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This is a page for Keyral, and Key's old ocs, alts, and minor characters that don't have pages that were heavily intertwined with my character(s). This page goes over... Keyral, KreWas (Formerly KreVor), Keypeer (Formerly The Keeper), Characters from the Knights of Sol, from the Volarium Family, from the Seðrvis tribe, and from Redna.
BornHundreds of years ago
From the End's Void
Died(IRL date is — 10/19/2021)
Cause of deathDecapitation
MonumentsSolarium Park, A memorial in Arcadia
Other namesFalse Knight, Key, Chief
CitizenshipElyria, Aerdale, Seðrvis tribal
EducationEnd magic (Teleportation, End Crystals), Illager texts (Enchantments), Witch brews (Potion effects), Forbidden Nether magic, Time warp
Known forOne of the 8, Rebirth of Aerdale, Founding of the Seðrvis tribe, Elyrian Civil war, and the final duel
PredecessorKing Yusan
SuccessorChief KreVor
Criminal statusWar Criminal
FamilyKreVor, Blue, Rain, Equidian, Null, Vapid, The Keeper, Cptv

Keyral †

Keyral's story starts hundreds of years ago. But his past was not uncovered fully until months after his death. His story in Alathra is is complicated. To say the least he was undoubtable a soul who did not have a pure heart, a solider that followed the wrong orders, and a creature with warped morals. Despite this those that met him, followed him, or even fought besides him might say otherwise. In fact, most that even knew the name Keyral would have very few ill words to say, while others wouldn't have the words to describe what they saw as a monster.

His Past

Keyral's past remained a secret for his entire life, only fully coming out long after his death as he kept it buried and never spoke of it. Near the end of Key's time in the End (pun not intended), Keyral and KreVor were the last two of their kind. During the second Nether war between the piglins and endermen, creatures were created from the Void. Ones powerful enough to combat the netherite and gold equipment of the piglins. Once the war was over though, the ender dragon had no further use for these Voidlings. Voidlings were the creatures created from the Void, but one mystery about them does remain. It is still unknown whether they were modified endermen or original creations. Due to their power, the original ender dragon, who made them, feared a mutiny or something of the likes and had all of the Voidlings purged. The Ender Dragon was mostly successful as all but two of the Voidlings were eradicated. As Keyral lead a desperate attempt to escape the End, KreVor loyally followed behind Key with every step, they fought back and freed many endermen from the 'hive mind' like society of the End. Some of which include Blue, Rain, Cptv, and more. [Note: Anyone who is an enderman in cannon, can claim to have been freed by Keyral] More knowledge on Keyral's and KreVor's past would be discovered during the reign of the terrorist organization known as the EPA (Enderman Protection Agency), Void Research covered by many Alathrain Scientist, and KreVor's time as Chief of the Seðrvis tribe, details that will be covered later in this page.

Founding of the Knights of Sol

Keyral found himself in the Overworld, a strange new land that had both of the dimensions he had been to were both grim in their own ways. This was is, a place to start a new. A place to be free with no one in charge. After his weeks in the land he and the few dozen or so endermen that came with him along with KreVor had all parted their own ways, Keyral soon learned much about the local region that he had found himself in...Alathra. That's what humans called it at least. It was full of various races with various factions and nations, Elyria, Villagers, Fossores Republic, Illagers, Lethos, all unique and all with their own ideologies and policies. The world was quite untamed with monsters of the night crawling around in the dark waiting for the sun to set.

Knights of Sol

The Renovian chapter of the Knights of Sol was a religious Knight Order that later became the Holy Guard of the Elyria, primarily King Eiric's personal guard, in it's final years severed as a mercenary organization. There was also the Uhovian chapter, and a rumored Prospit Chapter. Neither which of the other two were nearly has notable and faded in and out without really leaving a mark on Alathra. The Renovian chapter on the other hand was prosperous before it's eventual down fall and dissolvement.

Grand Inquisitor Ragathiel

Founding of the Knights of Sol

Ragathiel was a man of noble blood and lived on the continent Arith. He sailed across the waters and traveled all over Arith before settling down within the FCA after a life of giant slaying. Here he helped spread his religious beliefs in Uhovia, forming the Uhovian chapter. He was soon framed by the FCA for a robbery (that he did do) and persecuted for his beliefs. He fled to Elyria, and on his way met a lone enderman looking for a purpose and a grieving woman in the middle of her village. Together the three continued on to settle on Gaushan and formed Renova. Ragathiel founded his new sect and build his knight order from the ground up. He became Elyria's Grand Inquisitor and carried out private orders from the kingdom's upper echelons of power.

He wrote many books for his belief, including the "Truth of Sol" and a few other prophecies he believed were passed to him from his god Sol. In the Renovian chapter, they believed Sol had died and King Eiric was the son of Sol. While the Uhovian chapter still believed Sol was still alive and the Prospit chapter believed that Sol was a mortal who achieved godly hood. All in reality were heavily twisted versions of the truth. King Eiric didn't have divine powers nor any godly blood in him as it was the power of the Lore Axe that was mistaken for his godly hood/descent. All of the prophecies that Ragathiel wrote though were from his twisted view of reality and chaotic emotions. He was deeply paranoid and wrote a book about the "False Knight", he believed that his bastard son would show up on Gaushan and attempt to kill him, possibly even take over the Knights of Sol. His prophecies would turn out to be true although it was about the wrong person.

Paladin Spainard

Spainard was one of Keyral's four disciple. He was also the last dedicated member of the Knights of (Sol) to be loyal to Elyria and to still be alive. The story of him joining the ranks of the KoS begins in his home town hidden in a forest within Elyrian territory. He was always a patriotic fellow despite feeling trapped in his small home town. He constantly wanted out and desired adventure as half the times he would be wandering in the dangerous woodlands and fighting the monsters of the night. Unfortunately he was just an irrelevant citizen that tended to the local bar and felt his dreams of a greater purpose would never come true. Keyral a constant patron, in fact a nightly regular, would visit the bar to quench his alcoholic needs. One day when Keyral slaked away his need for a scotch he realized the potential in the boy who would not shut up. Spain would go on and on about how he wished he could be an adventure like Keyral and asked so many damn questions.

Atlas Keyral made a decision, a decision that would shape, and to some scar, Alathra forever. Keyral...took Spainard under his wing. Bringing the kid into the organization, although pretending to believe in the KoS's belief as he, Keyral, and only a very select few did not actually believe in the 'Truth of Sol' or any other religious text. Spainard became one of Keyral's four students, and his most loyal one. At first, Spain was not the best student that Keyral had but would long surpass Seben after the skeleton's demise. Before the First Great War he did not do much besides being one of the knights at Eirics self proclamation as King of Elyria. That would all change though once the First Great War broke out though. A third of Elyria's army was the Knights of Sol and they fought like hell. Primarily Keyral and Spain who felt their skills were not on par with other soldiers across the world absolutely dominated the battlefield. Each key members in Elyria's victory as both were two of the main eight warriors. With Keyral's other students dead and Spainard's loyalty to Keyral and rapidly increasing skills he became the primary focus of Keyral.

The KoS was dramatically changed though, Keyral had announced the religion as false and explained that King Eiric was not a god, nor the son of one. Spain became one of the primary leaders within the new Knights of Sol organization. Soon coming to conflict with Hawl, another prominent leader. Keyral had opted to go South though with another ex-knight Shiny and felt that Spainard had become his own man.

Unity-Luton vs the Pyrrus

Hawl and Gbh conflicts

Keyral's attempted assassin

Siege of Renova

Spainard capture and containment in Volarium

Release and Second World War

Spainard rolled around on the coasts of Renova, hallucinating calls to find old knights and realizing how shit the mead that was left behind at Renova actually was. The Spainard was becoming more and more of a hermit in Renova. Spending nearly a year in total isolation. Eventually wandering Southwest before getting lost in the forest of Elyria. The hermit was trying to head home after spending a year in Renova, he had gotten tired of the poor quality drinks and was tired...depressed...and needed better drinks to block the pain of his battle damaged body and mental trauma from Volarium. Find his home village he fell to his knees as it was long abandoned. Doors swung in the wind, windows shattered long ago, and infrastructure caving in on itself. Everything was fucking gone. Keyral had died, Elyria dissolved, his home town was all gone...

Spainard returned to Renova spending more time as an alcoholic hermit, his eyes visibly sunken with a bottle constantly in hand. He had finally run out of was time to find a new source. Stumbling across Gaushan he found a small village, Spainaird nearly collapsing as he entered the local bar. Taking a seat and ordering three scotches the bar tender was a young kid and practically was idolizing the solider, even if he did not know that it was a war criminal sitting in front of him. The kid started yapping as Spain downed his refreshing depressants, slamming each empty bottle on the counter, shattering it. Most of the time if a bottle was not to his lips he would scoff at what the kid was saying. He then sat there for a moment in silence before looking at the kid, with a purple glow in his eyes that never existed before.

Some stories don't have to end in death or loss, but others still don't get a happy ending either. Infact, some stories find themselves in a repeating cycle.

User: Spainard2955

Honor Knight Seben †

Seben was Keyral's most promising and undoubtedly best student during the time that Keyral trained and taught his first four students. Seben and Spainaird were the only two who had understood how to cast ender crystal magic but Seben had mastered it. The four disciples and sometimes KreVor (now KreWas) would recieve training by Keyral in the bamboo forest that was North of the lake between Renova and Ehir (now Ehrenhal). This bamboo forest has been turned into the Solarium Park, mostly due to this being the training and meditation grounds of the four disciples and the two Voidlings.

Seben was a black skeleton covered in green moss. He had fallen into a pool of lava but his life force was magically held together. Seben was a strong believer in the Knight of Sol's religious texts like the 'Truth of Sol'. Believing the book to be true along with the rest of the religion and believed that his life was spared and held together by Sol. It is still unknown how he was a living skeleton AND retained his prior personality, memories, and consciousness but his magical life force is most likely what allowed him to understand and use magic exceptionally well.

Seben practically idolized Keyral and followed him every where with total loyalty. Unfortunately, Keyral did not know of the dangers of his own presence to his students. The Voilding warps those who are exposed to the creature over long periods of time, usually starting with the mind. The end result is always the same...insanity and aggressive behaviors. It is unknown as of why, and further unchecked exposure can lead to physical deformities.

Before Seben went insane though he participated in the initial Knight of Sol contracts and resource gathering, helped with Eirics self proclamation as King of Elyria to instal an absolute monarchy, and was going to be apart of the False Knight take over by Keyral during the Midnight wedding. After his mind was lost and was warped, Elyria was under some pressure about their unfairly large economy and Chicken began to take down the giant farm that supplied vast sums of money to the Elyrians. Seben tried to stop the deconstruction and met his end by Chicken. The Lord Commander easily beat the Knight to a pulp and then killed Seben.

User: SebenYT

Honor Knight Super †

Super was a mutated cow similar to a Mooshroom, or a Moobloom as he had a pumpkin like features and was covered in vines. Although he was a more humanoid and sentient. He became one of Keyral's four students and served faithfully and loyally. He helped with the construction of Renova, found the warning of the Entantes invasion into Elyria before the First Great War, and was the best bow men out of Keyral's students. Despite his skill with a bow he was still a relatively weak fighter. One day his mind had strangely become warped and he entered Honor Knight Game's tent with the intention to kill him. Having an axe in hand, despite the fact that he had no skill with the weapon. Being the weaker and not as skilled warrior he was bested and killed by Game, but Game didn't stop. He kept bringing his sword down onto Super over and over, slashing the poor cow to bits.

User: Superandepic

Honor Knight Game †

Game was a knight indoctrinated into the religion and knight order known as the Knights of Sol (KoS) in his 50's. The dark elf served by spreading the 'Truth of Sol' and helped bring in other members into the fold. He was taken under Keyral's wing but never got a grasp on magic, but he still learned many useful combat skills. Right after the First Great War though he was decapitated by Keyral. As Keyral had found the elf butchering the mutated cow known as Super. Super was one of the four students of Keyral and a loyal knight of the KoS. After the elf charged at Keyral with his sword raised due to his crime being discovered the teacher had no choice but to put down his rage induced student. It was at this moment that Keyral realized his effects on his students, driving them mad and warping them to insanity. He didn't fully get why but he hypothesized that he was the cause and this is most likely why Seben suffered the fate that he did, along with his other two students.

User: Gameshame50

Paladin Thorny †

During Keyral's takeover the Knights of Sol (KoS), he had it out for Paladin Thorny. She was actually secretly a witch that studied magic but that isn't what Keyral cared about. No his motivation to especially make Thorny's death slow was due to envy. Ragathiel had given her special attention and he worried that she would take Keyral's role of Knight Commander, the second in command rank. She was the fourth member to join the knights ranks as Ragathiel had found her crying in what use to be a village. It was burned to the ground and totally destroyed, she believed even her child had perished. Joining the ranks of the organization she was directly trained by Ragatiel.

After the Great War during Keyral's take over, he found her sleeping in her quarters away from the shared barracks that most of the men slept in. She was awoken by the Commander's presence but before she could say anything the larger Voidling had placed one hand over her mouth, with the other he set down the candle he was holding before wrapping his fingers around her neck. The entire time his face remained expressionless as he watched the life in her eyes drain away as his grip got tighter in the flickering light. She tried to struggle, but there was nothing she could do. The tears rolled down her face as she tried to plead...anything...but it was hopeless. She had not felt so hopeless since her village was destroyed. Keyral left her lifeless body on the bed before knocking over the candle and leaving the wooden structure.

Knight Biggs †

Biggs was a knight under Throny's command and loyal to the Knights of Sol (KoS). Like Thorny, Saifu, Seben, and most of the knights, he was a strong believer in the Knights religion. He was the youngest knight and was a constant trouble maker before dying honorably in combat.

Honor Knight Shiny (†?)

What the hell do I even put here? Either you know Shiny or you don't. He started here in the Knights of Sol (KoS). Wasn't long before he moved on, but Keyral's and his path would cross once more when they became Yusan's nobels in Aerdale.

Honor Knight Saifu †

Saifu was a knight known for how pissed off he constantly was. He moved on fairly quickly like Shiny to create a fort called Winterfell Castle Northeast of Jotunstan. Construction was never finished and only the walls were built. The fort became a border conflict between the Seðrvis tribe and Estea. The knight most likely froze to death due to his arrogance and incompetency.

Knight Owl

Owl Forest was apart of Elyria and Governer of Ehir long before the Knights of Sol (KoS) became the honor guard of Elyria. His participation within the organization was...little to none. Similar to the poor care taking of Ehir which was later given to KreVor (Now KreWas) due to a deal with Emperor Sherman.

User: OwlForest_Pro

Grand Paladin Miles

Miles, like Owl Forest, was one of the lowest ranks for most of his time in the Knights of Sol (KoS) despite being the third oldest member of the Renovian chapter. Also the farthest as he did not live with the rest of the Knights on Gaushan but on Arith. His involvement with the holy guard was pretty much non-existent. Failing to come to the aid of the Knights during any conflict. With that being said, it is not due to just merely distance but distance and distraction. Miles lead the Kingdom of Solis and Sun Harvest, which is not related to the Knights of Sol despite the resemblance in names. The Kingdom of Solis was an agrarian society, located on Arith, and had it's own conflicts and politics.

His final failure to the KoS came when Keyral opted to reward Miles for his long term part in the organization despite his lacking dedication. Keyral, the second oldest member, had passed the title onto the third. Not wanting to give both the KoS and Renova to his sole remaining student Spainard. Especially since at this point, Miles and Spainard were in conflict and the last prominent figures within the KoS. When Keyral passed on the title of Grand Paladin onto Miles, they met at a table (Which that table is now outside of KreWas' retirement home) and Miles promised to restore the KoS to it's former glory. This never happened as Miles opted to run a guild within the Kingdom of Solis and dismissed the KoS, leading to the organizations dissolvement.

A few months later, KreVor had hired Chicken Prism to assassinate Miles who had been missing at the time due to his failure to keep his promise to Keyral. Currently Miles now lives in Aran'Lúnarium as Chicken had long given up the contract after Miles had never reappeared, only to do so a few more months after Chicken gave up. Miles has had his fair share of history in Arith and Koganon, but this was his part within the KoS.

(KoS always refers to the Knights of Sol, and never the Kingdom of Solis)

User: HawlMGamez

Eldae's Father †

There was many lesser knights within the Knights of Sol (KoS). Most of which perished during the Great War or the KoS and EPA conflict. One of these lesser Knights was Eldae's father. He went to Prospit, which was ruled by Elyria's close ally Acquendavia. The knight went missing and most likely was killed.

Knight Revolution (†?)

A lesser knight. (A member that most likely would of been the Phantom character but never joined the server)

Knight Poncho (†?)

A lesser knight. (A member that most likely would of been the Squid character but never joined the server)

KreWas (Formerly KreVor)

Volarium Family

Several endermen, voidlings, and other monstrosities of the night that Keyral has had control over or gave freedom too.


KreVor had ventured to Alathra not long before the canceled Silver Wedding, but didn't become of notoriety until a large gathering at Peachfield on October 22nd. With masses of Elyrian's all gathered in one spot this enderman made his way to the walls and tried to make a quick buck. Whether he was mistaken as an endermen, attacked for his see through scams, or his deep flirting with Yusan he was repeatable curb stomped and beaten.

At that event, he saw his old master Keyral, a being that KreVor had felt he was in debt too. A few days later a bit of recovery, KreVor found Keyral once more at Renova. From here he did small jobs for the Knights of Sol and Keyral, speedrunning life on Alathra in reverse as he got a netherite before stone.

KreVor wouldn't do anything much of importance until he became the protector of Renova, Keyral placing the Elyrian Wasteland into his hands after Keyral reclaimed the location. From here, KreVor has kept it safe and has practiced magic himself learning more than just the ender-magic he knew before. Learning a few spells himself like Keyral.


Equidian is a lesser enderman that isn't as bright as the other enderman that Keyral has freed. He knows limited English and knows no spells or magic of any form. He mindlessly does grunt and manual labor. Keyral brought Equidian to Chimera to help Anwir after the civil war. Only to return in the middle of the night finding Equidian farming nether wart. Keyral took the enderman and sold him to Sherman into the Elyrian slave trade.

Did you know? Equidian means Porkchop or mutt in a foreign language from another realm?


Null is another lesser enderman that Keyral has freed from the grasps of the end. After Equidian's...departure. Null has filled a role in keeping the farms at Chimera tended.


Vapid is yet another enderman Keyral has freed. Although her presence in Alathra is still unknown.

Pet Phantom †

Keyral's phantom was originally tamed during his time in the Knights of Sol. The purpose of the being was to rain havoc upon a public event to disguse an assasination. That event never came to be due to the Grand war. After the first world war had ended, Keyral bonded with his pet. Keeping it merely to have it, filling the hole of his last pet Seggs the horse. His horse was brutally shot by the same person in which Keyral had set up an assasination for. Though life had a different fate for the Keyral.

The pet phantom became a messenger, delivering secrets and information across Alathra. He was given a leather hood and cape to travel by day and an enchanted rocket to speed up his travels.

During void testing, the phantom was then outfitted with several bottles, one would hold slow falling, one would hold invisibility, and another would hold milk. It was set up in a way the phantom could get a sip of each if needed too. After several tests of ensuring a Wither dropped into the Void properly

Wither tests: Animation: *wip*

he unfortunately passed during the final test. The Void consuming to much of the little phantom, killing it.

The lore world post:

(User never logged onto the server, was repurposed for the KreVor acc)


An enderman that Keyral has freeded, but like Equidian was the only other enderman to not feel loyal or in any debt to Keyral. He went about his own way, trying to blend in with modern society before discovering a the bottom of the world...

The Keeper

A lesser enderman that knows no English. Keyral freed him from the End and has been Keyral's messenger since Key's pet phantom died.

After Keyral's initial disappearance he took over the Sanctuary, and after news of his death he fully took it over. He is referred to as The Keeper due to this but has no real English name.

Seðrvis tribe

Members of the Seðrvis tribe are Icelandic/Viking style folk that lived in Southern Aerdale. Keyral founded the tribe from a mage's guild, local tribals, and Jotunstan. This is a list of Seðrvis tribals, mages, and misc. loyalist to Keyral.

Deyvrith Udrethyll

Deyvrith is a dark elf who studies magic that appeared through a portal from another world. He joined Keyral after the Elyrian civil war to pursue his knowledge in the magical arts. He is the protector of Skølnir, an outpost over a portal between two dimensions. Later being tasked with the protector of what was suppose to be the KNA (Koganon Nether Agreement, a treaty between Eisenbury, Lydoneia, Arcadia, Temal, and the Seðrvis tribe). A dream that died between the transferring of leadership of the tribe. His knowledge of portals, enderman teleportation, and teleportation in general is as good as it can get.

User: Krabby_Pizza09


A resident of Skølnir.

User: slickers9


A resident of Skølnir.

Users: No_JuanTAcos


The son of Paladin Thorny who was secretly a witch. He took after his mother and studied magics, soon finding a group of three wizards on a quest for more knowledge he tagged along before moving to Estea with the group.

User: TheRealEnigma

Orphan Girl

An orphan girl who was abandoned and left alone in an Elyrian ghost town. She actually comes from Spainaird's home town, the two being the only previous occupants of the town that are still alive. She tagged along with the refugee group that moved to Estea.

User: Lightsaber09


Dzienys was a refugee who stayed at Renova during the Seðrvis tribe's occupation of the fort. He soon became the overlord of Ehir after KreVor and Sherman had struck a deal. Ehir, an abanded claim that use to be in the hands of OwlForest, would be turned into a monster collection sanctuary after the tribes anti-monster policies. When seasons first began to take shape of the lands a spike in the population of the strange mooshroom and undead skeleton horses happened. Some of the specimens were round up into pens on the surface. While underneath the island, silicon parasites known as the crewmates, and Dziney's warped half were contained. The crewmates broke free long ago but Jennixr was only recently freeded due to new construction at Ehir, now known as Ehrenhal.

The island was also the staging grounds for the giant hunting event, as well as the HQ for the search parties that searched Koganon for Eun and a missing group of tribals.

Dzienys , Jennixr, Eldae, Kangy, and Syzmo were all

A loyal elf from Renova, son of a Knight of Sol, and good friend. Eldae traveled to the Southern tundras from Renova.

Kangy † and Syzmo

If your at this point in the wiki and don't know who this duo are, you must of skipped a lot. Both Kangy and Syzmo are intertwined heavily with the past of the Volarium Family.


Keypeer (Formerly The Keeper)