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The city of Ezra was founded by Seabiscuit101 on June 12, 2021. Ezra is largely populated by the Shem, an ethnic group that follows the path of Notch.

The town of Ezra circled in light blue.


The following is an except from a textbook found in The Library on the third floor. The accuracy of this information can not be confirmed without further research.

Shemites live in this area, in Zulu style homesteads. This ancient culture accepts any member in to there ranks, if they can contribute to their village. Villagers also are a big portion of the Shem population, after a great migration from villages of the Jalatt desert, and Magana Plain from the north. The town of Erza was the first town to appear in this land."

Much of the city's history has been lost to the ages. It has been passed between nations several times, and may have been the capital of a nation of its own at some point. On February 5th, 2022, Ezra joined the Moria Confederacy. Ezra became the capital of Ezrael Hold, under Jarl Wombat.