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Other namesThe Kingfisher
Known forFinishing the construction of Dalleton and founding the nation of Sakan'to
PredecessorBusterbean, the Low Angler

Kotanor is played by the player Busterbean. He joined the server on August 19th, 2021 and played as Busterbean, the Low Angler until October 10th, 2021. He began playing as Kotanor on October 11th, 2021.


Early Life

Kotanor grew up in one of the tribes of the forests and rivers in southern Prospit. As a young man, Kotanor desired a more exciting life than what was offered to him by his sleepy tribe, so he left to find one of the nearby settlements to live in. He stumbled on the city of Lothridge and decided to make it his home for a time. He learned of the Virtue Rhetoric which he tentatively began to believe in, but was never fully converted due to personal reasons. After a few years, Kotanor left Lothridge to return home, only to find that his tribe had joined the new village of Dalleton. He, too, joined the village and quickly accepted their religion, the Faithlow of Dallet. He became something of a protege to the town's mayor and religious leader, Busterbean.

Dalleton-Acquendavia Conflict

When war broke out between Dalleton and Lothridge, Kotanor was torn between his two homes. He decided to fight on the side of Dalleton at the Battle of Fort Viennski. His bravery was noticed by the Dalletonians in the battle, making him a folk hero amongst the fishers.

Becoming the Leader of Dalleton

Upon the death of Busterbean, shortly after the surrender of Acquendavia, the village was launched into turmoil as the Low Angler had died without saying who would succeed him as leader of the Faithlow and of Dalleton. After a time, the Three Lowly decided that they would become the joint leaders of the Faithlow, and chose Kotanor to be the new leader of Dalleton. The decision was celebrated by the fisherfolk as Kotanor was Busterbean’s right hand man in handling village affairs, and he was known to be a valiant defender of the people.

Founding Sakan'to

Seeking to increase his people’s power to better defend them, Kotanor decided that Dalleton should be the capital of a new nation in Prospit. Kotanor named this nation Sakan’to (or “Fish of the East”). This nation was to be a constitutional monarchy led by Kotanor as the first Kingfisher of Sakan’to. Because Dalleton had just won a defensive war against Acquendavia, the superpower of Prospit at the time, they were able to get many towns to join their new nation. Wanting to make sure that all people of Sakan’to had representation in their nation, Kotanor formed a senate which would have one representative from every town present.

Political Beliefs

Kotanor believes that the best form of government is a monarchy led by a righteous king. He also believes in having every citizen's voice heard, which is why he implemented a constitutional monarchy in Sakan'to that has a senate body with representatives from every town in the nation.


Kotanor is a follower of the Faithlow of Dallet. He staunchly believes in humility and the protection of the weak. He was once a casual believer of the Virtue Rhetoric, but no longer holds to the beliefs of that faith. The only tenant from the Rhetoric that he still holds true is the value of power- not as the source of happiness, but as a tool to defend it.