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Full Name Corvin Astradam
Age "20"
Species Unknown
Occupation Doctor/Healer, Cleric

Corvin is a cleric and plague doctor that currently resides within Idrolia.

He came to Alathra on a religious excursion at the behest of his goddess to bring healing and comfort to those in need.

He's in search of somewhere to set up an apothecary, or possibly a small church.


Corvin is fully clad in religious vestments and medical gear. Practical boots, a cowl, hat, and plague mask hide his true appearance. Despite the (admittedly meager) attempt at anonymity, some of his features remain identifiable, such as his small, slight frame, and silvery black, clawed fingers.

Corvin's race is somewhat ambiguous. He doesn't talk about it, and tends to steer the conversation elsewhere when it comes up. He certainly isn't human.


Despite his dour attire, Corvin is notably cheerful and eager to help others. He considers his healing powers a gift to share with others, rather than a means to gain power. He'd be the perfect cleric if it weren't for one thing:

Corvin's compassion is only rivaled by his mischievous, rebellious streak.

Impulsive, zealous, and borderline childish, he's perhaps held back by an unwavering stubbornness towards the world's cruelty. "Things could be a lot worse? They could also be a lot better" is his motto, and he is loathe to tolerate the status quo.


Corvin's birth mother suffered an accident and succumbed to wounds before he was able to hatch, but she entrusted his egg to a pair of elven sisters who attempted to rescue her. The younger sister, Arya, was a diehard adventurer, so he was entrusted to Elora, a calm soul who was content to stay at her monastery. When Corvin hatched, Elora treated him like her own son, and set out to raise him in the monastery until he was old enough to make his own decisions.

Despite, or perhaps because he wasn't forced to convert, Corvin developed an intense curiosity towards the elven goddess his new mother worshiped, and after some pleading, he was taught religious texts, as well as some healing magic.

Now, armed with these skills (and a penchant for causing trouble), he's set off into the world, hoping to make a difference.

Whether he remembered to inform his mother of his departure is...up for debate.