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The name Mistpeak is derived from the natural mist forming around the nearby volcano and spreading around the cliff settlement. The port was once called Cinderpeak, but following the Raid of 9, it was renamed to cement the story in history.


Mistpeak lies between a small mountain ridge and the volcano in the southeastern region of the Ashen Island. The citizens inhabit the cliffs and their tops. A delta runs through the scattered cliff, creating a unique environment only possible through the fertility given by the nearby volcano.


Snoran Cultural Aspects

As stated, Mistpeak is a town lead by a former member of the nation’s capital Snora. This lead to Mistpeak keeping certain aspects of the culture of Snora. Not only are they a pirate town, focusing on shipbuilding and wealth accumulation, but they also share Snoran views on government and religion. The government is extremely open, and governing individuals do not see themselves as elevated, involving all members in most decision making processes. In the aspect of religion, they keep a non-centralised stance, by not forcing anything onto their citizens, and allowing a broad range of religions, with some small exceptions.



The area, on which Mistpeak now resides, was occupied by one nation before Cirilla Saphira Evolis founded the town. The nation went by the name "Ceslestiae", and not much is known about their disappearance, other than what they left behind. The remnants of old tunnels, bridges and houses, as well as 2 larger tower-like structures, gave the impression, that the place once was filled with life. This changed at an unknown date, when the nation vanished. The remnants of another Nation, going by "Volnyria" can also be found in close proximity, though they left earlier than Celestiae. The area left behind looked rather destroyed, which lead to the Snoran government questioning the value of the area.


Mistpeak, formerly Cinderpeak, was founded by a human woman called Cirilla Saphira Evolis sent by the nation of Snora to construct a fort in the east, to claim the volcano and its precious resources alongside a line of defense for the capital. Upon the ruins of old towns did Cirilla begin construction which is still ongoing. She recruited a few people, including the wrecker Rhano Rusteye.

Raid of 9

The wrecker Rhano Rusteye published a short piece of literature detailing the perspective of the citizens during this event:

"It was within the year of 9 that Cirilla and her companions, including me, left the pirate haven of Cinderpeak to visit the capital of Snora, attending a meeting about plans involving to maintain the commonwealth beneath all those who dwell beneath the cyan skull.

In the late afternoon, the crew set sail through the volcanic mist which grew ever so darker as the sun slowly vanished behind the ridge of the mountains east of Cinderpeak. The settlement, still sparsely populated and filled with old ruins, was still and quiet, but not alone.

Somewhere, from the sea and from the jungles did various silhouettes approach the settlement. They were fast and sadly efficient thieves. Within one evening and night, the peak's cinder has been not only extinguished, but raided. Perhaps it were the enemies of pirate life, maybe even the victims of it, no one knew. All that mattered was when the crew returned, the peak was wholly enveloped in a thick mist none had seen before. Their homes looted and open, temper grew within the crew hot like the molten stone nearby.

It showed them a bitter truth. Even if the fist of the sovereign was ringing with the cities name whenever someone dared to mention it, Snora was not Cinderpeak. Cinderpeak stood high up, besides the fiery peak of their volcano, but still. They would need to act. They were the ones responsible to protect this place they called home. Mistpeak had to rise again, rise from the mist that showed them who they really were, as obscured as the town may was."

Post Raid of 9

  • The raid was very recent and the only change thus far is the name change and the greater autonomy of certain individuals, like Rhano Rusteye.