Valtaran calendar

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The Valtaran calendar was a calendar created in 251 BCW by King Hadas I. Originally the start of year 0 was defined by the birth of King Hadas I but was later changed in 1 ACW by Gem Valtara to year 0 ACW begining during the Treaty of Blackthorn and 0 BCW as when Ignacio Valtara´s lords first rebelled. BCW stands for "Before Civil War" and ACW stands for "After Civil War". Originally it was denoted as BH (Before Hadas) and AH (After Hadas) by King Hadas I. The year has 7 months each containing 72 days which totals to 504 days in a year. The year begins with the month of Hadasum and is followed with the month of Illums then Palise, Lampas, Hortens, Cranans and finally a month named after the current monarch of Valtara. This last month´s name is determined by the following rules: if the monarch has approved any nicknames then that one will be used, if not then their real name will be used (for example the current king of Valtara is called Robert but their nickname is Bob so Bob would be used) after the name of the monarch there will be the suffix -um if the name ends in a consonant and -mu if it ends with a vowel (so the current last month of the Valtaran calendar is bobum, but if the kings name were to be Pedro it would be pedromu). The month isn´t broken up into weeks but into days, the month begins with hethal alc (day one in Valtaran) and ends with hethal kuul adsa ils (day seventy two in Valtaran).