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Mandate of The Mahogany
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: "All Eyes on The Genesis"
Anthem: "Deterrence"
Religion 100% Sole
Demonym Mahoganite
Government Theocratic Regency (College)
 •  Prophet Mesoah (deceased)
 •  Dean Humbus

The Mandate of The Mahogany, commonly known as Mahogany, was a nation in central Omis. Located within the greater jungle, Mahogany was a theocratic regency, which was governed by the state's College board at Mesoah's College.[1]

Mahogany was a Sole fundamentalist state, it claimed to be the current custodian of the religion.

Etymology and symbolism

The name Mahogany /məˈhɒɡəni/ originates from the color of Mahogany wood; commonly found in dense forest regions. While the state adopted concept of the name comes from verses 3:10-11 of the scripture Message of The Sole.

The state was a "Mandate" due to it's conditions in being claimed as a mandate for the Sole God.

The banner was a duo-color flag with ornament vegetation on the rims, centered with the Silver Beast of Ivory, symbolically blocking one's path into the Mahogany forest. The elephant is mentioned by name in the Message of The Sole in verse 3:12.

While having religious symbolism, The Silver Beast of Ivory was simply a white elephant.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was a Sole star, surrounded by the "six stars of sentience". It was centered with the Silver Beast of Ivory to represent a guarding and emulating figure.



The land that surrounded Mahogany in it's current state is entirely within the greater jungle of Omis. It is the most densly forested region of Alathra, and one of the most sparsely populated, exlcuding the Chiefdom of Idrolia and the Sdarianige of Aeskana.

The location of the region is mentioned in detail in the Message of Sole, Book 3. Despite the word "Mahogany" being used only once in Sole scripture (3:10), the location was sought after by devout fundamentalists and intrigued secular readers; culminating in the expedition to find and reach the land in 5 AC.

Even since before the state's foundation, no other sovereign state had claimed or settled in Mahogany, which made it one of the most isolated regions on Alathra.


Mahogany was formally founded in 5 AC by a group of devout practitioners from Kuthara after—according to folklore—having claimed to have seen and been blocked by the Silver Ivory Beast in the greater jungle, central Omis.

"You will find this land once your path is blocked by my silver beast of ivory. Only there is your encampment to be made."

- Message of Sole, 3:12, Book 1

After being mapped, the group returned back to Kuthara to motivate the rest of the followers of Sole to immigrate to the region. It's canopy bridge and first set of canals were completed in 6 AC.

In the winter of that year, a power struggle ensued between the Kutharan majority and the pre-established College of Mesoah, a fundamentalist group of Sole-scholar elites. After the Kutharan autocracy was pressured to abdicate, Mesoah's College became the de-facto ruling body, implementing a wide variety of religiously inspired laws.[2]