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Motto(s): Pro Egregie Pro Egregan (for excellence for egregan)
The location of Egregan on the Alathran world map
FoundedSeptember 13th, 2021
Founded byKing Sparkus


Egregan is a large keep turned city in the northern regions of Gaushan. Built entirely by Lord Sparkus, Egregan strives to become a central figure in Alathra.



Located on the north-eastern Regnus peninsula of Gaushan, Egregan is an optimal place for central trade and transport. It was built close to the ruins of the old parish town of Juminia. Having the ocean on its doorstep leads it to have many visitors from all over the world. Just off the east coast is the island of Gatzu which lies within the claims of Egregan.


Besides the ocean, Egregan lies on a very fertile plains biome full of wildlife and meadow. To the north of the city walls is a large flat sand dune that extends out about 200 blocks. Across the river there is a dense forest which is always sustainably harvested from.



Egregan is situated on top of a largely untouched underground, where its many riches are left to its citizens to mine themselves. A large quarry is soon to be open as a source of quality stone and sand, which both are always in high demand. Fish are also plentiful and are currently reared at the docks in spawning pools.

An early morning view of Egregan City from the front gate


Being a major supplier of netherite alloy to almost everyone in Alathra, Egregan also sells all sorts of valuable materials inside its chest shop within the city grounds as well as food and niche items.



The colours are made up of three values every Egregani citizen should aspire to have:

  • Dark Blue meaning prosperity
  • Light Blue meaning goodwill
  • Red meaning loyalty


Egregan is currently a member of Stahlfaust

Current status

After the death of Sparkus, his son Maliko inherited the throne. However, focused on finding out the causes of Sparkus' passing, he gave temporary control to Lydoneian leadership, a close ally of his fathers. During the fall of Lydoneia, it was occupied by Stahlfaust and is now a permanent city of that nation.

During the Cataclysm, it served as a major humanitarian centre, and was one of the few cities to not break out into full blown chaos when the news came.

The sunset view of Taffasan from Egregan Keep