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The Continent of Koganon is highlighted in green
The Continent of Koganon is highlighted in green
The Continent of Koganon is highlighted in green
Largest city Haven
Official languages Arcadian, Lydoneian/Traditional Lydoneian, Naeturic, Kogongi, Terminan, Arnadi, Dwarvish
Ethnic groups Kogongi, Arcadians, Lydoneians, Arnadi, Lethonians, Dwarves, Seðrvisi, Terminai Kogongi, Voidlings
Religion Naism, Mufjio Faith, Havenian Pantheon, Arnadi Pantheon, Paxism
Demonym Koganoni

Koganon is the southernmost continent of Alathra, comprising of various nations and ethnicities. It has never been united under one single nation, and its culture is highly anti-colonialist. Koganon is dotted with many grand cities and landmarks, and supports a large and active population of many different races and peoples. This tradition of deep culture, faith, and scholarship have defined much of the continent's history. Koganon is generally considered to be the most peaceful continent of Alathra, with Koganoni nations rarely involving themselves in wars on or off the continent. Instead, most violent conflict on Koganon is internal, with political maneuvering, rebellions, and civil strife defining its military history. However, even these conflicts, when compared to other continents, are relatively uncommon on Koganon.


The name of Koganon derives from the Kogongi people, an ethnic group that has inhabited the northeast of the continent for millennia. The name comes from their language, Kogongi, "Kogan" meaning world (literally 'plant and sea') and the suffix -on is used to refer in general to concepts regarding habitation. Thus, the name Koganon roughly translates as "the land where we live."




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