Nox Aquasong

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Nox Aquasong (NoxxNoxxy) is the current Chief of Idrolia.

Nox Aquasong
of Idrolia
BornYear -19
TitleChief of Idrolia
Term0 - present
PredecessorAquil Swiftfin
MovementAnti - Isolationist

Early Life

Aquasong was born to mother Opal Aquastone, and would be raised by her alone after the death of Aquasong's father before Aquasong was born. Aquasong would be born with a rare skin condition that turned his skin to a hue of blue. This gained alot of attention from the Axolian community, including the eye of the Chief, Aquil Switftfin. Growing up, Aquasong would help his mother on the farms in order to make a living, because of this he and his mother would become close. (WIP)