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Pictured: Mayor Aethelmod and former Emperor Hat_Crab signing the documents which officially dissolved the Imperial government of the Southern Union on July 19th. Offscreen: Mayor RapturedSplicer of Haven.


Around midnight on July 19, 2021, leadership from the cities of Hanau and Haven met in Hanau to discuss their growing frustration with the leadership of the Southern Union. This meeting led to an agreement made by the two cities to fully secede from the Union if their demands were not met by Emperor Hat_Crab. Mayor Aethelmod of Hanau soon after called a meeting and invited Haven and Fort Roberts, where both Hanau and Haven performed a political coup and demanded for Emperor Hat_Crab to step down as the leader of the Union, dissolving the current government and replacing it with a free Republic, and moving the nation's capital to Hanau. These demands were first met with outrage by Emperor Hat_Crab, who initially rejected the demands and stormed out of the city. Some time after, Emperor Hat_Crab requested a meeting with the two cities again, asking for clarification as to what his position would be within the new Union.

Soon after, all parties were in agreement and the demands were accepted.