Obera Fort

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Obera Fort is a small city situated on the southern coastline of the continent of Adelaa'r. It was founded by Endy of Madaras in the Spring of Year 13. The city consists of three main parts:

  • Inner city - The innermost part of the city, which is defended by the inner walls as well. Also referred as "Old Town" by the citizens
  • Outer city - The middle part that is between the inner and outer wall.
  • Pier - The pier of the city
Obera Fort
Flag of Obera Fort
Coat of arms of Obera Fort
Coat of arms
Anthem: "Ki tudja merre, merre visz a végzet

Göröngyös úton, sötét éjjelen. Vezesd még egyszer győzelemre néped,

Csaba királyfi csillagösvényen."
Founded byEndy of Madaras
SeatReligious, Cultural, Political
 • TypeOligarchy
 • KingEndy of Madaras
 • Total14



Before the settlement of the town, Endy of Madaras used to be a citizen in the city of Chiso. One day he decided to try his luck and create his own city. After a long boat-ride from Arkitus was on Endy eventually found the continent of Adelaa'r. Here he met Zol and after a long confrontation he decided to join Endy.


After yet another long journey, they found a small fort that was being guarded by Huni, who wanted to protect his fort after the tragic death of every other member. Eventually after a long fight until almost death Huni decided to give up guarding the fort and join Endy alongside his companions Zol and Asty. Here they founded Obera Fort.

Historical Buildings

Currently there are no historical builds in the city.


Obera Fort is situated on the southern coastline of the continent of Adelaa'r.

Flora and Fauna

The town has a lots of Boars and Deers roaming near it, making them perfect for a quick snack for any traveller who just happens to be near. The soil has great quality and is perfect for wheat and potato farms.


The terrain is generally pretty flat, however there is a mountain north to the city.


The people of Obera Fort are primarily of Szekely ethnicity.


Despite being Szekely by ethnicity the buildings are more inspired by baroque style.


The government system is Oligarchy. There are currently now political parties formed in the city as of now.



The exports of Obera Fort are:

  • Bamboo
  • Wheat
  • Wine
  • Beer


Currently there are no imports.

Foreign Relations

Obera fort is part of the Zamburuglar Imperiya and it is currently the most populated town in the nation, comprising half of the total population.


The city has not been in any conflicts so far.


The city right now has no alliances, but hopefully that will change.