Calendar system

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A calendar system is any system of time measurement implemented to track the passing of in-game time. A lot of commonly used calendars in Alathra link themselves in one way or another to real time to make conversion easier.

Although real time is the easiest and most convenient calendar to use, other calendars have been created to signify a more Alathra-based system of timekeeping. The lore calendar is the calendar officially endorsed by Alathra. Although simple in its structure, it requires external tools to convert between its dates and real time.

Another calendar, the Crops' calendar was designed on the Wiki itself. It is meant to bridge the gap between ease of conversion and a more unique calendar system. Its use is still recommended for writing on the Wiki.

Other notable calendars have existed in Alathra's lifespan, but they have since fallen largely out of use. An example of this is the Valtaran calendar.