Melphor Xin Fynnsea

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Melphor Xin Fynnsea

Melphor, Xin Fynnsea, (previously Melphor, Xin Barnes), is a cyan Axolian with pink hair and fins, blue eyes, and covered in freckles from head to toe. She has multiple discolored scars, all varying in size that appear white on her skin from lashings and continuous regeneration of her missing limbs. Her hair goes down to her back, straight and adorned with roses. Mel is partially blind in her left eye, damaged by lack of care and complications of injury to it. While she won’t say it to avoid looking old or weak, she commonly has back pain, specifically the spot where a trident pierced her body. Her tail is regularly used as a means to get someone’s attention, slamming it on the ground (or the other person). Mel wears a red tunic with an off-white, puffy undershirt and copper-colored jewelry. She has red, velvety pants that puff out from her white boots.


Melphor had grown up with the Barnes family after being adopted at the age of five, only to run away a few days prior to her eighteenth birthday. She found herself in the tribal town of Axolia, where she spent her next few years, before helplessly perishing in Lake Idrolia from a drowned’s trident. Mel thought that was the end of her story, but the guardian of The Scarred Hallow had other plans. She was resurrected, and stayed in Hallow for about two years, gaining a reputation, as well as a family. A lingering deal with a deity loomed over her but with the help of two friends, Waylin, and Aenora, that was quickly put to rest. Melphor still has to tussle with the fact that she is anything more than a ‘mortal’ and tries not to use her abilities that she acquired from her time with Aenora much, if at all. Though now she feels as if her life is somewhat falling into place. She has a family now, and genuine friends. What else could she want? Now she lives in Eclipsa, Celestiae, as a Starholder.

As of now Melphor's location is unknown, and her friends and family wonder where she went of too and if she is safe.


  • Dachen: A deity name.
  • Oma: A parental nickname.



  • Wife: Moon, X Danl
  • Child: Rio, Bingi Fynn
  • Nephews: Dino Grimoire and Ines Grimoire (through adoption)
  • Siblings: Andras Barnes (disassociated), Elias Grimoire, Bloma Dodbane, Askon, and Waylin Vartillian (through adoption)
  • Mother: Elvenia (through adoption)

(Yeah, so Elias adopted Ines and Dino. Dino being Melphor's nephew, that now makes them related. Huge fucking family tree.) RAH. TOO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT!