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Njord is played by the player Ser_Radical. He joined the server on August 26th, 2021

Photo of Njord
OccupationLabor hand
TitleThe Low Factotum


Before Dalleton

Before Njord became a citizen of Dalleton, he was more or less a mere wanderer of Alathra. His figure is intimidating to many individuals, being large and hunched over due to living his whole life in the wild. Most every town he tried making a life in rejected him for his slightly grotesque figure. On the inside, he was tired of being alone but had little to no conception of social skills, so any attempt to make friends or even acquaintances was met with scared looks and more often than not rocks thrown at him. He's gentle deep down but the first few layers of his personality is gruff from his time alone and learned distrust of others. He can be quick to anger if provoked, especially if the one's he cares about are threatened.

Arriving at Dalleton

One day when wandering southwestern Prospit, Njord was particularly hungry and was unable to find game or wild fruit to eat. In the distance he saw the outcroppings of a highly decorated wooden tower over the tree tops, jutting from a large river. After investigating Njord saw a magnificent gateway leading into the beginnings of a fishing village in the middle of a large lake, with it's inhabitants busy at work building and fishing. The fish looked so good. He remained hidden for hours before he thought the coast was clear


Njord has adopted the lifestyle and teachings of Dallet, the fish god of the seas and life that the people of Dalleton worship. His worship isn't as rigid as many of the other townspeople, but he views the faith as important to him nonetheless as it helped him have a home and people to call family.