Melphor Fynnsea-Danl

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Melphor Fynnsea-Danl
Personal information
Former namesMelphor Xin Fynnsea
Family info
SpousesMoon Danl (MIA)
Khi Aquafin (formerly)
ChildrenBingi Fynnvar

Melphor Fynnsea-Danl, known more simply as Mel, is a cyan Axolian with purple hair and fins, blue eyes, and covered in freckles from head to toe. She has multiple discolored scars, all varying in size that appear white on her skin from lashings and continuous regeneration of her missing limbs. She is blind in her left eye from previous injuries. She also appears to have demon-like horns that coil upward and a sharp tail. Melphor wears plain adventurers gear with leather shoulder pads, chainmail armour, and gold jewelry.


Melphor had grown up with the Barnes family after being adopted at the age of five, only to run away a few days prior to her eighteenth birthday. She found herself in the settlement of Axolia, where she spent more than a few years, before helplessly perishing in Lake Idrolia from being stuck by a drowned’s trident. She was resurrected and stayed in Hallow for about three years, gaining a reputation, as well as a family. Mel made mistakes in her lifetime that still had a lasting affect on her, which is what others suspected caught up to her when she vanished from the surface of Alathra.

Few have been there to witness her surprise visits but they're not long. She vanishes once again after only a few hours of returning, no one knows what flows through her mind.


  • Dachen, Free Deity Of Trickery: A deity name. (Given by Aenora)
  • Oma: A parental nickname. (Given by Bingi)