilly took up the new name "Helios I." This conversion also brought about the reorganization of Eldia into the Legion.

Early Life

Not much is known about Tilly. What is known is that he was a noble boy in the court of Acquendavia, having hailed from the Angolmois House. His mother having been a minor lady and Tilly never knowing his real father. He grew up educated in the manner of diplomacy, mathematics, literature, and philosophy. At the age of 19 he became a footman in the Acquendavian army and through rapid success during the Great Alathran War, was promoted to chief of staff of a minor Acquendavia battalion.

Later Life and Impoverishment

After the war, Tilly returned home hoping to reap the rewards and further successes as a chief of staff, hoping one day to become a field marshall or even carve out his own fief or cabinet position in the court. But the Prospitian Revolution had led to the collapse of Acquendavia, along with the death of his mother and loss of his family wealth. Tilly, having served the Empire and being a noble, knew he could no longer remain on the continent of Prospit and fled.

Arrival in Koganon:

Tilly somehow ended up in Koganon, years later. He was now more serious, muscular, sporting a distinctive mustache. Some reports indicate he spent a year or more at MelonCrest, living amongst the religious and adopting some of their beliefs. Other theories range into him traveling around Koganon and Gaushan, gathering information and learning more about the peoples there. What is known for sure is that Tilly decided to step foot into Kais Termina one day and become a citizen of Arcadia.

Appointment as Mayor and Governor

Through various political inroads made in his time in Arcadia, Tilly was able to secure a posting as the 2nd mayor of WinterHallow and the 1st Governor of Teufort for the Arcadian Altanate, becoming "Governor Tilly" where he proceeded to lay the groundwork of a more centralized and improved WinterHallow...

Prime Minister of Arcadia

Tilly ran as the Reform Party candidate, and was elected as the Fifth Prime Minister of the Arcadian Altanate on 12/20/21, running against JiraiyaFan of the Roast Party. Tilly proceeded to shake up the internal politics and entrenched powers of Arcadian bureaucracy through scathing critiques of Senators, Governors, and other Arcadian officials deemed incompetent or otherwise not the right fit. Prime Minister Tilly sought to expand efforts into stabilizing and repopulating the lands of Gaushan but was met with backlash from within the Senate. Various incidents arose such as a miscommunication with Lydoneia that was quickly handled, and a failure of planning and diplomats at the Prospit Conference, resulting in worsening relations with the USNET. Tilly became close working friends with Specz Arcanes and maneuvered for his appointment as Governor of Icesteel. Tilly became close friends with Lydoneian leader Aurelius and rushed to Lydoneia's aid when Jotunstan sought conquest against Silvermoon. Tilly called for a "Koganon Crusade" against the biomancers and demonic forces within the city urging all Alathrans to take up arms and stand beside the Lydoneian defense. Jotunstan surrendered within the day. Because of Tilly's quick response, the newly elected Altan and his enemies within the Senate felt sidelined, a vote for impeachment was brought against Prime Minister Tilly which passed with 3/5ths of the Senators, Tilly becoming the first Prime Minister to be removed from office in Arcadia.

Post-Impeachment and Temple of Carnis Massacre

Carnage at the Temple of Carnis.

Following the removal from office, Tilly became more focused on his governorship of Teufort, reaching out to neighbors and other notable individuals to improve the area. A project began formulating between Tilly, Senator Plato "Heavy Weapons Guy", and Governor Specz under the funding of Mann Co. and Tilly's supervision. While this was being worked on a city in Arith, Romanus Silva, was hiring mercenaries against the worshippers at the Temple of Carnis. Tilly took payment to enroll in the Silvan mercenary company lead by thetartarsauce against the Carnis worshippers. Tilly was joined by his friend "Heavy Weapons Guy", Silvans, and mercenaries from the FCA. What followed was a massacre of unprecedented brutality. Almost none were spared. Brutal skirmishes took place in the jungle surrounding the Temple and unparalleled carnage occurred inside the Temple. Almost none were left alive. Eventually the remainder of the Temple surrendered unconditionally. Tilly distinguished himself among the Silvans for his planning abilities and disdain for Carnis worshippers.

Eldia and the "Iceberg Nomad Incident"

After the campaign at Carnis, Tilly and his people of WinterHallow had morphed into a distinct cultural entity, a mixture of former Nobles from Prospit, Knights from old Elyria, and local native population had mixed into the group known as the Eldians. Around the time of this development taking hold and WinterHallow being renamed after the people who inhabited it, a new group of people showed up off the coast of Teufort Province and Mainland Eldia. A group of nomads lead by simpchan. Initial relations were friendly, with both Governor Tilly and Senator Heavy Weapons Guy showering them in praise, attention, and gifts. Relations worsened as suspicions grew, and gifts were rejected by the nomads. Eventually these tensions boiled over into the "Iceberg Incident." Little is known of what exactly lead up to the incident in detail. But, what is known is that Governor Tilly and Senator Heavy Weapons Guy traveled to the Iceberg Isles to visit the nomads for either formal joining of the land, or a deal on the limits of their expansion. After some heated words and an inability to persuade anyone in the camp, a melee broke out, which then became a slaughter. Governor Tilly and Senator Heavy Weapons Guy singlehandedly drove the nomads from the land, killing any squatter they came across indiscriminately. The death toll is still a matter of speculation but the Ice turned red and nothing was spared. The few survivors of the incident fled to the continent of Prospit, where the town of Aratel as established. Governor Tilly and Senator Heavy Weapons guy received some blowback both internally from Arcadia, and internationally from concerned towns. But this quickly blew over as quickly as it started.

Eldian Secession

Early Eldian Propaganda (created by MCGnetDeeDah)

Tensions had been brewing for some time between Teufort Province and mainland Arcadia. The Eldians under Tilly had won quite a sizeable bloc of Senators and active players, and the newly elected Prime Minister goodnoodle appeared willing to help develop and provide to the province. But, through intel, a conspiracy was discovered of Arcadian oligarchs looking to remove Governor Tilly from power, as well holding grudges for his opposition to the Senate during his Prime Minister term. Tilly gathered the notable players of Eldia and Eldian Senators and proposed a complete break from Arcadia. The plan was finalized and on 3/8/22 The Dominion of Eldia was born on the Wahat Senate Floor after the Eldian Senators stormed out of the building. In the initial days tensions were even higher as Arcadia scrambled for a plan of action. Events such as the "Gint Patrol" occurred in which a Senator and ARDF official patrolled Eldian supposedly without orders. A provisional government formed in Arcadia to deal with the crisis and after diplomatic talks reached a standstill and threats were exchanged, there was a general unease. The "conflict" (if you could even call it that) officially ended on 3/24/22 with the adoption of the "Sandstone Treaty" by both sides.

The Bull Stands Up

Heafodmann of Eldia, Tilly Angolmois with the Legatus _Plato

The Eldian lands, despite their rapid growth, were strange and full of contradictions. Various ethnic and tribal groups for decades had assimilated into the area. And for the longest time, the lands of modern day Eldia have been inhabited by the local tribals, who only knew how to survive and make basic weaponry for tribal conflicts. After Tilly and Plato were originally sent here on a mission to settle and claim these lands, they saw how backward the tribes were. Upon seeing it, Tilly decided to take matters into his own hands. After teaching the tribes of Winterhallow and Frost Walker basic warfare, they led these 2 tribes to conquer and civilise the rest. The tribals fought as best as they could, but were no match for Tilly’s army. And so, he started conquering all the tribes of Southada, recruited tribal men into the army, sent tribal boys to train to become the future soldiers, and started gathering the tribes into towns. Those who defied his will were executed, and bodies thrown into the sea, so that their bones could never find rest in the soil upon which they lived before. It was a long campaign that predated the Eldian Secession movement itself. But with complete and total control of the lands and the slate wiped clean, and the last 11th tribe having been conquered the Dominion of Eldia was reorganized into The Legion.

Solarian Conversion and Helios I

Tilly was overseeing the construction of Hightower with High Diplomat Leuvis, but night fell and construction had stopped for the day. Though exhausted, a strange force pulled Tilly towards the woods. There, Tilly upon later accounts, saw a glowing elk, an elk that then morphed into a bull. The bull supposedly spoke to Tilly, saying

The Glowing Bull, widely accepted as a vision of Erses

"You often go on bitter nights

To the WinterHallow grove

With blinding powers to reconcile the world

To weave a union-

The Sun makes a magic spell

And all who are full of impudence and weakness

Are made small by the flame and cross

They draw shining steel - but instead of going into combat

They solidify into stalagmites.

So the false ones shall be burnt, turned to ash.

So go forth Helios and give good and just

With my formula, blessings and strength."

And then a rush of wind and light rushed over Tilly, in a billowy surge, in the ocean of snow, in the Server Spirit's infinite he saw all. Highest bliss! The following morning, Heafodmann Tilly was found at the top of Hightower staring at the sun. He had shaved his hair and moustache and had changed his attire from the typical Noble attire of Acquendavia to a simple tunic adorned with a pin of the Sun. His bastard son, Robberito, asked "My grace, Lord Tilly, what seems to trouble you?"

Tilly replied, "I am now Helios I. You will accompany me. You all will hear and see much about me and this Legion. Just wait until the time comes."

Overthrow and Exile

Despite his newfound faith, with Tilly getting along in age, the old man became more distant and mad. This eventually culminated in the murder of his friend and close confidant, Leuvis Krieger. Tilly tried to cover up the murder but an investigation by his bastard son Rob and some high ranking Cresvlitsin men uncovered not only the truth of the crime, but a hidden son Tilly had on Arith. Alexandru Barlog, Rob Angolmois, and Mega Jr. sought out the Solar Emperor Melevor II for details regarding the exiled prince. The boy was taken to live among the Druids of Arith at a young age and was raised in the Solarian faith. The men sought out this Prince Zodd and implored him to return home to Eldia and bring his father to justice. After some convincing, the Prince agreed and they all returned to Eldia to stage a palace coup.

A heavy battle took place inside Hightower where the Legatus cut down all of the Cresvlitsin men. Despite the heavy losses, Tilly was forced to abdicate after a strange and private conversation took place between Helios, Zodd, and the Legatus. Helios I was now back to being Tilly Angolmois, as punishment for his ineptitude and crimes, he was exiled to the Morian wastes for the rest of his days, never to be seen again.