Nox Aquasong

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Nox Aquasong (NoxxNoxxy) is the former Chief of Idrolia. He was best known for his progressive policies on issues of isolationism, by opening up the borders to the rest of Alathra. He would die in a shipwreck in 6 AC.

Nox Aquasong
of Idrolia
Born19 BC
DiedAugust, 6 AC
North of Omis
Cause of deathShipwreck
Body discoveredNever
MonumentsNox Aquasong Memorial, Aquasong Theater
TitleChief of Idrolia
Term1 AC - 6 AC
PredecessorAquil Swiftfin
SuccessorKhimrie Bronzefin
  • Opal Seasong (mother)

Early life

Aquasong was born to mother Opal Seasong, and would be raised by her alone after the death of Aquasong's father before Aquasong was born. Aquasong would be born with a rare skin condition that turned his skin to a hue of blue. This gained alot of attention from the Axolian community, including the eye of the Chief, Aquil Switftfin. Growing up, Aquasong would help his mother on the farms in order to make a living, because of this he and his mother would become close. As he became older he started to train under Chief Swiftfin, and became his dedicated successor at only age 17.


Upon Chief Swiftfin's death on March 18, 1 AC, Aquasong would become Head Chief of Idrolia. When coronated, many expected another rule of Isolationism, an ideology the people of Idrolia were getting tired and fed up with. But to many people's surprise he instead started work on opening up the borders and introducing the nation to the rest of Alathra. He was hailed as a hero to many because of this. He started to form relationships with other nations on and off of Omis. He also led his nation in an era of expansion, as many towns around Axolia had appeared. He also led his nation into an era of tolerance for other races, by welcoming Azurath (now Oasis), and Solevant Soros, to the nation.


Aquasong's career came to a screeching halt however. In year August, 6 AC, Aquasong was on his way to a meeting in Aprela, when he encountered stormy and dangerous weather. He died at the age of 25, and the last place he was seen was Piscis, before the ship had left.