Great Trees

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Great Trees are a classification of multiple tree species. As such, it is not limited to one type of tree. At one point in history, there were thousands of great trees. Over millennia they have mostly died off, and only a small handful remain.


According to Dryad mythology, the great trees were created by the forest goddess in an attempt to make guardians of the forests. The dryads were formed alongside them to watch over and guard the first Great Trees. Since then the forest goddess disappeared, and with her also went most dryads and great trees. At this time, dryads only reside in the Coraie Great Tree. Other orders either died off or left. Since then, other guardians have taken their place, such as the Fae of Swáithan Mhuire or the people of Aelfscyn.

Remaining Great Trees

There are as of April 4, 2023, four great trees in existence. They can be found at the locations listed below.

Chart of Great Tree Locations
Town, Nation Coordinates Name
Coraie 5807,-756 Coraie
Swáithan_Mhuire, Garrán_Fae -4127,2406 Unnamed
Stardrop Caverns, Astravia -4386,5424 "Gift of the Imp Mother"
Aelfscyn 2185,171 "Father Tree"