Jörgens Arkivjarh

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Jörgens Arkivjarh
Jörgens in his admiral attire, wearing dull clothes and a thick fur drab
Personal information
Height170 cm

Jörgens Arkivjarh of Bjørn is the former admiral of the Kingdom of Steinheimr, he is 170cm tall, pale of skin, dark of hair and strong. Below the dense clothes, his body is dotted with tattoos. His face bears a great beard, and the skin on the back of his head has a half sun symbol tattooed into it.


He's known little of in the low-lying bars of sailors and canteens worldwide, but known of nonetheless, after his travels conducted from 11 to 12 AC visiting most large ports in Terra and telling of his perils and tales. He's usually regarded as an experienced seaman and extremely superstitious, with a careful eye and an encyclopedia of tales of the paranormal and mystic.


The Arkivjarh surname stems from the ancient tribe his family belonged to, and some of the first ancestors to arrive in the land of Kuthara/Ceyreto. Jörgens himself was born the middle child of five, as the city of Bjørn began being established, and spent much of his childhood playing and milling around in the family's business, helping in his father's woodworking and bricklaying. Belonging to one of the more privileged, older families however, he was given a chance to study at the universities of Kuthara and was able to come back to Bjørn with shipbuilding skills to gain himself a trade in the now prospering city. Soon after, in a shortage of capable leaders (And after much begging and bargaining) he was given the role of Admiral of their inexistent fleet, and began to commission barques for their usage.

After two years of working for the crown, and right after becoming the mayor of Svalrjr, he went missing. It is said he spiralled down a cycle of alcohol addiction and mental unwellness, and decided to take a sudden voyage around Great Terra. Thanks to these he has earned his reputation, and is, after two years of sailing in his personal ship, back home.